Couple pushing a baby in a pramWith a new baby comes a new set of stroller wheels. The hundreds of options out there, however, make it a difficult task to select the right one. Similar to shopping for your home stroller, renting a stroller in Miami also requires thought and calculations.

There are factors that you should consider. These include the storage space required, the frequency of folding and carrying the stroller, current environment, and accessories such as weather shield, adapters, and tray tables. That said, what type of strollers should you consider for your next vacation?

Travel system stroller

This is an economic system since it combines an infant car seat and a convenience stroller. It comes with a stay in car base such that you can safely place the baby inside the car and bring him or her out for a stroll. However, if you go for this type of stroller, ensure that you do not leave the baby in the car seat when strolling. This is because spending a prolonged period on the seat increases the chances of plagiocephaly.

Standard full-size stroller

This is categorized as the largest, bulkiest and heaviest among all types. It is excellent if you are going to be strolling the baby for a long time. It also comes with plenty of additional features for you and the baby. These include storage baskets, canopy, full recline feature, and child trays.

Umbrella stroller

This is the lightest weight and portable since it can be folded into a small compact form easily. It is ideal for traveling and short trips. However, since it does not have a lot of padding support, it is recommended for use by children who are at least six months old and have 50 pounds in weight.

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Even when on vacation, a child stroller is important since it not only makes your work easier but also helps the baby to enjoy the holiday without getting tired. The above options are readily available, and they save you the hassle of packing and carrying your stroller to your vacation.