Installing new laminated wooden tilesHardwood floors are not only stylish, but they also add value to your home. Although they are made to last long, the forces exerted on them lead to scratches and diminished aesthetic appeal with time. It’s necessary to carry out maintenance procedures to keep the hardwood flooring in good physical condition. After all, “nothing can compare to a well-maintained, fresh-feeling place to live,” says flooring specialist Cotewell.

If you are not certain when you should do this, here are signs that it is time for a refinish:

1. Large Gouges or Chips

Large gouges or chips on your floor will let water seep through. When this occurs for an extended period, there is great damage to the hardwood. If the affected part is too big, hire commercial floor repair services for replacement and refinishing. These will curb further damage.

2. Multiple Scratches

Scratches that spread out on a large area of your floor will diminish its beauty. These may be caused by pets or moving furniture around. When they go deeper than the stain, it is time to do a refinish as failing to do so makes the floor vulnerable to water damage.

3. Failing the Water Test

A water test is an effective way to tell if your hardwood floor needs refinishing. To perform this test, pour a spoonful of water onto the areas that seem worn out. If the water piles into droplets, then your floor is still in good shape. However, if it seeps in fast, make arrangements to have a refinishing done.

4. Graying of the Floor

While greying in hardwood flooring might seem like a sign of ageing, this is not always the case. Grey marks may occur because the protective polyurethane coating on the wood has worn off with time. As a result, water seeps into the wood and becomes oxidized, turning grey. If you see this you need to do refinishing immediately to avoid excessive damage.

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A well-polished floor adds to the visual appeal of your house. Refinishing your hardwood floors when you see the above signs will help protect the hardwood while achieving a new look.