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Can’t Refinance Your Mortgage? Here’s Why

by Admin - on May 24th 2016 - Comments Off on Can’t Refinance Your Mortgage? Here’s Why

RefinanceLooking to refinance your home? Unfortunately, it’s up to lenders if you’ll be able to refinance or not.

Altius Mortgage Group enumerates crucial things that could deem you unqualified for a refinance.

Insufficient Equity

Plenty of homeowners took out option ARMs and interest-only mortgages way back in the housing boom since prices had nowhere to go but up. However, when the market became stable again, plenty of those homeowners ended with little to no equity. This inflated their LTV or loan-to-value ratio and made them unqualified for traditional refinancing.

Poor Credit Rating

Creditors normally consider a credit rating of around 620 poor. Couple a poor credit rating with a high LTV rating and you’ll have difficulty in find lenders who’ll risk giving you a refinance loan in today’s unstable market.

Massive Mortgage Amount

Jumbo loans are significantly more restrictive than conforming loans and come with increased interest rates. Lenders will scrutinize your application and your background more carefully if you’re asking for a large amount for refinancing.

Lack of Assets

The underwriter could deny your refinance application right off the bat if you can’t show seasoned and adequate assets. Financial experts recommend that you save money early and regularly by putting it in savings and checking accounts, bonds, stocks, and retirement funds, among others.

Inadequate Income

This is a major factor because if you don’t find yourself below the maximum DTI or debt-to-income ratio required by lenders, you won’t be able to secure a refinance loan.

Inconsistent Job History

If you don’t show absolute proof of consistent employment, normally for the last two years prior to refinancing, lenders could deny you even if you have sufficient assets or are presently earning lots of money.

These are only some of the things that could hinder your refinance goals. Contrary to what some homeowners think, you really have to be qualified to get any kind of loan. So if some or all of the above-mentioned scenarios apply to you, resolve your issues to increase your chances of securing a refinance loan.

Important Historical Aspects of Worker’s Compensation

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Worker with Back InjuryWorker’s compensation insurance is an important aspect of employment. Companies must make sure employees get the right compensation, especially for high-risk jobs that may affect a person’s livelihood.

Even if worker’s compensation is already a known concept, a majority of people are not aware of its interesting history. Gracey-Backer, Inc. shares the brief history of where the Florida workers compensation insurance was based from.

The Ancient Times Marked the Beginning

Experts who documented worker’s compensation reported that its history began as early as history was first documented. The concept began as a compensation for physical injuries noted during the ancient Sumerian era. The law at that time indicated a person’s eligibility for monetary compensation for workers’ injuries like fractures.

Aside from the early Sumerian law signed by King Ur-Nammu, the Code of Hammurabi also had a clause about similar reward sets provided to workers for certain injuries and permanent disabilities.

Changes Over Time

The ancient basis of worker’s compensation seems crude and difficult to define. However, the emergence of the Industrial Revolution resulted in the changes in worker’s compensation practices. During this time, there were a few major rules that came with compensating injured employees. One is that employers didn’t have to compensate employees if their injuries were caused by negligence. Another clause stated that if a fellow employee caused the injury, employers were not required to provide compensation to the injured employee.

The Legal Aspect of Compensation

Although worker’s compensation had been indicated in some laws, there were no actual legal experts working to ensure that employees would get the compensation they deserved. In time, legal experts specializing in workers compensation insurance emerged to guarantee that employees would get their due.

Overseas Movement

Since the concept of worker’s compensation started in the Sumerian era, it has moved overseas and is now enjoyed by employees all over the world. Before going to the United States, the concept of injury compensation first became popular in Europe.

Florida workers compensation insurance is important for both employees and companies. Different states have their own special regulations, so employees and employers must know their local regulations to provide accurate compensation according to different scenarios.

Ads Everywhere, Don’t Care: Winning at Mobile SEO

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SEO Company Based in MontrealThe growth of paid search has led many brands and marketers to wonder why they should even pay attention to organic search. They argue that since Google is just showing advertisements anyway, then why not allocate a bigger part of the budget for paid search and be done with it?

If you want to grow your traffic, ignore this suggestion. Organic search may be down, but there are numerous reasons why your mobile SEO efforts should still persevere.

More Clicks Guaranteed

Voodoo Creative, a local SEO company, believes that first organic listings receive more clicks compared to sponsored ones. A study from Mediative, another marketing agency based in Montreal, seconds this motion.

The company’s paper entitled “How Do Consumers Conduct Searches on Google Using a Mobile Device?” reveals that a large part of their mobile click shares ends up with organic search results. Users see paid results, but they often brush these off, focusing on organic listings instead.

Still hesitant? Try breaking it down and you’ll see that the top listings receive 73 percent more clicks.

The Top 4 Matters

The study also compared traffic from above-the-fold listings to desktop results. They reported that users do not click on listings beyond the top 4 results. Apparently, mobile searchers are not fond of too much scrolling. For mobile devices, 92 percent of the clicks are always confined to the top 4 results.

What does this mean for you?

Set your eyes on the first four organic listings; a position on the second page shouldn’t be an option. If so, searchers will not see you, especially on mobile.

Keep Up the Faith

With all these paid search hubbubs, brands and marketers would rather not try anymore. But by putting things in perspective, you steer clear from bad strategic decisions.

Mobile SEO will always be effective. You can still increase your smartphone traffic by 84 percent, especially if you fix mobile-friendly errors.

The greatest marketing campaigns always need the power of two: paid search and SEO. Don’t immediately cut your budget for mobile paid search; think things through multiple times before you make a decision.

Amazing Gift Ideas Every Man Would Love

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Father Receiving a GiftIt's more challenging to buy a gift for a guy than it is to buy for a girl. That’s why you should make more effort to look for the best gift for your boyfriend, husband, son or dad instead of giving the most generic gifts you could find. Here are some amazing gift ideas that will leave a smile on every guy’s face when they receive it.

Sporting Event Tickets

Guys love sports and watching sports games. That’s why one of the best gifts you can give to a guy are tickets to a sporting event he loves. If you’re planning to buy Australian Open tickets, The Ticket Merchant recommends buying as soon as they become available because they may sell out fast. You can either accompany him or buy multiple tickets so he can enjoy the game with his best buds.

Games and Gadgets

For geeks who are into games and gadgets, PopSugar says you won’t fail with a gift that’s connected with technology. It can be a video game, Bluetooth speakers, digital camera, phone accessories or other things that you know he’s interested in. When you buy, make sure the product is high-quality and has a warranty. This way, he can really enjoy your gift for years.

Toolbox and Equipment

Some guys, especially older ones, only require maintenance tools at home or for their car to make them happy. Some gift ideas include a volt and driver kit, toolbox complete with screwdrivers and the like, complete tool set for the car, and other tools and equipment he can use to do home repairs and upgrades.

These are just some of the many unique gift ideas for men. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or amazing feat, look for the best gift to show your love and appreciation for someone.

4 Myths About PPC Advertising You Need to Ditch Right Away

by Admin - on May 13th 2016 - Comments Off on 4 Myths About PPC Advertising You Need to Ditch Right Away

Pay Per Click BlocksWith inbound marketing, PPC hardly comes to mind. To many people, PPC is still a traditional advertising method that adds no value. However, what they don’t realize is that when paid marketing gets combined with organic, businesses can realize better results.

Relying heavily on paid search to drive traffic can be disappointing especially when you don’t get clicks. Combining SEO and PPC is the best way to get traffic as well as improve your site’s ranking. Here are some PPC advertising myths dispelled.

With PPC, you can set it and forget it.

There is a misconception that once you set up a PPC campaign, you’re all set up and you don’t have to think about it anymore. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You invest in your PPC campaign and you can’t just sit and relax, wait for it to work.

You need to carry out frequent tests, constant monitoring and increase/decrease your bid to know what works and what doesn’t. Right here in Denver, most businesses outsource their accounts to a reputable agency offering PPC advertising services.

Being in the first position will make you most profitable.

Unknown to many, being the first may not necessarily translate to profits. However, you may end up spending more cash than you’re getting profits. Nonetheless, being in position one increases your brand’s visibility.

Use as many keywords into your PPC account to get the most traffic.

Stuffing your PPC account with keywords makes it hard for users to know exactly what they’re looking for. You only need to have a few, relevant keywords that will generate returns on your investment.

Quality score is only calculated using click-through rates.

While your quality score will be based on click-through rates, Google also looks at your landing page quality.

Finally, do not copy your competitor’s ads; remember to test your ads no matter the clicks you’re getting and add phone numbers in your copy. Hire a notable agency to manage your PPC account, make recommendations, and optimize your PPC landing pages.

(Don’t) Skip This Ad: The Popularity of Digital Video Advertising

by Admin - on May 11th 2016 - Comments Off on (Don’t) Skip This Ad: The Popularity of Digital Video Advertising

Laptop with Video in SanduskyAmong the most popular mediums of advertising are digital videos found online.

With improved outlets, mostly mobile, this proves the broadening connectivity and reach of this type of video advertising. More consumers are now veering away from traditional media and focusing on what the Internet provides.

So, how is this type of advertising faring now? More.SanduskyRegister.com shares more information about this advertising strategy amidst its immense popularity and the steep competition.

Online Audience

With the continuous increase of people going and staying online, companies have to step up their game. To fit right in, they have to promote their businesses through an outlet where most of their target demographic is: on the Internet.

Just like in other mediums of advertising, competition is fierce and you have to be unique to capture your audience’s attention. On video platforms such as YouTube, there is an option where people can skip your advertisement after 5 seconds. If it doesn’t impress the mass, then consider it skipped.

This is because today’s audience expect advertising to be convenient, targeted, and most importantly, brief. The way they skim through content is fast-paced, so they skip whatever fails to grab their attention.

Growth of Digital Video Advertising

According to a report done by the Pew Research Center in 2014, this type of advertising is expanding at a rapid rate. Every year, it grows by 43.5 percent. By 2017, this will make up 15 percent of the digital advertising market.

The measurement of the price of a digital ad is through views, and the metric used is CPM or the cost per thousand views. Compared to cost per completion and cost per click, this metric shows the vast difference in values among the assorted types of digital marketing strategies.

So, what do you have to do to make sure your advertisement garners attention? Some of the things you can do are: invest in quality, cater your content to audience interests and devices, monitor video shares, include strong calls to action within the video, and incorporate compelling imagery and content to swiftly get their attention.

Apart from the usual banners and static type of advertising, movement can engage your viewers. If you’re looking for a different marketing method, try going digital.

Are You a New Home Owner? Here are 4 Security Tips to keep you and your home safe

by Admin - on May 4th 2016 - Comments Off on Are You a New Home Owner? Here are 4 Security Tips to keep you and your home safe

Security Guard in UtahYou’ve finally moved into your new home after all the paperwork, legal procedures, and inspections. Owning your first home can be an exciting experience for many people. However, home ownership doesn’t just stop there. You’ll realize that there’s a lot that goes into the process including decorating, rearranging furniture, organizing and so on. Often times most people overlook security in their new home.

Burglars know this and may try to use this opportunity to raid your home. Fortunately, you can get to address these security concerns. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure that you and your belongings are safe even after moving into your new home.

Change the locks

If you’re purchasing a pre-owned home, chances are, the previous homeowners have had access to the keys you now have, the first step should be to change your locks once you move in. This will prevent anyone from having an easy access to your home. Do not forget to reconfigure your garage door code as most thieves use the garage as an entry point into your home.

Know your neighbourhood

Moving into a completely new neighbourhood can be overwhelming as you are not accustomed to the what goes around over there. The best thing is to spend time familiarizing yourself with the surroundings. Get to know the type of cars driven over there, how people spend their time and how common moving trucks and service provider visits are.

Know your neighbours

Neighbours are your extra eyes when you are away. Take some time to introduce yourself and have a positive relationship with them.

Install a home security system

A security system is a must-have for every homeowner. This system alerts you and the authorities if something suspicious happens. Have a security provider draft a customized plan that fits your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Hiring professional security guards in Utah can also help keep your home and community safe, Centurion Security & Investigations Inc. notes. With years of experience and training, you can rest assured that you and your belongings will be safe. Talk to a trusted private security contractor to get experienced guards.

Insufficient Funds for a 20% Down Payment? Go FHA-Loan Then

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FHA LoanThanks to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you can now obtain a home loan from a private lender much more easily. With the benefits that HUD FHA-backed loans offer, you should now consider making the transition from a tenant to a homeowner.

Why go HUD FHA instead of conventional?

The primary reason many home buyers in the country opt for loans backed by the FHA is because they can rest easy knowing that, in the event they default on their loan, the administration will take responsibility for repaying the lender. Bonneville Multifamily Capital points out because the government insures these loans, lenders are at less risk of losing money from defaulting borrowers.

The results? Lower loan interest rates as compared to conventional mortgages, which then give you a greater opportunity of home ownership.

The down payment advantage

Another advantage of securing an FHA-insured loan from the HUD is a smaller down payment requirement. Since you do not have to make the usual 20 percent down payment that most private lenders require, you will find it easier to buy a home and afford paying for your mortgage.

Satisfy the requirements set by the HUD for their FHA loans, and you would only need to come up with a minimal 3.5 percent down payment.

Less worries about closing costs

Most traditional lenders charge borrowers closing costs, further taking mortgage payments higher and making it even more difficult for home buyers to secure a loan. Although FHA loans still come with closing costs, they are far lower than traditional loans. Through an FHA-backed loan, your HUD multifamily lender may only charge you up to one percent of the amount you borrow.

You still need to meet certain requirements and qualifications when applying for an FHA loan, but these are far easier to satisfy and complete compared with conventional loans.

Poisonous Nails On Your Hands

by Admin - on May 2nd 2016 - Comments Off on Poisonous Nails On Your Hands

Nail PolishIt’s hard not to love having your nails painted. Not only is getting a regular manicure hygienic, but it allows you to use your nails as an accessory. Getting your nails painted a certain way can accentuate your overall look in a good way.

However, recent news about the components of nail polish is beginning to concern a lot of people, GlossandCo.com.au says. If you use nail polish a lot, it should concern you as well.

What nail polish is really made of

A recent study concerned itself with analysing the ingredients of nail polish, and their potential harm to those who use it. The study discovered that three chemical components – formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene – are common across several brands of nail polish, and can be harmful to those who are constantly exposed to it. These three components are often referred to as ‘The Big Three’.

In addition, another study discovered that one other chemical component of nail polish – triphenyl phosphate, or TPP – can be absorbed by the body through nail application. Although the amount of TPP can absorb is not yet a cause for alarm, it does raise concerns for those who are constantly exposed to it, such as people working in beauty parlours and salons.

What you can do

Even though scientists have yet to discover any harmful effect that these chemicals may have, there’s no harm in taking precaution as early as now. What you can do is lessen how frequently you get your nails painted or have only your fingernails painted instead of both fingernails and toenails. You should also take the time to check the labels on the nail polish you use, to see if they have any of the questionable ingredients.

You can also buy your own toxic-free nail polish, and do your own nails at home. If you find a reputable seller, you can be sure that the nail polish doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals – and they’re just as good as the other brands. That way, you’ll lessen the risk of getting exposed to the chemicals, while keeping your nails painted a nice colour.

4 Date Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Love for Your Anniversary

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Couple Holding HandsCelebrating your anniversary as a couple is one of the most awaited dates every year. You have to prepare for it so you can express how much you love and care for each other. This special day will bring you closer as a couple and make your relationship stronger than ever.

Here are some anniversary date ideas that your boyfriend will definitely love.

Take Him to a Sports Game

If your special someone is a sport enthusiast, then one of the best dates you can ever plan for him is watching a sports game live. You can buy tickets for the Australian Open as soon as possible because they sell out fast. Even if you’re not keen on sports, just embrace the atmosphere and have fun with your boyfriend.

Schedule a Staycation

Even just a one-night stay at a luxurious five-star hotel can be a great experience for you to have as a couple during your anniversary. You can enjoy a fancy dinner, dip in the pool, spend time in the sauna, and take advantage of the hotels’ other facilities. You can simply reconnect with each other for a night and let go of all the worries you may have.

Date Night at the Park

What’s more romantic than going back to basics by having a picnic date night at the park? Prepare the blanket, picnic basket, and your boyfriend’s favourite food. Pick a spot that’s not crowded and has a great view of the sky and the stars. With just the two of you, you can reconnect and have a meaningful conversation in the most romantic movie-like setting.

A Relaxing Spa Date

If both of you have been swamped with work recently, the best way to celebrate your anniversary is a visit to the spa. A little bit of pampering will result to stress relief and a good mood so you could enjoy the rest of the day with each other.

These are just some of the many love date ideas for your anniversary. Be present and show your love however way you celebrate it.

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