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Influencing the Buying Decision: Why Product Packaging is Important

by Admin - on Oct 20th 2016 - Comments Off on Influencing the Buying Decision: Why Product Packaging is Important

Product PackagingMarketing in the retail sector hinges largely on product packaging. How your products appear to customers affects how they make decisions. In many instances, only the packaging of one product gives it an edge over the others. When a consumer sees that the packaging conveys quality and, in other instances, it represents the brand that the consumer trusts, they make the decision to go with that product, regardless of whether the product is actually better than its contemporaries, explains an expert from Flexo Impressions.


According to Consumer Reports, packaging color and design elicits a noticeable behavior in consumers when they are shopping. Colors attract attention, but they must be used in the context of the brand’s goals in marketing. This is why cereal products for kids are more colorful than similar products made for adults. For many brands that are identified by the strength of their colors, incorporating those colors with their packaging is important. When you think of Coca-Cola, for example, you always see red, so most of their product packaging typically uses red.


To use the Coca-Cola example once again, you can identify which one is a Coke based only on the shape of the bottle. The unique shape of its bottle has even led to the phrase “Coca-Cola body”, which means a woman with a curvy physique. Coke capitalizes on the recognizability of its bottle shape so that even its bar codes are shaped like it. Other beverage makers use a different shape, but the style and colors of their printed shrink sleeve separate them from their competitors.


The market that a brand is trying to sell to influences the design process for packaging as well. For example, gold, black, and silver colors tell the consumer the product is luxurious (whether true or not). Sleek lines on the packaging are trademarks of the tech industry. When selling organic products, companies use green. As for spirituality, lavender is the preferred color.

How companies present their products through the packaging does not happen by accident. It’s part of the marketing plan, which takes months or even years to finish. Remember this when you start selling your own products. Packaging is a huge part of the marketing effort.

Cleanliness and Productivity: Free Your Office from Clutter

by Admin - on Oct 18th 2016 - Comments Off on Cleanliness and Productivity: Free Your Office from Clutter

Office Cleaning in AucklandSeveral researches have concluded that clutter undermines people’s productivity at work. As with anything requiring focus, the correct mindset is important for performance. When clutter is the first and last thing you see at work, it doesn’t help you achieve that high-level performance.

Clutter does not just affect you mentally; it can get in your way physically. Have you ever wasted an hour looking for a file that your boss needed for a meeting, only to find it under stacks of documents on your intern’s desk instead of in the filing cabinet? A messy workplace is a place where things get delayed, affecting productivity and profitability.

Perhaps it comes with the territory. In some offices, such as those of newspapers, trying to control the clutter is like trying to replace a car’s tires while it’s running. Still, companies should try their best to keep the clutter and mess down to a minimum, and schedule major cleaning days a few times a year at least.

In a regular office, you can control the mess by doing the following:

Giving instructions on clutter

Your employees’ desks should be free from clutter before they leave for the day. Inform them to clear their desks accordingly and not just dump whatever’s left of their work in their drawers. If you allow employees to eat at their desks, they should at least cleanup and not leave half-eaten sandwiches lying around. Remind them of the effects of clutter and mess on their performance, and on how other people see them when they spot their filthy work area.

Schedule cleaning

Hire commercial cleaners in Auckland to handle major cleaning days. You can also hire them to clean the bathrooms and break room regularly. Although your employees are capable of getting rid of the clutter on their desk and using the Windex now and then, you can’t expect them to vacuum the carpet or wipe the blinds. These are jobs for the professionals.

Productivity is partly the product of mind-setting. It’s difficult for your employees to do that if they can’t see past the dust and clutter collecting all over the office. Keep your workplace clean and see improvements in productivity.

Cash Management: Slightest Mistakes can Lead to Bankruptcy

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Capital optimizationAll business owners and operators have numerous obligations in terms of finances. From loans to mortgages, from salaries to assets, and from cash flow to overall profits, they have a lot on their hands. But just like all organizations, serious financial-related issues may arise, which can result in liabilities and may even ultimately lead to the bankruptcy of a company.

This is why proper cash management is a must for all businesses. With the help of a reputable and well-established provider of cash management services, you can rest easy knowing that all financial aspects of your business are well-taken care of.

Staying Financially Afloat

Through such services, you can remain financially afloat as the service provider will take full responsibility for all financial components of your business. These include revenue collection, investing your organization’s cash on profit-making ventures. They will also manage your company’s assets to ensure that they remain useful and profitable.

Cash Flow and Risk Management

Since cash management has everything to do with the management of a company’s liquidity and cash flow, it is extremely important for you to leave such matters in the hands of professionals. Always remember that when it comes to finances, there are so many risks and procedures involved, and even just the slightest mistake can already cause a major financial disaster.

Capital Optimization

Another way that a cash management company will help you with is through capital optimization. Through capital management optimization, they will develop a program that will allow your company to achieve its maximum potential in terms of cash flow and liquidity. Your chosen service provider will also discover and determine any potential financial disadvantage as well as help you improve areas that require so.

All in all, having such financial experts on your team will help you remain financially stable, grow and expand your company, and ultimately, have better revenues and profits.

Easy and Sensible Self-Storage Strategies to Preserve Your Valuable Things

by Admin - on Oct 14th 2016 - Comments Off on Easy and Sensible Self-Storage Strategies to Preserve Your Valuable Things

Self-Storage Strategies in Canning ValeStorage units reveal astonishingly valuable items. Some items are not just valuable, but also have a place in pop culture history. Take, for example, James Bond’s submarine car. The vehicle featured in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was found in the storage. The storage unit was bought in a blind auction for $100. The James Bond car, meanwhile, sold for over half a million pounds.

Naturally, any prized possession you put in storage deserves proper care. Otherwise, you risk downgrading its value. Preserve the financial worth of your things with the following strategies:

Make an inventory of your valuable goods

A list of your goods will help you determine the type of storage unit to rent. A wrong unit isn’t just too small or too big, but also lacks features to maintain your items. Temperature-sensitive goods need climate-controlled units. An inventory further gives you an idea of the self-storage unit’s price.

Prepare the right packing materials

Artwork will require a different kind of packaging than antique china. For art, you’ll need materials, such as paper, foam and tape that are not acidic. Use acid-free and inert material as the first layer of protection for your artwork. For antique china, use acid-free tissue paper between plates. You can also store them in microfibre china cases.

Determine a final list before moving all your items into the unit

Do you have an item or two to sell? Make sure you don’t bring these goods into the unit. You’ll avoid returning to the storage, and disrupt your entire plan.

Plan a layout for storing your valuable goods

You took pains to pack your most prized possessions with the right materials. Now you need to make sure they stay safe inside the unit. Bigger items go in the back of the unit, with the smaller, lighter items in the front. As always, do not stack fragile items. Leave enough space in the unit so you can move around.

Finally, make sure your self-storage facility comes with state-of-the-art security. With your careful packing and the unit’s security system, your prized possessions will remain valuable for a long time.

Top 5 Advantages of Becoming Bilingual

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Bilingual Programs In DubaiWhether you are visiting a foreign country where no one speaks an ounce of English or simply wanting to learn a few conversational lines, learning a new language will always give you an edge. As the world becomes smaller because of the internet, a wide variety of immersive bilingual programs in Swiss languages such as German and French not only help you navigate a new world but also improve the way you communicate with people. Here are the top 5 advantages of becoming bilingual.

  • Job Market Edge

Let’s start with the biggest advantage of all. Learning how to speak a foreign language will open up a lot of job opportunities for you abroad. This is also an edge for foreign exchange students who wish to get jobs in a foreign country.

  • Greater Travel Experiences

Even if the locals speak English, being able to communicate with them in their local tongue is a sign of respect. It will help you navigate places that are off the tourist tracks and even bring home better and less expensive trinkets. Learning how to communicate well with the locals will make you more than just another tourist, but rather, a traveller.

  • Better Global Perspective

Becoming bilingual can give you a better perspective on world news. A country’s mother tongue is rooted deep in its culture, enabling you to see past the headlines and understand what it means for the locals.

  • Sharper Memory

Learning a new language is good for your brain health. While you can always understand and remember a few phrases, learning how to speak fluently and mastering it for years will keep your brain sharp and help protect you against dementia.

  • Improved Listening Skills

When you’re conversing using a foreign tongue, you tend to tune in more so you can understand the lines better. This then helps improve your listening skills. Active listening is an important skill both in school and in the workplace.

Learn a New Language Today

If you’re considering learning a new language, there are many Dubai schools, an example being Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, that offer these programs for both students and non-students. The world is becoming smaller but at the same time, it is also getting more and more complicated. Learning new languages will help you in better understanding the world and its current issues.

The Psychology Of Web Design

by Admin - on Oct 12th 2016 - Comments Off on The Psychology Of Web Design

Web Design Team in MelbourneIt’s been said that web design is both an art and science. Its artsy aspect refers to organisations projecting a mostly visual representation of their brands online. Combining various aesthetic concepts turn good-looking websites into artworks in their own right. The scientific part, on the other hand, involves the link between web design services and psychology. It means that webpage creators must know how their users think and prefer certain things related to their experience.

Building Trust

Web users know which websites are worth their time and which ones aren’t. They won’t linger on a seemingly bogus page when they see it. Organisations should make their websites convey trust to visitors. Familiar tricks can make this work, like ensuring that on-page content is well-written and putting conventional design elements like the logo, contact details, and menu in the right places.

The aforementioned elements must be added proactively. If they’re prominent enough, they’ll immediately convey the purpose of each page within the website. This is the easiest way to gain web users’ trust. People want to know how things work, and what they’ll get out of something if they interact with it.

Colours Make Life Lovelier

It’s a fact that colours influence human thoughts, attitudes, and emotions in varying ways. Just think of how red conveys a sense of romanticism, or how blue/green makes you feel calm and composed. The same concept plays a huge role in web design.

When creating a website, colour has something to do with the brand firsthand. For instance, a company like Coca-Cola can’t use any other colours besides red and white. Such hues, after all, have defined their brand for decades. Designers also have to work according to users’ preferences. Women, for example, don’t like grey, orange, and brown. Blue, green, and purple is what they want. Men share the same affinity for blue and green but have a more profound preference for dark colours such as black.

Lots of other things factor into web design psychology, but the two above should be any creator’s main focus. Web design is all about working with users and not against them, while also giving them a good helping of modern art. 

These 4 Mortgage Myths are Nothing More than Myths

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Mortgage in RivertonWhen it comes to financing your dream home, making wrong assumptions could actually hamper your ability to purchase the right property, warns an expert from The Mortgage Partner Inc. Sadly, there’s a chockfull of mortgage myths online that plenty of homebuyers actually believe. Below are 4 of the most common.

Mortgage Myth #1: The Best Option is Always the One that comes with the Lowest Mortgage Rate

Although the interest rate is crucial since it directly affects your monthly payment amount, you should know that there are more fees that could significantly differ from one offer to another. For example, the origination fee for covering paperwork and processing could differ between .5% and 1.5% depending on the lender. To ensure that you choose the best mortgage rate, a loan officer from Provo recommends that you consult with different lenders and request for a detailed list of all the costs related to the mortgage offer.

Mortgage Myth #2: You Have to Pay a 20% Down Payment

While this is an ideal number since you’ll owe less money because of the significant down payment, not all mortgage programs will require you to put down 20%. With the FHA loans, for example, you could opt to put down as little as 3.5% down payment, considering that you have a credit score of at least 580. Even borrowers with credit scores between 579 and 500 could qualify if they could make a 10% at the least.

Mortgage Myth #3: ARMs are Only for the Risk Takers

An adjustable rate mortgage or ARM could be a sensible option for some borrowers. For example, an ARM is great for borrowers who plan to relocate within five years since your rate won’t start to adjust until you’ve already moved. Within that timeframe, you will have saved more interest since interest rates on ARMs are usually lower than fixed rate mortgages.

Mortgage Myth #4: Preapproval and Prequalification are One and the Same

Simply not true. Essentially, prequalification means that you’ve already talked with a lender. Preapproval, on the other hand, indicates that your lender already has your paperwork, packaged the loan, and submitted your application to the underwriter for evaluation. While your application will still have to pass formal underwriting so you could purchase the property, your lender will have given you a formal letter detailing your preapproval status for a specific amount.

Now that you know that these mortgage myths are really nothing more than myths, go ahead and shop around for the best mortgage offer available to you.

How to Make your eCommerce Website More Usable and User-Friendly

by Admin - on Oct 7th 2016 - Comments Off on How to Make your eCommerce Website More Usable and User-Friendly

A user-friendly websiteThe world of eCommerce is tremendously competitive since your competition is only a click away. If visitors don’t like your website, they’ll just look for another site. You have to make certain that your site is as user-friendly and usable as possible if you want to attract more customers and attention to your brand — the following tips will help you do just that.

Purchasing Without Having to Register First

Consider enable guest visitors to checkout items without having to register. You should then follow up if they wish to sign-up so that their next purchase will be easier. Studies state that this strategy could increase sales, decrease cart abandonment rates, and enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Straightforward Sign-Up and Call-to-Action Buttons

No one really likes to answer long sign-up forms just to he or she could register to your website. All you really need are essential information like a username, password, and email address. The rest you could get later on. That said, make sure to feature call-to-action buttons in strategic locations in your site to aid in increasing conversions and enhance usability of your website.

A Safe and Secure Shopping Cart

Your customers must feel confident purchasing your products through your website. This means that you have to assure them that your website is secure enough to protect their privacy. A web design specialist in Utah suggests that you obtain an updated SSL certification and a trust certificate such as VeriSign or Hack Safe to make to build up trust with your customers.

Easy Searching

An easy-to-use search function (bonus points for a category refinement feature) aids customers in finding exactly what they’re searching, ensuring a more satisfying shopping experience. This holds especially true for eCommerce websites that offer a broad range of products.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Customers love to know exactly where they are in the buying process—the steps they’ve done and how many steps until they’ve successfully bought the item, otherwise, you risk cart abandonment. In addition, utilizing breadcrumb navigation will aid shoppers go back a step if they need to see something again or edit something instead of starting over.

Keep in mind that usability equates to an easier and quicker buying process. And in the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter if you sell the best products or if your prices are competitive if your eCommerce website is confusing and not user-friendly.

Step Out of Your Studio: 3 Ways to Remove Your Artist’s Block

by Admin - on Oct 4th 2016 - Comments Off on Step Out of Your Studio: 3 Ways to Remove Your Artist’s Block

Ways to Get Rid of Your Artist’s BlockInspiration is a fleeting thing for many artists. You could be making dozens of artworks or performing at the top of your game this week, but the next thing you know you’re staring at a blank page. Get rid of artist’s block by doing activities outside out of your studio. You might discover that you’ll regain more than your artistic talent.

Find an Outlet

Sometimes, an ideal way to find inspiration is to go for de-stressing activities and make time for them. Read a book at a local library or take long walks in the park or beach. The Ticket Merchant added that letting out that pent-up feeling is possible by watching an exciting sports game. Why not buy Eagles tickets for a West Coast game and scream your lungs out for your favourite team?

Getting out of your comfort zone and looking for relaxing activities outside your daily ritual is necessary, and how much more it is for an artist. Doing something different opens opportunities to discover new experiences and even potential customers.

Visit New Places

Travelling is an amazing method for learning. In fact, there are many art tours available where you can observe monuments or visit the historic birthplaces and homes of well-known artists. Whatever your passion is, visiting the humble beginnings of an artist can breathe life into your ideas.

Go to Class

Online video tutorials and instruction manuals are a helpful means of self-study and nearly costless education, but some minds are better suited for an academic education in a classroom setting. They benefit greatly from going to school and attending workshops than learning online. Either way, why not enrol in a few training sessions to restart your creative gears?

Artistic inspiration needs continued fueling. After all, it can come and go. Search for your own personal trigger — it’s somewhere out there. What separates the remembered from the forgotten is dedication. Don’t wait for inspiration to find you. Take the initiative to move out, search for, and grab whatever opportunities are available to you.

California Holiday: Places to Visit

by Admin - on Oct 3rd 2016 - Comments Off on California Holiday: Places to Visit

Sport Fishing in CaliforniaCalifornia is an amazing state with so many things to offer to both local and foreign tourists. Here are the best places to go when in California:

  1. Forests

Being a tourist, checking in to our social media is a must, but sometimes we have to go off the radar and be one with nature. The Redwood Forests is one of the most popular attractions in California and rightfully so because these towers of beauty are really breathtaking.

  1. Disneyland!

Nope, not the theme park but the resort! If you want to show your inner child some magic, you should definitely add this to your itinerary.

  1. Parks

California has some of the world’s most popular parks such as the Yosemite National Park, which is also known for Glacier Point, Death Valley National Park, and Wild West Mining ghost towns. Other noteworthy parks are Lassen Volcanic National Park, San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park.

  1. Swim, Surf, and Fish

Aside from amusing landscapes, California is also known for splash adventures. Choose from the most popular beaches such as the Big Sur, Laguna Beach, Santa Barbara, and Carpinteria. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can try surfing at the world renowned Malibu and Huntington Beach. If you want a different activity, you can also check out fishing charters in San Diego, like Fin Runner Sport Fishing Charters, for a unique fishing experience. Monterey offers tons of attractions as well such as whale watching, national marine sanctuary, and its hidden gardens.

  1. Palm Springs

To add a little luxury on your trip, why not visit Palm Springs where you can relax and dip into A-list caliber swimming pools while enjoying fresh cocktails and the excellent view. Palm Springs also offer outdoor activities such as hiking trails on Native American tribal lands or the San Jacinto Mountains.


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