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Marketing, Operations Manager Amongst the Best Jobs in the UK for 2018

by Admin - on Mar 24th 2018 - Comments Off on Marketing, Operations Manager Amongst the Best Jobs in the UK for 2018

Top view of a business meetingBritons who wish to land a job as a marketing manager will have the best job in the U.K. for 2018, according to Glassdoor.

The employment review website ranked marketing management on top of the 25 best jobs this year, with a score of 4.5. Operations management, audit management, finance management and product management completed the top five.

Job Rankings

The list of the best jobs in the UK has been ongoing over the last four years, although this year marked the first time that technology-based jobs failed to join the top 10. However, Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain expects artificial intelligence and job automation to affect the employment sector, particularly in human resources and finance.

Glassdoor based its rankings for the top 25 list on the earning potential of a certain job, by using the median annual salary as a guide. Job satisfaction and the number of job openings also served as other factors. Whether or not you intend to work as a marketing manager, there are many other job vacancies in the country that await you.

Job Vacancies

Open positions for shipping jobs in Felixstowe or manufacturing jobs in Greater London likely formed part of 810,000 vacancies in November 2017. Based on Office for National Statistics data, the job vacancy rate in the country reached its highest level since 2001, even if the national employment rate increased 75.3 per cent.

As such, many companies have turned to recruitment agencies and other third-party services to fill vacant roles. Despite uncertainty over Brexit, the record-high increase unexpectedly caused a 2.5 per cent increase in salaries, including bonuses.

Employers should consider getting help from recruiters to fill job vacancies, especially the most important roles. Likewise, job hunters can rely on recruitment firms if they find it difficult to get the attention of companies.

Why the Healthcare Sector Needs to Prioritize Insider Risk Management

by Admin - on Mar 22nd 2018 - Comments Off on Why the Healthcare Sector Needs to Prioritize Insider Risk Management

Shield icon hovering above the laptopHealthcare companies’ cybersecurity strategies in the U.S. should focus more on managing insider risks, as the likelihood of internal data breaches is more likely in the sector than any other industry.

A sound online security program not only guards your company’s digital infrastructure but also protect valuable patient information in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Insider Threats

A recent Verizon analysis showed that of more than 1,360 cybersecurity incidents among healthcare companies in 27 countries, 58% involved insiders whether they were unintentional or deliberate attempts. The analysis also noted that a company’s insiders pose more risks to online security than external parties.

Money often serves as the main factor why insiders would be willing to compromise a company’s cybersecurity. According to an Accenture survey of 912 healthcare employees in North America, almost one out of five are willing to provide sensitive data such as login credentials to outsiders in exchange for up to $1,000. For this reason, a company’s database of medical information may be at risk without the necessary safety protocols.

HIPAA and the Cloud

Healthcare firms that need HIPAA compliance management in Texas, California and other states should consider cloud-hosting services when thinking of data storage and backup solutions. In some cases, a third-party IT service provider could be a better option since it reduces the need to spend on hiring a dedicated in-house team.

Other benefits of using the cloud involve the need for less hardware and reducing your data center footprint. While all of these benefits seem attractive, remember to choose a third-party software provider that will help you maintain compliance with HIPAA.


Cybersecurity now plays an essential role in the healthcare industry, because a simple data breach can lead to a loss of human lives and crippled medical operations.

Home Plumbing: Does Yours Need Repairs or Replacement?

by Admin - on Mar 19th 2018 - Comments Off on Home Plumbing: Does Yours Need Repairs or Replacement?

Plumber done with his workIt’s sometimes easy to ignore the signs of a faulty and a failing plumbing system. It’s important, however, to be aware of the indicators when your pipes need repair or replacement. This is to prevent much larger and costlier problems later on like water damage and indoor mould growth.

Taking some time to maintain and inspect your pipes may help you prevent a larger problem in the future. Here are some the things you need to watch for to determine if your plumbing system needs repair or replacement:

Increasing Water Bill

If there isn’t a noticeable increase in your water usage but your water bill is rising, there may be cracks and leaks you may not know off. Some leaks are fairly easy to locate like a running toilet and a dripping faucet. Unseen or unfixed repairs can waste hundreds to thousands of litres of water. This only makes it important to check your home for leaking taps (indoors and outdoors), toilets, and irrigation lines.

Low Water Pressure and other plumbing experts note that this can be caused by many things like water leaks and plumbing blockages. If your water pressure has decreased along with rising water bill, have your plumbing system inspected by professionals. It is also important to note that old pipes can corrode and be filled with scales, causing obstruction with the flow. In this case, replacement may be necessary.

Odd Water Smell and Discoloration

Failing or deteriorating plumbing systems can corrode can give your water an odd smell, colour, or taste. If the problem has been going for days, it is advisable to have your pipes checked. This is especially true if you have black water, or if you have copper or brass fittings.

With water and plumbing problems, you can’t just hope and wait that it would soon go away. You need to contact a certified plumber to inspect your home’s system and make the necessary repairs and replacement. This is to avoid major problems and keep your plumbing in good working order.

Construction Equipment: 4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead of Buy

by Admin - on Mar 16th 2018 - Comments Off on Construction Equipment: 4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead of Buy

Man weldingSo, you have another project coming up, and maybe you think your business could use a bulldozer right now. Before even thinking about shelling out loads of money for new equipment, think about how it would impact your company’s risk, expense, and opportunity when compared to just renting the big monsters.

Construction equipment rental has it’s share of advantages, too. Here’s a brief look at four of its benefits.

1. Cut-Off Storage Cost

Because this equipment won’t stay with you forever, you don’t have to invest in huge lots of storage or regular maintenance checks when they’re not in use. The rental company can worry about that.

2. Reduce Opportunity Costs

When you purchase your equipment, the money that’s used to pay for it is gone forever. Renting will help you save more of those funds to use for other opportunities to grow or invest in.

3. Use the Latest Equipment Technology

Rental companies are always updated with the latest technology when it comes to construction equipment. By renting, you can make sure you’re kept up to date and in compliance with specific construction equipment regulations.

4. Cut-Off Maintenance Costs

If you have your own equipment, regular maintenance checks have to be done to ensure safety during operation. You’ll also have to spend for your worker’s training on how to handle and operate them. Renting will shed all these expenses off your books.

If you’re going to use this equipment every day for an extended period, then buying your own can be an option. You can consider renting equipment as a test drive before buying. It’s better to get a feel for the equipment you plan to purchase before actually investing in it. Choosing between buying and renting may depend on your company’s needs and requirements. Make sure to assess those before making a decision.

The Advantages of Timber Cladding for the Interiors

by Admin - on Mar 15th 2018 - Comments Off on The Advantages of Timber Cladding for the Interiors

Color palette of woodWood is an elegant material that’s well liked by designers and architects since it adds a soft touch and a natural ambience to any room. There are many other reasons you should consider cedar timber cladding for the interiors of your home or office, and you might want to check them out.

Features and Benefits

The elegance of wood is something to admire, but there are other reasons that make it a great material for building a house or an office. A homeowner would want cedar timber cladding for the following:

  • It’s just fantastic. It’s great to look at. The natural grain of cedar adds to the natural beauty of timber cladding. The interiors become warmer, making your home feel more domestic and welcoming.
  • A good insulation material. Wood is a natural insulator, which helps keep away the cold or the heat from the walls and roof. As a result, it helps lower the cost of home heating.
  • Inexpensive. This is one of the most inexpensive materials that can be used for indoor cladding and in-wall options. In most instances, there’s no need to use a wallpaper, paint, or even varnish.
  • Easy to install. Wooden cladding comes in slats of various sizes. This makes it easy to install the wood to the wall or to the ceiling.
  • Maintenance-free. Unlike other types of cladding, timber cladding is one of those you install and forget about. You only need to do some regular cleaning with feather dusters, which is not necessary when used on the ceiling.
  • Soft sound quality. Bare concrete walls are hard surfaces, which create echoes and result in louder rooms. Wood as a softer material that dampens noise.

Grain is unique for every wood. Every slat is one of a kind even if it’s the same kind of timber or even if it came from the same tree. This is what makes timber cladding a joy to see. This is not a plain slat of material that stretches from one of the room to the other without any character. The wood itself adds a touch of character to any room.


Clean Your Bathroom the Easy Way

by Admin - on Mar 12th 2018 - Comments Off on Clean Your Bathroom the Easy Way

Clean, modern style bathroomYour home has many areas that could easily accumulate dirt and stains. Some of them you could easily clean on your own, but some things, like carpets and floors, may require professional cleaning. If you want to achieve professional-level cleanliness, you could use a simple household item such as vinegar and baking soda to keep everything neat and tidy.

For clean toilets

Toilets tend to develop hard water stains. These are quite difficult to clean off. To counter this problem, spread some baking soda all over the toilet including the toilet seat. Measure one cup of white vinegar, and pour it directly on to the surface of the toilet on top of the baking soda and brush. Brush the area until clean.  If you hire contract cleaning services in Moncton, they will help you deal with these prevalent, extensive problems.

Cleaning tiles and countertops

Bathroom tiles can acquire dirt and grime, and countertops could get water and soap stains over time. To clean dull looking surfaces, mix half part vinegar and half part water in a bucket. Use a rough textured cleaning cloth to rub off accumulated scum off floors, walls, sink, and countertops. For stains that won’t budge, mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda. This seemingly simple effort will instantly get your bathroom looking clean and shiny.

Clear bathroom Mirrors

Even after cleaning with soap and water, bathroom mirrors remain foggy. For clear mirrors, find an old cotton t-shirt and cut it in two. Use one for cleaning and the other for drying. Use equal parts vinegar and water in a bowl to clean the entire bathroom mirror. Remember to wipe the mirror with the dry cloth.

Vinegar and baking soda are natural alternatives that are highly effective for almost all cleaning purposes. Making a habit of these cleaning routines at least once a week will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and looking good as new.

Safety Measures for Laying and Sanding Wood Flooring

by Admin - on Mar 9th 2018 - Comments Off on Safety Measures for Laying and Sanding Wood Flooring

Wood FlooringWood flooring can revamp the style of any room and add value to the home at the same time. While it’s extremely popular as an interior design element, achieving the right finish may not be that easy. Laying and sanding this type of flooring come with its dangers, and you’ll also have to dedicate time and effort to achieve a smooth, level surface. Experts from share some safety tips to keep in mind when tackling this home improvement project.

Choose the right equipment.

There are different tools and equipment required to place and sand your wood flooring. A common way to lay wooden boards is with a nail gun. Just be careful to handle it properly because it can be a hazard. Read all the instructions that accompany the device, so you’ll know when to pull the trigger when it's up against the wood.

To achieve a smooth finish, look for a quality wood sander. Try practicing on a piece of spare wood first before getting to work. This will let you know how to grip the machine carefully and get an idea of how powerful it is.

Clear the work area.

You may be surprised at how often accidents occur in home improvement projects just because of obstacles getting in the way. Be sure to move furniture, take down wall paintings and pictures, and take all of them into another room. A clear work area not only promotes safety but also helps the workers do a faster job.

Wear proper protection.

If you're dealing with mechanical devices, it’s essential to wear suitable protective accessories and clothing. Caps and work boots are recommended, as well as a mask and goggles to protect yourself from dust and debris created when sanding.

Safety should be a priority for every home improvement project. Consider these measures to prevent injury during the installation of your wood flooring.

3 Facts to Moving to Brisbane That Make Life Easier

by Admin - on Mar 7th 2018 - Comments Off on 3 Facts to Moving to Brisbane That Make Life Easier

City of Brisbane at sunset reflected in the riverMoving to Brisbane isn’t only a life-changing decision. It requires extensive planning and preparation. To make sure your new life in the city is comfortable and happy, take note of these few facts:

1. Moving and settling takes a while

It takes about 30 to 60 days to find a new house, but it takes much longer to finally settle when you finally found one. Studies suggest that the length of time may be as long as 17 months. This isn’t surprising since you need to get the feel of your space. You want to know which furniture pieces complement your room or if their sizes are suitable, too.

If you’re bringing many things with you, consider hiring a storage facility first. It’s best to make the most of a self-storage and Taxibox experience in Brisbane, so you can enjoy your mobile storage with no deposits, bonds, or fees. Look for those that could pick up items from your home and move them to their facility. This way, you won’t have to worry about transportation.

2. The population is growing

Brisbane’s population is ballooning at 1.6% annually, but they’re scattered around the city. While the biggest number of people is in the Outer Ring, it’s the Inner Ring that has experienced the fastest growth among the regions at 2%. South Brisbane has the highest growth rate at 5.1% followed by Herston and Woolloongabba.

The population’s growth matters because it affects the value of properties. In general, the more in demand the area is, the higher is its market value.

3. Home remodelling may require council approval

Before you change anything in your new home, make sure you get the consent of the Brisbane City Council. There are specific requirements to meet, according to the dwelling house codes. The process is usually lengthier and more exhausting if your home is traditional — if it has been around since 1946 or earlier. Besides the council approval, it needs an assessment.

Moving to a new home is stressful, but you don’t need to add any more of that. You can make things easier when you keep the above-mentioned details in mind.

4 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Road Visibility

by Admin - on Mar 6th 2018 - Comments Off on 4 Tips to Improve Your Car’s Road Visibility

a woman in the driver's seatNo matter how good you are at driving, there are many other factors that can compromise your safety. One of which is visibility, which is just as important to have on the road as excellent driving skills, especially in Mesa, AZ, when rain and humidity can be challenging. The following are ways you can improve the visibility of your car when you are driving:

Replace Old Windshields

Heavy rain can make driving conditions especially difficult. You need windshields that are working properly. If yours is already damaged, have a windshield replacement in Mesa, AZ to prevent accidents when it’s pouring. A properly installed windshield also helps stop water from getting into the vehicle’s interiors, thereby extending the lifespan of your car.

Clean Headlights

Your headlights are important especially when you are driving in the dark. Not only are you improving how you see the surroundings, you will also help other drivers see your cars. It’s every driver’s responsibility of ensuring their headlights, and taillights, are in good condition at all times.

Install Panoramic Rear View Mirrors

The rear view mirror is a powerful tool to ensure safety when driving. To make sure it is effective, you may want to try out panoramic rear view mirrors as they have better reach. There are also fewer blind spots, making sure you get a good view of the road behind you and your surroundings.

Clear Dashboard of Obstructions

It has become a habit for drivers to crowd their dashboards with gadgets, decorations, and many other unnecessary distractions. However, this practice should be stopped. The things in the dashboard should be transferred somewhere else so you can focus solely on the road and your driving.

Safety is of utmost importance whenever you are driving. So, if you have a better visual image of what is surrounding you while on the road, you’re keeping yourself and other drivers from harm.

What are the Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home?

by Admin - on Mar 2nd 2018 - Comments Off on What are the Benefits of Waterproofing Your Home?

House plan for waterproofingFor a structure to last long, it should have a strong foundation, which you can protect through waterproofing. Here are a few more reasons waterproofing a structure, particularly your household, is important:

It prevents damage to property.

If you live in moist areas, water can seep through the walls and floor. Seepage is hardly noticeable, and before you know it, cracks are already all over the place and have damaged your property. Experts in Sydney say waterproofing your concrete early on can prevent this. The basement, which often serves as a storage room but is seldom visited, should be waterproofed in advance.

It protects your property from harsh weather elements.

Weathering can cause cracks in your walls to which creepy creatures can get into. If you have flat roofs, water from heavy rainfall can cause seepage through the walls.  Likewise, houses built on mountain slopes are also at risk of erosion. Waterproofing your house can prevent such catastrophe to happen.

It promotes good health.

Damp interior walls are good breeding grounds for mould and mildew. Such growth can cause health concerns to your family especially those who have allergies. Also, houses that are not properly waterproofed are not adequately insulated, so it can cause further health issues like breathing problems and respiratory infections. Waterproofing can solve these concerns.

It helps you save on energy bills.

Damp air requires more energy to keep the place warm or cool. That means higher energy bills. With waterproofing, your energy consumption will be less than usual. The amount you save can be used to purchase other important household items.

Waterproofing saves your property from damage and preserves its integrity as well. Therefore, it is a great investment. If you’re looking for experts in waterproofing concrete walls and structures, there are service providers in Sydney whom you can trust.

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