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Stool Your Way to Productivity

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Office ChairFor the longest time, chairs have been the standard symbol of comfort. And yet, in light of the tendency of humans to slouch when sitting on a chair, many turned to stools as the better seating option.

Backless Supreme

There may never be a position as prevalent in the workplace as sitting. However, recent studies show your sitting position can affect your thinking like no other.

One such study was conducted in Germany, involving 30 people who were under treatment for depression. Researchers asked one half of the group to sit in a slouched position while the other half sat upright. The facilitators asked both groups to remember a batch of negative and positive words.

The results were nothing short of overwhelming: Those who slouched hardly remembered any of the positive words.

This research shows how people undermine the impact of choosing the seat. You can easily be tempted to use the chair’s backrest and slouch in the process. In this regard, an industrial stool becomes a company’s best friend. Workers who sit on one to maintain a straight, strong back in light of the backing’s absence.

The Healthy Option

Even grade schoolers today are prone to slouching. A quick look at a modern twelve year old in a school chair says it all. More often than not, you see the child slumping.

However, a stool may correct this sitting problem. Lacking the traditional backrest, it’s impossible for you not to straighten up and give your spine that needed arch. This means evading metabolic syndrome and other health complications associated with prolonged improper seating. The Brewer Company, LLC suggests ditching the cheap chair and finding ergonomic seating solutions instead. That is if you don’t want to deal with chronic back pain and fatigue.

Whatever industry you may be in, it’s not just the posture when standing that you have to consider. Be comfortable while sitting down, because, let’s admit it, that’s your position when doing the bulk of your work.

Making it Big: Small Tips to Expand Your Restaurant Business

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restaurantExpansion is the goal of each and every business. For restaurants, we look forward to outlets and franchises decorating the streets of our localities. Expanding your business can be really intimidating but it does not need to be such an agonising endeavour. Here are small tips that will surely help in expanding your business.

Check Your Capital and Your People

In expanding  your business, you have to take a look at two things. Do you have the capital and do you have the right people with you? The capital is a very simple idea. You need more money to fund new and improved restaurant uniforms to attract people, to market your new outlet and of course, all the operating expenses that come with it.

But, another thing you need to check is the preparedness of your people. Make sure that they are well trained for the job so that they can train the new hires for your new restaurant.

Improve Small, Gain Big

Offer something different but not too different. Drastic changes and a huge departure from your old model or business strategy can hurt your small business as you expand. While risks are good, try to stick to the tried and true formula. Take the time to work out changes and improve small things little by little.

One of the most basic but one of the most effective changes that you can make is the improvement of your restaurant uniforms. The more ‘official’ looking they are, the more people will feel your attention to details and will most likely be attracted to your business.

Keep Your Standards

It is very important that as you try your hand in expansion that you do not lose your ‘character’ as a business. Maintain your standards and business ethic. Do not change your money, let it evolve and add some things for the mainstream public, but do not change your business.

Take these small tips seriously and you will be surprised at how it can help your business. Map out your expansion goals and objectives.

SEO and Your Target Market: Fostering a Good Relationship

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seoA small business has a tougher time establishing a connection with their target audience; this is the reason hiring an SEO services provider is important. Apart from an increasingly congested market, there’s also the competition with larger companies that already have the trust of your prospects.

Your business’s website is your face on the Internet, but there’s more to just detailing what you do and filling it up with relevant business information.

Carving a Niche

Perhaps the most important reason to invest in an SEO Company is their ability to help you carve a niche in an increasingly congested market. A well-optimised website gives you a big advantage, allowing you to better reach your prospects and avoid intense competition against other small businesses and larger companies.

The right keywords and links play a big role in driving targeted traffic and ranking your website at the top of the search engines. Local SEO, for example, allows you to target customers that are looking for a business like yours in a specific area. Apart from avoiding direct competition with larger companies, it also allows you to build a loyal customer base.

Social Media Marketing

SEO can also take the form of social media marketing; it is fast becoming one of the most important strategies that small businesses and larger companies alike make use of. The most obvious benefit of this is increased brand recognition; a share and a like go a long way, and they may even be more effective than word of mouth.

Social media marketing allows you to talk directly to your customer base and more importantly, find out what they want out of your business and the products and services you provide. It also makes your business more approachable, further increasing brand loyalty and trust.

Even when you’ve established a foothold on the online market, you can still utilize SEO to maintain and further improve your connection and relationship with your customer base. Spare no expense and look for the best SEO company in Australia that will provide you with extensive SEO services that’ll help you stay ahead of the competition.

Government Requirements for Setting Up A Motel Business

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motelMotels are among the most popular and profitable real estate investments in Australia nowadays. The increase of tourists that are looking for affordable accommodations makes these properties high in demand. That, and the potential high ROI, attract start-up and affluent investors alike.

However, there are many government requirements to consider when setting up a motel. That’s why if you want to go into this investment, consider the following essentials to start your business the right way:


The government mandates those who want to set up motels to apply for planning permits with their local council. The same requirement applies if your business involves land or building development and changes the purpose of a property, unless you plan to invest in motels for lease in Victoria.

Building permits may also apply if your accommodations business involves construction, demolition, alteration or extension of a building. The planning permit allows you to develop your property, not the business. The building permit gives the surveyor’s permission for building work to proceed as long as it follows the regulations.

Motel’s Specifications

The local council needs to know more about your business before they can give their approval and permits. You have to submit the plans for the premises, with each drawn to a scale of not less than 1:100. You should also show the proposed use of each room to prevent trouble with authorities later.

You may also need a Registration of Food Premises from your local council if the motel will be providing its own food. You may need to present a menu as well as your plans in ensuring the safety of the food and drinks you’ll be serving. Additional permits and licences may be necessary if your motel will play recorded music, serve alcohol and meals outdoors.

Business Registration

A motel is still a business, so the usual business registration rules apply. Register your business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. You should have an original business name, Tax File Number, Australian Business Number and GST / PAYG withholding registrations. Put a trademark on your motel to protect it from others who might duplicate your business name or idea.

Setting up a motel can be challenging especially if you hardly know the government’s requirements. Consult your local council for more information on the things you need to prepare for your accommodations business.

The 5 Best Techniques for Managing a Growing Dance Studio

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dance studioRunning a growing dance studio is hardly an easy task. As the number of enrollments continues to rise, you find it more difficult to stay on top of everything. How do you maintain the same level of service while accepting new students every month?

Even if things are seemingly going well right now, it’s important for studio owners to always plan for the future. These five tips will help ensure that you remain the best in your location.

  1. Invest in software – As a studio gets larger, management tasks become more complicated and time consuming. Class scheduling, student registration, payment processing, and many other activities can quickly become overwhelming. Automating and streamlining these tasks with software dance studio management is a necessary investment.
  2. Upgrade your facilities –Dance students thrive and learn best in an environment that caters to their needs. Are your mirrors, sound equipment, and other parts of the studio up to par? As your studio becomes more well-known, make sure that it can accommodate the increased number of students.
  3. Take care of your staff – You can have the most sophisticated facilities in the world, but it’s all for naught without the right people. A good dance studio is one that continues to train, develop, and nurture its employees. Help them stay up to date and encourage creativity. Their positivity and love for the job will keep clients coming back.
  4. Improve your marketing – Now that you have an established reputation and growing client base, it is the perfect time to take a look at your marketing strategy. What has been working, and what could be improved? Who are your best clients, and where do they come from? If you want even greater success in the future, it’s important to stay updated about market trends.
  5. Look for performance opportunities – There are few greater joys for a dance student than having the chance to show what they have learned. Make sure that you are constantly searching for performance opportunities; putting your students onstage is necessary for their growth, and is a great way to build your studio’s reputation.

Don’t lose sight of why your clients choose you over the competition. By putting the needs of your students first, your studio will enjoy continued growth.

Get Those Millions of Online Visitors with Effective Content Marketing

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seoThere was a time when digital marketers view content as something relevant in SEO, but not as much as link building. Times have changed, though. Old-school techniques did not yield the needed results and even exposed companies to penalties from search engines. With the evolution of SEO, content emerged as king. Many website owners and search marketers are now focusing on developing their methodologies based on content strategies.

Identifying Content

In SEO terms, content means any creative tool that businesses or site owners use to deliver relevant information with the aim of providing user experience. It educates, entertains, and attracts visitors and potential customers. With high quality, original content, you can expect your site to gain increased levels of visibility or traffic. This, in turn, may lead to the response you may desire.

As the Chicago SEO strategists of C1-Parners.com explain, content may come in any of the following forms:

  • News or feature write-ups
  • Blog posts
  • Product pages
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Infographics
  • Slideshows
  • Directories
  • E-books
  • Brochures or sales pages
  • Product FAQ’s
Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

Simply coming up with content may not be enough to achieve your online marketing goals — you need to develop a content strategy with all the key inputs of SEO. The use and choice of keywords remain a vital element in your strategy. Organize your content to make it appear logical and ensure it provides good user experience.

Promoting Your Content

Search marketing experts know how to promote your content and ensure it will align with your objectives. They may integrate different strategies, such as maximizing on-site and off-site promotions, using social media, and sending newsletters.

“Content is King”

No amount of SEO strategies will put you on the top without the right content. Work on your content and provide the right message to increase the number of visitors going to your site.

Getting Ahead of the Game — t he Real Estate Game

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real estate agentReal estate is one of the most lucrative and most progressive businesses you can invest in. With the low risk and high yield, no wonder it has become a very competitive field dominated by major players. To get ahead, here are the basic considerations you should never fail.

Prompt renewal of your license

The primary requirement to be a real estate agent is basic education in relevant laws, zoning, and career etiquette. For these reasons, brokers take licensure exams to make sure they are well informed. Licensure exams ensure that only those who continually practice the profession will be given access to the market.

You need to regularly renew your license. Enroll in the best real estate license renewal courses to keep up with the current information and legal complexities involved.

Getting in touch with the trends

While information is almost readily available on the internet, there are certain industry know-hows only circulated among major players and practitioners. This is the major reason why you should get a refresher course whenever possible.

According to Cbtrealestate.com, agents need to stay on top of industry changes. Subscribe to the newsletters of real estate institutions to get relevant information.


When it comes to doing business, it’s important to have skills, but there’s an equal weight placed on knowing the right people with the right resources. Learn to develop your network and to branch out. You’ll never know when you will be needing assistance in a different state or in a different field. It always helps to be well-connected and well-rounded.

Equip yourself with the right resources and the proper real estate license renewal courses. With these, it should be easier for you to stay competitive.

Marketing Your Web Site: Ways to Maximise Its Effects

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promotionTo utilise your webite, the next step you need is to make sure people know it exists. Marketing your business’s page should be your top priority and you need to drive traffic to your site. Below, Digitise My Business shares some information on how you can achieve this:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You want visibility — being among the top results when someone searches for a certain set of keywords will ensure that. You can increase your chances by editing existing content, creating good links and removing barriers of your site content so that search engines can index your site. It is certainly tedious, particularly at the start, but it’s an almost sure-fire way of grabbing the top ranks for your key words. If you don’t have the expertise or manpower, SEO services can be readily outsourced, if needed.

SNS Media

Today, the fastest way to get the word out about your site is through social network sites. Linking your site to your own SNS account can help you specify your target market — age, location, interests, among others.  Aside from linking pages, you can even place ads on such sites. According to Nielsen, people are 68% more likely to remember an ad that they have seen on an SNS site compared with other media.  That’s definitely good news for your business!

Blogging and Guest Blogging

To generate traffic, you can use the power of information through blogging and guest blogging. Providing original content can help bring in visitors who are looking for such information. Give them the latest industry news, trends, and anything worthy of sharing within your particular niche. If you want to draw in even more visitors to your site, consider guest blogging for a site that are more prominent than yours. As these sites already have more steady traffic, you can drive some of that traffic to your own site by creating links back to your page.

How Can Online Induction Change the Way of Hiring?

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Online Induction TrainingFinding a job is not easy. You spend hours and hours of time scanning the newspaper for jobs and opening a lot of tabs in your browser to search for the right job for you. And when you do find the perfect job, you go to the company’s place wearing a suit and tie carrying a lot of papers to prove you are worthy of the job.

Then, you get hired and you spend a lot of time finding your way to do your job properly without your boss noticing or you just want to impress your boss for a raise. Gone are the days of this scenario. A new way of filing and training for your job is through an online induction system.

Train the Way You Want It

Through an online induction system, you can take training into their own hands. If you have hard time to understand a step, you can repeat it over and over again without the risk of having a negative impact from your boss. On the other hand, if you are a fast learner, then you can finish the training just the way you wanted it.

Whenever, Wherever

Going to an office not only makes you tired, but leaves you with less energy to do your work and be productive. With only the Internet, your account can be accessed anywhere. No need to drive and suffer the pains of traffic (and test your patience) or walk to your job.

Not Boring

Believe it or not, a face-to-face training is tedious and uncomfortable. Through this, you can learn not only a boring, sleepy voice but all sorts of images, videos, and sounds that will help you not get bored and retain the information better.

The Internet has become a helper. Through it, you can reach the world and do your job with ease and comfort, literally at your fingertips. This change may seem awkward to you, but you’ll love it as soon as you experience it. It will give you time to manage your time and avoid being stuck sitting in an office for eight hours (or more).

3 Online Marketing Resources That Will Save Your Small Business

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Online MarketingOwning a small business may be difficult because of the stiff competition in today’s market. That’s why you have to be resourceful when it comes to promoting your business. Sure, you have to spend money to get your name out there, but you can also take advantage of online resources available for free. Below, Digitise My Business shares some of them and how to use them in your online marketing campaigns.

Web Analysis Tools

If you’re new in online marketing and SEO, worry not because there are many web analysis tools that you can use for free. Tools like Google Webmaster Tools, Google Keyword Planner and Google Analytics will help you evaluate your online marketing strategies and measure their effectiveness. With all these, you can find out how to further improve them.

Social Media Sites

Everyone, even business owners, can use the power of social media to their advantage. This platform is so incredibly popular because it allows interaction. As a small business owner, it’s your job to reach your target market and engage them to become part of a community that loves what you’re selling. If you use your social media accounts the right way, you can attract hundreds and thousands of new clients.

Competitor Trackers

It’s also important to know where your competition stands to come up with better, stronger strategies. Not doing this is impractical because more often than not, your competition is also tracking your campaigns. Google Alerts, Alexa and Compete are some of the tools that can help you curb the competition and track their progress easily. Use this information to know which direction to take.

There are so much more you can do to promote your business on the web that doesn’t include spending a lot of money; some are even free. You just have to know how to look for these tools for the benefit of your online marketing pursuits.

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