mexican waiterWith the growing number of Mexican restaurants today, it can be difficult to choose where to satisfy your burrito or taco cravings. Good thing you can always search online or use mobile apps to find the best Mexican restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia.

There are also other ways to tell if these restaurants are serving authentic Mexican dishes without checking the reviews online. Feel free to use the guidelines below.

1. Tortilla Wraps for Tacos and Burritos

One way to tell if you’re eating at an authentic Mexican restaurant is when the server offers a different selection for your taco or burrito wraps. Usually, they only serve fried flour tortillas or hard taco shells in ordinary bistros. The menu should always have corn tortillas for tacos or burrito wraps. In addition, they should give customers an option whether the wrap should be soft or hard.

2. Spices and Fresh Ingredients

The key highlight of Mexican recipes is the use of fresh spices and other ingredients. From the texture to the taste and color, it’s easy to tell if they’re serving fresh greens and spices. Some of the popular herbs and spices used in Mexican dishes are oregano, chili, cilantro, thyme, tomato, cumin, and beans.

3. Different Salsa Options

Another sign you should look for is the selection for salsa. Customers should have two options for this all-time favorite dip: the green and red salsa. Some restaurants even have more options. The salsa dip should be made from real tomatoes and shouldn’t taste like ketchup.

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4. No Cheese Overload

When there’s too much cheese on quesadillas or enchiladas, you’re not eating at a legitimate Mexican restaurant. The main core of these recipes is the combination of herbs and spices. The cheese is only used as an enhancer or to neutralize the taste, not to drown everyone else.

These are just some of the signs you should look for when you’re craving for some authentic Mexican dish. Choose the best restaurant and enjoy every meal, whether you’re alone or with your family and friends.