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The Rise of the BPO Industry in the Philippines

by Admin - on Feb 11th 2017 - Comments Off on The Rise of the BPO Industry in the Philippines

BPO in the PhilippinesSince the appearance of the first multinational business process outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines, the sector has become increasingly popular among young and old workers. It has also become a driving force in the country’s economy, and the industry continues to expand. BPO companies provide services to various American industries, such as medical insurance, logistics, accounting, and paralegal.

Why the Industry Thrives

Every year, the sector demands new jobs, providing those capable with opportunities to work for multinational companies. A study conducted by World Bank reports that there’s a possibility that the sector may earn export revenues of $55 billion by 2020.

So why is the BPO industry thriving in the country? First of all, the Philippines has an abundance of skilled, young individuals with an excellent command of the English language and high literacy rates. Apart from that, operational and labor costs are lower here than in other countries. The nation has a highly westernized culture; pair that with the Filipinos’ innately friendly attitude and it helps strengthen the industry’s morale and success. The industry also has the government’s support, providing the sector’s technology and training needs.

Many multinational companies have been relocating from India – which was once the leading country in the industry – to the Philippines over the past few years, and one of the reasons is that Filipinos speak in a neutral English accent that’s much easier to understand on the phone and a “proportionally more qualified workforce.”

Expanding throughout the Nation

So far, more than five cities in the Philippines are part of top 100 outsourcing destinations in the world, including Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Sta. Rosa. Soon, the next wave of BPO companies will invest in places such as Baguio, Dumaguete, Lipa, Malolos, and Naga.

This continuous expansion of the industry opens many opportunities for those looking for jobs because no matter what they finished in college, if they are qualified to serve multinational clients, then they are on their way to earning a living.

Hair Extensions 101: How Much Hair Do I Need?

by Admin - on Feb 9th 2017 - Comments Off on Hair Extensions 101: How Much Hair Do I Need?

Hair ExtensionUnless you want new hair stitched to your scalp, getting hair extensions is the painless and practical method to get more volume in your hair in a short amount of time. Like what countless female celebrities are doing, getting extensions allows you to have more options with your hair style.

Before going to your hair salon to get one, you have to consider some factors to make sure your added locks will turn out to be Instagram-worthy and not an epic fail. Here are a few points to ponder.

How Much Hair Do I Need?

You have to take note how many inches from the nape of your neck you want to add to your hair. If your hair is thin, you have to buy more strands to get the full volume you want. Remember that longer strands of hair extension have smaller widths than shorter ones. Deciding whether you are getting single strand or weft hair is also an important factor in determining how much hair you should get.

How Do I Coordinate Colors?

There are two ways you can coordinate the color of your hair with the hair extension. You can either have the hair dyed to match your current hair color or change your hairstyle to match the hair extension you picked out. Just make sure that the dye you will use on the extension is ammonia free or it could ruin the hairpiece's quality.

How Do I Take Care of It?

Anchante Hair recommends not to wash your hair extensions too often; twice or three times a month is ideal if you consistently use heavy styling products on it. Like natural hair, you should also brush your extensions to remove the knots and keep it shiny and smooth.

Treating your hair extension with the same care as your natural hair is the trick to prolong its life and make sure you can show off your long tresses in any style you want.

The Benefits of an Organised Warehouse

by Admin - on Feb 8th 2017 - Comments Off on The Benefits of an Organised Warehouse

Advantages of an Organised WarehouseFor companies that engage in manufacturing, storage is one of the highest priorities. That’s why a large number of manufacturing businesses invest in warehouses, either by building one of their own or renting space. Being able to store all the goods that you need is important, but so is being able to organise all of it properly. Read on to find the more important benefits of a well-organised warehouse.

Higher Efficiency – For warehouses that store more than one kind of products and materials, orderliness and tidiness make it easier for your workers to find the goods that they’re looking for. Having the proper placements for all items would make storage and acquisition easier and faster. This, in turn, can make deliveries to customers much faster while maximising your staff’s work time.

Improved Safety – While clutter can sometimes seem harmless, there will be occasions when it will become a workplace hazard. Goods placed in an unbalanced and disorganised manner can result in accidents, injury, and even death. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so best that you organise your goods in your warehouse properly, notes an expert from Shelving Shop Group.

Less Waste – Excellent warehouse organisation, made possible by using pallet racking systems, enables workers to easily check which goods your company still have stock and which are running out. This lets the workers in charge of supplies or production to be able to adjust accordingly and avoid overstocking or running out of certain products. Older stock is also more likely to be taken before newer stock are, reducing incidents of spoilage or the need to throw away obsolete stock.

Other than these benefits, simply seeing a clean and organised warehouse can give employees a mood boost, leading to better performance at work and encouraging them to present themselves better. Customers or even possible business partners are also given a better impression of your company when they see the state of your warehouse. It truly pays to invest in keeping your warehouses better organised.

Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2017 - Comments Off on Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

Social MediaSocial media has become today’s digital opinion column. Everywhere you go, there are commentaries on current events, political incorrectness, and other viral stories that might offend the average internet user. There is no social media platform free of politics – even Snapchat keeps up with the times.

While netizens take every opportunity to voice out their responses to whatever trending political news there is, brands and businesses prefer to keep mum. Social media professionals believe it should stay that way.

Binary Opposition

It isn’t uncommon hearing (or in this case, seeing) someone else’s responses to the political sphere. The difficulty with the politics of today, however, is that there is no gray area. Someone must always choose sides. The problem this creates for brands that choose to indulge in politics is the amount of unnecessary polarization of its customers and target audience.


Due to the polarization, there is a huge chance that customers will see the brand in a negative light. With marketing automation support, content is king. Brands who encourage that kind of binary discord immediately hurt their own reputation and tinge their content with an inane political stance.

Loss of Following

This is the final phase of inserting politics into brand content. As an effect of giving the upper hand to one side of a cause and harvesting negativity around the social media presence, the brand will inevitably lose a sizable part of their following. They may gain more from their chosen cause, but the chances of getting more customers from the entire population are slimmer because of their political agenda.

The key to a successful social media strategy is neutrality. It is your goal as a brand to boost the morale of your customers and not make them feel they shouldn’t be part of your community because of their political stance. People see enough of rants and bad news online – your brand shouldn’t add to that.

Ace Graphic Design: Find the Balance between Simplification and Intensification

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2017 - Comments Off on Ace Graphic Design: Find the Balance between Simplification and Intensification

Graphic Design in MelbourneDesign is all about the details. Your overall outcome will be successful only if you are attentive to every little detail that makes up the big picture. As such, being meticulous is important — from conceptualisation to application.

If you are still undecided about how to make your graphic design ideas take Melbourne by storm, consider this: a combination of simple and intense. How will you pull it off? Well, you have to understand both sides of the coin first, of course.

Simplicity is Beauty

When the World Wide Web became public a few decades ago, everybody was thrilled because they literally had access to an almost-infinite amount of information. The transition from encyclopaedias and cookbooks to Wikipedia and online recipes was a massive help to those who wanted to free up some space at home and minimise paper use.

Currently, so much information is swimming around the internet — from groundbreaking studies to funny cat videos, it’s all there! This is why it can be rather overwhelming. If you want to catch their attention without contributing to information overload, focus on minimalist design instead.

As the epitome of simplicity and functionality, it continues to be as popular among brands and in design trends as it was early in the 20th century.

Bold is Beautiful

On the other hand, people might get bored with too much simplicity. You need to add a little quirkiness to spice things up. As such, be open to intensified and heightened colours — primary, neon and pastel alike — that will surely catch the eye of netizens.

You might be asking yourself, how are bright neon designs ever simple? Well, that’s because with a smart, well-thought out design, you get rid of distractions that complicate instead of deliver your message.

The digital lifestyle is shortening the attention span of netizens who want to access information fast and easy. Give them just that with bold yet simple designs.

Business Tax Overhaul: The Economic Lifeline of Small Businesses

by Admin - on Jan 30th 2017 - Comments Off on Business Tax Overhaul: The Economic Lifeline of Small Businesses

Changes with the Tax SystemComplying with tax obligations can be a struggle for small businesses, as it puts a strain on their financial resources. Unlike their bigger, more established counterparts, business owners of small companies do not have the advantage of making as much profit at the same pace.

Making changes to the tax system, therefore, is one way the government is helping create more favourable conditions for small business owners. How, exactly, is tax reform changing the landscape for tax-paying businesses, though?

The Issue with Provisional Tax

Provisional tax is mandatory for all business owners who had more than the amount of $2500 in their previous tax payment. The tax is a way for entrepreneurs to pay for their estimated profit for the upcoming year in three instalments.

While provisional tax does reduce the risk of failed businesses going underwater due to tax payments, it is still difficult for business owners to forecast their profits in advance. Paying for the tax could affect cash flow and push some businesses over the edge. Moreover, some businesses still need to contend with interest rate charges and possible penalties on late payments, prompting experts to say that provisional tax has sent private individuals and business owners into a spiral of despair.

New Tax Reform Allows Small Businesses to Pay Tax on a PAYE Basis

The tax reform, on the other hand, addresses the issue by giving small businesses with a turnover of below $5 million the option to pay their tax on a Pay as You Earn basis. Accurately recording financial transactions are therefore a necessity and it sheds light on the importance of tax accounting services to overcome errors and speed up the taxpaying process.

Furthermore, the business tax will eliminate the 9.2% interest charge on tax underpayments, so long as business owners pay their dues on time. The government also scrapped the 1% monthly penalty for those who underestimate their future profits.

The new tax reform has been a welcome change, especially for small business owners. Giving small businesses the option to pay as they earn will make it easier for them to grow and thrive.

Business Content and Translation: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

by Admin - on Jan 24th 2017 - Comments Off on Business Content and Translation: Why the Two Go Hand in Hand

Business Content and TranslationWe have always been told by our peers and advisors to aim for the sky in all our endeavors. Business owners fall short by only actively seeking the attention of the local community and their fellow countrymen. In a globalized society, however, we often measure business success in how much it will change not only your immediate surroundings but also the world.

Building Wide-Reaching Content

Content has always been integral to a successful business. In the Wi-Fi-free days of the late 20th century, businesses already hired writers to create content for them that will drive more consumers to their enterprise. Without substantial and convincing content, a business would be just like any other company.

Technology has enriched the lives of people all over the planet by promoting interconnectedness and interdependence. A problem only arises when one party is left out of the loop because of a language barrier. Lingua Technologies International believes in excellent content determined to get the intended message across to the audience and to anyone who encounters it. The key to garnering a larger market is to create content with translations done by language professionals who have learnt the foreign language as a native speaker would.

Importance of Colloquiality

It was Ludwig Wittgenstein who said: ‘The limits of my language means the limits of my world.’

When it comes to words, the limits of a language expand inwards as you learn to speak it naturally. One would study the language by beginning with the basics and continuing onwards to more complex words and conversational colloquiality. The closer someone is to a language, the more they are drawn to the speaker.

In manning a business, translation services give you an edge by breaking barriers and creating an intimate connection with your customers. The beauty of language is that it is both inclusive and a sign of trustworthiness. Knowing your target market’s language gives you better chances of gaining their trust.

Credit and Marriage: Will Marriage Affect Your Credit?

by Admin - on Jan 24th 2017 - Comments Off on Credit and Marriage: Will Marriage Affect Your Credit?

Applying for Loan in TempeHave you ever wondered what will happen to your credit when you get married?

In most instances, you’d be glad to know that the answer is “nothing.” Both of your credits would continue to be given separate reports that contain your own credit history, meaning that yours won’t appear on his or her credit report and vice versa. This is great news, particularly if your spouse has a lower credit score or negative marks in his or her credit history.

Will Your Spouse’s Credit Affect Yours?

If you’re planning on applying for a loan or credit card, both of your credit histories would be evaluated to determine your eligibility. This basically means that if both or only one of you have low or bad credit, then there’s a chance that the bank or mortgage company like Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. will double check your application. In the event that the lender or bank approved your application, the fees and interest rate will be higher than if the spouse who has the higher credit rating applied for the credit card or loan separately. Basically, when it comes to authorized user accounts and joint accounts, the account history will be reported on both your credit reports, regardless if only one of your actually utilizes that account.

In addition, with joint accounts, both of you will be held responsible for paying off loan and credit card payments, meaning that the lender or creditor might also collect from both you. On authorized user accounts however, only the primary holder of the account will be legally responsible for making payments. The good news is that your credit score will remain the same and won’t drop just because you married an individual with a low credit rating. Conversely, your credit score won’t improve if you married an individual with an excellent credit score.

Some Crucial Things to Consider

If the credit score of your spouse is lower than yours (or vice versa), you must figure out how to deal with credit-based applications. Would you apply jointly in exchange for higher interest rates just to improve the credit score of the spouse with a lower rating? Or would you opt to have the spouse with higher credit apply independently to obtain better rates? Ultimately, your decisions must be based on your specific priorities and financial circumstances.

Making a Girl Feel Special Can Be Done in 3 Ways

by Admin - on Jan 23rd 2017 - Comments Off on Making a Girl Feel Special Can Be Done in 3 Ways

Minnesota Style PizzaMany guys think that when they offer girls expensive gifts, they will be so happy about it, girls would then love them. This is a wrong notion because of more than gifts, girls appreciate the heart.

Women love many things. Yes, some guys think that if they get to buy a girl something expensive like a Prada, Louis Vuitton or Hermes bag, girls become undoubtedly happy. Well, this may be true for some but not exactly for everyone. There are girls, who, more than the most expensive bags in the world, just want to be with the person they love. By simply taking her for a long walk at night, she would already feel loved. If you too want to make your girl special, in ways that would be profoundly memorable for her, then you can try several of these ideas.

Make Her Dreams Come True

Every girl has a dream. If you have already found out what these dreams are, then you can try to make them come true. For instance, if she simply wants to be standing in two places at once, you can bring her to the border of two adjacent cities or towns and have her straddle the line that divides the two places. This doesn’t cost much right? Take note that girls’ dreams often have something to do with their childhood. Once you get to make their dreams a reality for them, you can be assured of a plus point that will be to your advantage.

Taste Uncommon Foods Together

One thing that girls remember is an event that you did together. She may easily forget who brought her this and that but what you can do is to do something that you or the girl has never done before. For instance, if you haven’t tried a Minnesota style pizza, then now would be the best time for you both to do so. What makes this significant is that you did something together, which you have not yet tried before.

Give Her a Special Name

Girls love to be called by their loved ones using a special name or moniker. This means that aside from the name that you agreed to call each other, you should give her a moniker that you exclusively use for her. This will make her feel special. Just make sure that you don’t use that special “alias” with any other. Also, if you would be calling her, be affectionate because according to World of Female, many women are generally affectionate beings.

You see, girls aren’t hard to please. You just have to ensure that what you are doing for them is from your heart. Once you do, they will see and feel your sincerity and it will always result in something great.

Some People Think Certified Translation Services Aren’t Necessary

by Admin - on Jan 21st 2017 - Comments Off on Some People Think Certified Translation Services Aren’t Necessary

Translation Service ProviderSome companies think that turning to businesses that provide certified translation services is not necessary. Do you think so, too? For them, the services simply add to the total costs. As they would say, you can simply go to translation services on the internet.

Then again, whether or not translators are available is far from being the only concern. It may be easy to get the services of translators. But, are these translators certified? For your company to make it big and grow, you should always think about going with the best options.

A Resource-Saving Tool

Translation services can help you save time – a lot of time. Instead of needing to put the latest work on hold, you can go to professionals to worry about doing the translations for you. No matter what your company’s nature of work is, you can get great translations. These include legal translations, medical terms, travel and tourism books, finance tasks, and many more.

Do you want to know an easy way to lower your company’s total costs? Then getting translation services might be a wise move. Compared to paying for more team members, turning to certified services is the better solution. These services make sure that you get high-quality translations – even during situations that require fast delivery.

Improvement in Productivity

There are businesses that provide highly dependable certified translation services. They pass excellent work on time and in the correct manner. They can help you and your clients talk to each other better. Their goal is to help you improve your company’s productivity by letting you focus on more important tasks and by letting you work on your credibility.

Targeting a Global Audience

With translation services, your company is looking at a good future. Because of quality translation services, your company’s product can be understood in many languages. This is a big plus. If your marketing strategy needs you to reach out to a global audience, the services can have a good effect on your business’ reputation.

Do you want your company to make it big and grow? If so, translation services can help. Signing up for these services will make the management and the operations of your company much better. Make sure that you look at the service-providers with certification. This will give you reliable and high-quality work.