SEO ExpertWhile it may be not that obvious to many, Google changes its algorithm numerous times. Most are minor, and can only have a small effect on websites, but it is the major ones that you, as a website owner, need to be on the lookout for.

Why Google keeps rolling out these changes

For many good reasons, starting with the use of illegal strategies. Also known as black hat SEO techniques, these just keep on popping up, with spamming being the most popular. And although previous methods to conduct such illicit practices have already been discovered by the tech giant, people are finding inconspicuous ways to use them for getting higher ranks in search engine results page (SERPs).

Many websites utilise these tactics because a lot of them really bolster the ranks, but once Google finds out, serious consequences await. The penalties are the least of their worries; Google can ban the sites.

Tracking these changes takes serious effort

Google launches around 500 to 600 revisions to its algorithm every year. Again, some are only minor, but do not be fooled: big or small, these changes can have a serious impact on your site ranking.

But with so many updates to worry about, how do you keep track of everything and still have time left for the other important aspects of your site? For starters, by enlisting the help of an SEO firm.

Legal website optimisation requires knowledge, experience and creativity

Exceptional and effective SEO campaign requires more than just following the rules, though: it is born from technical knowledge, extensive experience and great creativity. Lack one of these, and you cannot expect results.

According to, website optimisation in Brisbane is highly competitive, and generally at the whim of the almighty Google. But with an excellent SEO company, you can make your business more visible online.

So rather than waste time waiting for your efforts to pay off, consider investing in the trusted services of a website optimisation company in Brisbane.