Introverted LeaderIntroverts are known for being socially inept, reserved and shy. It might seem quite remarkable, but these introverts can be charismatic leaders, too. They do not let their withdrawn disposition stop them from promoting someone and taking someone out of the competition. They can likewise be charming despite feeling drained on big parties and all-day conferences, like business mentor seminars.

If you are a budding introverted leader that has not yet mastered his charismatic skill, UK Business Mentoring recommends referring to the lessons below:

Take Time to Recharge

Introverts have a limited socialising ability and will get tired after a while. As a leader that usually handles high-stress situations, you need to come up with tactics. Start by trying to determine the time that you feel is most therapeutic for you. It can be early in the morning, later in the day or anytime in between. Make it your regular daily routine to find time for yourself and integrate it into your work schedule.

This means that during non-business hours, do not allow yourself to return voice messages or emails as much as possible. Take that much-needed vacation break and program your phone as ‘do not disturb’ for an hour or a couple every day. If you are too swamped on a particular week, take a 10-minute walk or close your door and recharge with some music.

Access Your Unique Charm

Introverts do not have to learn or pretend to be extroverts just to have that charm for they have an innate skill of genuinely connecting with people. What you need to understand is that people open up to you depending on how you show yourself. To be able to strengthen your charm, learn to form authentic connections using the art of open-ended questions.

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You already have an intrinsic skill of being charismatic, inspirational and charming. Your purposeful and thoughtful leadership style will make you seem more authentic to people. Introverts just have to learn to be confident with themselves.

The secret here is to be yourself. It is not something you should be ashamed of or deem as a disability that stops you from achieving what you want. Own your introversion to unleash the charm in you.