coffee breakOffice workers desire to have a good, comfortable place they can work in, and that’s a bottom line that is almost as vital as the salary they earn, these days. If you’re a part of the 9-to-5 pack, then you would agree that workplace comfort ranks high on your priority list and even influences your choice of company for which to work. A comfortable workplace lessens your stress. In fact, studies show that workplace-design satisfaction is linked to high engagement. Thus, the best question to ask is: What kind of workplace do office workers want?  Here are some insights:

Back to Basics

You can never go wrong with the basics. In fact, you can’t move further without these elements. Office workers want their office to have good lighting and temperature. The age-old battle of “What is the best temperature” concluded that it is 22°C or 71.6F. Plus, experts say that blue-spectrum lighting is most conducive to workplace focus.

Back to Basics 2

An efficient office is not complete without appropriate chairs and desks. Desks should have enough space for your team to comfortably work on. Chairs should be comfortable; especially given the long hours your staff spend at work. When choosing desks and chair use ergonomics to your advantage. Not only do these afford comfort, they’re designed to prevent health risks as well.

Be like Google

Google has revolutionised workplace design and you might want to consider this, too. A lot of offices nowadays opt for counter-intuitive ideas for their work environment. Redesign your office to incorporate a few of these trends:  open floor plans (that is to say, one that does not rely on pre-assigned, individual workstations), a designated room for creative, “noisy” discussions, and a café-type feel to the workspace – complete with a good coffee machine for the office. Remember, comfort, creativity and relaxation are important factors to consider when redesigning your work area. comfort and relaxation.

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A Good Break

People’s breaks are limited, and they don’t want to waste their time walking and only have a few minutes to eat. They want enough time to eat and do other things during their breaks. So, they want to have nearby food establishments to eat or better yet, a mini-cafeteria in the workplace.

While redesigning your office might prove a bit of an investment, keeping your team happy and productive will prove well-worth your efforts and expense, in the long run.