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New Guidelines to Allow Beer Drinkers to Count Calories

by Admin - on Aug 24th 2016 - Comments Off on New Guidelines to Allow Beer Drinkers to Count Calories

Beer IndustryA set of new guidelines within the U.S. beer industry will allow consumers to count the calories that they consume with each bottle, Bloomberg News reported.

The Beer Institute said several companies that include Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors will start listing down information on calories, carbohydrates and other product ingredients on beer labels by the end of 2020. Information on alcohol by volume will also be visible.

Beer Institute CEO Jim McGreevy said the new guidelines will help beer drinkers make more informed decisions when purchasing products within the most popular alcoholic beverage in the U.S.

Beer Rules

The new guidelines are not entirely unprecedented, but rather more expanded in terms of listed information. For instance, MillerCoors has already included calorie numbers in early 2014 on each Miller64 product. Since then, the company has put such details on more than 12 of its beer brands.

The Beer Institute’s new industry guidelines follow an Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau ruling in 2013, which permitted brewing companies to list more information on beer labels.

Something’s Brewing

As beer guidelines become more updated, established craft breweries and those looking to set up one face a bright future due to the continuously growing craft beer industry.

Between January and July 2016, production volume for craft beer products rose 8%, according to data from the Brewer’s Association. During this period, the industry launched 917 new craft breweries, while 2,200 facilities are in the planning stages. The industry also employs more than 121,000 people on a full- or part-time basis.

Brewer’s Association Chief Economist Bart Wilson said the statistics represented positive signs for the sector. They also indicated that most of the markets have not reached a saturation point.

Even if most markets are not yet saturated, though, the popularity of brewing in some areas makes it hard for new breweries to set a stable position in the market, according to The Huffington Post.

Improve Pay Per Click (PPC) Conversion Rates with 3 Strategies

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Pay Per Click in TennesseePay per click (PPC) is an avenue that many businesses use, but not all of them use it correctly. You may have all the money you need to spend for advertising yet you won’t be able to make the most of it. Paid clicks are important to the success of your campaign since using it effectively allows you to boost profits and reach your audience.

Negative Keywords

When a small business owner launches a pay per click (PPC) campaign, they often target their market by using keywords that represent search intent. However, some of those keywords serve as an opening for other phrases unrelated to their campaigns. When you choose specific keywords you would also attract wrong clicks to your website, this wastes resources for your campaign. 

One way to filter certain unrelated keywords for your campaign is to specify negative keywords. Using this feature keeps unwanted traffic away from your site. When you exclude a certain audience, you maximize your resources and get the most out of paid advertising.

Using Click-to-Call

Net360 and other companies offering PPC say that many people use their smartphones to look for products or services online. When they look at a local shop, restaurant or business, there is a good chance they might be on their mobile devices. Upon finding what they need, they may want to contact that company to ask for more information. Google has a click-to-call feature for users to include their contact details in their advertising campaigns. This makes it easier for prospective customers to make a call.

Landing Pages

Modifying the landing pages of your websites may not improve the click-through rate of your paid ads, but it allows you to create better ideas for a focused copy. As you audit and check your landing pages, you will be able to boost ad position and lower your quality score, which may result in a better click-through rate.

Pay per click is a powerful tool, only if you know how to use it effectively. These changes enable you to improve your campaign results.

The Earlier the Better: Financial Lessons for Young Adults

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Financial Management for Young AdultsPersonal finance is not a prerequisite course in college – yet. So right now, you might be clueless on how to manage your own money, especially when you are about to enter the corporate world for the first time. To understand personal finance, you must learn the important things about money.

Discipline and Self-Control

Your parents may have taught you self-discipline in all aspects of life; handling of money is one of them. As you grow older, the money you get is no longer just for buying anything you like. You must also learn to determine what to buy and not to buy even if you have good credit.

In New Zealand, you can easily find lenders such as Rapid Loans which offer personal loans. Although you can effortlessly purchase an item on your credit, do you really want to pay interest on that pair of jeans? You better think twice. Self-control is the key.

Set Emergency Fund

It is wise to keep a fixed budget every month and save some amount from your salary no matter how low it is. You should learn that having money in your savings account can really keep you out of financial trouble. Also, if this will become your monthly habit, pretty soon you would have more than just emergency money. You can have holiday money or even retirement money in the future, which is bigger than you'd expect.

Know Where Your Money Goes

You have to realize the importance of making sure that your expenses are not exceeding your monthly income. You need to learn that making small and manageable changes in your daily expenses can have a big impact on your financial status. Keeping your recurring expenses low will also give you big bucks over time.

The sooner you start saving, the less time you have to gain the amount you need for your retirement. The best thing is it will also be sooner for you to call a job as an option and not a necessity anymore.

You don’t actually need a fancy degree to become an expert at financial management. If you will simply work on these financial rules, you can retire earlier and wealthier.

Three Explosive Business Development Strategies that Work as Soon as Implemented

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Business GrowthIn case you missed it, only half of the startups today make it to their first year. The reason behind this grave and dark statistic: only half of every new business has proper growth development strategies.

According to Milestone Management Consultants, growth strategies may seem like only the mission-vision of the company, but that’s just at first sight. In reality, a growth development strategy is the goal and end game that guides the company.

The most vital thing about this particular strategy is allowing for improvement. You need to create an environment where your business will grow alongside your organizational objectives.

Business Identity and Proposition

Giving your business the distinction it needs to stand out in the highly competitive market isn’t just about quality. Instead of refining how your customer feels about your product quality, focus on what else you can put on the table.

Define Your Specific Audience

As much as every business like to appeal to every demographic, it’s impossible to capitalize this unless you monopolize the entire industry. So, choose an audience that you think feels the closest to what you’re offering. If your business is about home improvements, don’t just target homeowners. Focus on homeowners aged 27 and above who love to DIY, and offer them home improvement solutions they can do themselves in a more affordable and hassle-free way.

Tandem a Scalable Metric with Every Move

Every part of your business should be measurable because this is how you’re going to assess the success of your growth strategies. More than the revenue and profitability, you should keep track of the accomplishments of your employees and the overall unity of your company. They are the ones who directly contribute to the fulfillment of the business growth development.

When coming up with a strategy, remember that no “one-size-fits-all” plan will work. The only constant thing in business is change.

Yes, You Need to Think About This: Preplanning for Your Funeral

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Funeral Preplanning in UtahWhile it may sound morbid and uncomfortable to talk about, death is eventual for everyone. Pre-planning your funeral in advance will help relieve your family of the financial burdens it might cause them during such time of grief.

For the meantime, here’s a checklist you can consult for making preplanning arrangements.

List down particulars you might want when you pass on.

Leave a set of instructions you would like to leave to your loved ones such as what you would like to have for the service, which cemetery you would prefer, and other related details. This would make things easier for those you’d leave behind should the inevitable occur, states.

List down all your relevant account information.

Create a list of all your accounts, including names and account numbers. Include bank details, insurances, online accounts, and other similar accounts. Note what you would like to do with specific accounts; for example, if such account needs to be closed or if such account should be passed on to a family member. Include also on this list any benefits and insurances you have. Include all the necessary contact details and paperwork your family will need after.

Make a will.

List down all your assets and properties before writing down your will. Seeing them listed down will help you decide which and to whom you’d like to inherit them. Store this file together with your power of attorney and for safety’s sake that no one else will get to them beforehand.

Designate a power of attorney.

There will come a time when you will be likely unable to make financial decisions or when you pass away, your family might face difficulties making them in the time of grief.

Preplanning can simply be making a list of your wishes and arrangements so that those you would leave behind won’t need to worry about what they would need to do. After writing out your plans you can create a more concrete and official plan by visiting a pre-need agency and consulting with them.

The Wheels Keep Turning: Making Your Money Work For You

by Admin - on Aug 4th 2016 - Comments Off on The Wheels Keep Turning: Making Your Money Work For You

Investing Money in Utah In hindsight, isn’t money a cyclical manner of exchanging value? You earn money and use it to pay for something you need or want. It works the same way when you borrow money; you eventually pay it back with money you gain. With this thought in mind, making your money work for you should be your goal. Putting your money into good use will eventually yield more money, and hopefully, it becomes a mechanism wherein you won’t have to work for it any longer.

Loans For Less, a loan provider in Utah specializing in a variety of loan types, discusses title loans. As a secured, short-term loan, a title loan requires the borrower to put up his or her vehicle as collateral. The lender then places a security interest on the vehicle’s title until the borrower completes his or her loan repayments.

Similar to a constantly spinning wheel, money is a cycle that turns around on its own. If you are in need of cash, don’t be afraid to take out a loan. What you do have to understand, though, is how you have to pay it back. So, make the best out of money you borrow.

Here are a few ways on how to make your money work for you:

  1. Open Up a Savings Account – Prepare an emergency savings account by keeping your money in an FDIC-insured, high-yield checking account. Despite an interest rate of 0.01%, storing your money in a savings account at least guarantees growth.
  2. Invest – Invest in the market and trust your advisors by leaving your investments alone, instead of timing the markets.
  3. Obtain a Degree or Certification – By obtaining a professional degree, you are investing in yourself. You can be a more marketable individual and penetrate more job markets by gaining further education.

With these three tips, consider how you make use of your money. Learn how to save and invest so your money enters a cycle of gains, instead of losses.

Essential Reasons Why Print Media is Still Alive and Kicking

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Print MediaThough many have seen the death of certain print publication companies in the past, this does not mean that print publication media is already obsolete. Just like the use of fountain pens, community libraries, and legal languages, newspapers and magazines are alive and well. Here are some of the reasons attributed to their continued survivability.

Set in Paper – This is similar to saying “set in stone,” which means its existence is virtually forever if preserved properly. Internet data have a tendency to just disappear from the archive if there is no longer enough virtual space available for the online company to print its materials. Also, computer viruses and online malware can make short work of digital data. Multiple printed copies of one book or newspaper assure you of a copy being available elsewhere if you lose your copy to the elements.

Sensory Perception – You can’t cut the pictures from an online article or pin it to a scrapbook. You can’t physically turn a page of on online newspapers. Meanwhile, with a printed newspaper, there is a certain aesthetic to a reader, managing those giant pages while facing the breakfast table or a child skimming the comic page as it lies flat on the floor. Overall, the whole experience of reading from print is very different from reading digital pages.

Ads Get More Exposure – Marketing and promotion experts still find published print get more attention than digital ads. Unlike digital advertising banners that get clicked by 20% of those browsing online pages, print advertising gets viewed in full. The chances are even doubled once the reader gets their own Vogue subscription or Standard-Examiner membership. Also, the ads get more focused readership and target audiences than random internet ad postings, says an expert from

Just these reasons alone are enough to show why newspapers and magazines are still very much needed and going strong in this digital age. Consider exposing the next generation to reading from a physical page. It is an experience that you can teach them to love and with good reason.

Applying for a Mortgage? Mind These 3 Things

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Applying for a MortgageWhen applying for a mortgage, your lender will consider your down payment, credit score, and debt-to-income ratio. If your numbers look good, it is most likely that you will qualify for a mortgage and therefore pursue your dream of buying a home. The amount of loan you can borrow, of course, will depend on individual circumstances, but it may also exceed the amount you can afford comfortably.

Down Payment

If you don’t have a good credit history, paying a sizable down payment can be a great help. The more money you can pay, the less risk your lender will have to take on. You will no longer have to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI) if you can afford 20% down payment. This will then add a few hundred dollars to your monthly loan payment. Down payment ranges from 0% to 20%, but the ideal is 15% to 20%.

Credit Score

Most lenders are all about credit scores today. You can get your free credit score from one of the credit or consumer report agencies. FICO is a commonly used agency, giving scores between 300 and 850. If you want your lender to be flexible, you should aim for a high score (at least 700). says that the higher your score, the more you can qualify for quality mortgage rates.

Debt-to-Income Ratio

It is common for lenders to follow the 28/36 rule, which means that no more 28% of your income should go to loan payment, and taxes and insurance, with debt payments no more than 36% of your salary. There will be no problem if you have to no other debt, as you can dedicate a portion of your income to the mortgage payment. For an FHA-backed loan, you may apply for as much as 41% of your income to debt.

Mortgages are easier to get this year, benefitting all types of buyers including retirees and those looking for a home in expensive markets. While the new rules help buyers, it still important to maintain a good credit score, eliminate debt, and save for a sizable down payment.

Basic Principles to Think About Before Taking the First Step to Starting Your Business

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Small BusinessStarting your own small businesses can be a good income-generating alternative to holding a regular nine-to-five job. If you wish to start your own venture, here are several ideas that you should think about:


Careful and proper planning can help you run your business with fewer worries. Whatever type of product or service you want to offer, be sure to put in a considerable amount of time to plan your budget, marketing strategies, and other important aspects of running a business.


Promotional marketing should be planned effectively to create brand awareness and increase your sales. With the extensive promotion, your market will become more acquainted with your business, as well as your products or services. Your materials, however, should be able to appeal to your target audience. According to Astute Promotions, to come up with effective ones, you may want to get in touch with a specialist in promotional products in Perth for some useful ideas.


You need solid strategies to make sure that your marketing efforts will produce positive results. On getting your strategies in place, some of the most important considerations are identifying your target market and planning a way to reach out to them.

Online Presence

Establish an online presence by building your own website or blog. You may also take advantage of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote your business. With a strong online presence, you will be able to position your product or service in front of a wider audience.

Running your own business can be challenging. Let these small business tips serve as your guide in overcoming the challenges that are sure to come your way.

3 Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back to Your Store for More

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Happy CustomerIf you own a retail store or a chain of retail stores, you need to exert more effort into making your customers’ shopping experience as satisfying as possible. Every time someone enters your shop, they must leave with a smile because of your high-quality products, top-notch services, and outstanding customer service.

Here are some suggestions to help impress your customers and make them want to come back for more.

Offer Limited Edition Items

Your retail store will be more interesting if you can offer something new to your customers every once in a while. For instance, restaurants can offer limited edition menu items for a certain time period. Some choose these menu items based on the season. If you offer clothes, you can offer limited edition designs inspired by what’s currently trending. There are many ways to keep your shop interesting. You simply have to be creative about it.

Start Loyalty Programs

Customers love rewards and freebies, and they will surely visit your store more if you are offering some kind of reward program for your most loyal customers. For example, restaurants and coffee shops can offer a free item every time a customer buys a certain amount or a number of drinks. You can use a points system that they can use to buy products or services once they have enough points. added that offering exclusive discounts to your cardholders is also a wonderful idea.

Assure Superb Customer Service

A priceless thing you can provide your customers is a superb customer service. This means putting their needs first, delivering on your promises, offering only the best products and services, and having clear terms when it comes to returning and exchanging of items. Don’t let any customer leave your shop with a frown on their face. Each customer counts, so make sure your staff knows how to deliver great customer service.

Follow these suggestions and you’ll surely retain your most loyal customers and earn even more customers as time goes by.

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