Hand pressing brand buttonThe digital age has made almost everything possible with just a tap or click. One can run a business and shop without ever leaving the house. With the birth of e-commerce and e-tailers, however, some businesses are unable to establish their brand and therefore fail. This is because building a brand is not just about having a logo or being fair by following the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy and the antitrust law. To build a successful business, you must increase your credibility to gain and retain customers. Here’s how:

Identify your brand

Define who and what you are. What do you and what does your business stand for? Unless you know the exact answer to these questions, you will not be able to communicate your brand to your target audience. This also includes your vision-mission (why you built the business), your goals (what drives you and your staff every day), and your values (the standards everyone in your company lives by).

Be authentic

Sure, you have your vision-mission statements plastered on your website and proclaimed on your social media accounts. But do you abide by them? Do you keep your promises to your customers? Unless your actions match your words, you will not have staying power in the industry.

Know your customers

Identifying your audience is crucial to building your brand. To really know your customers, you must first look at your product and the value it brings to your target. You must also profile your existing customers, use customer personas, and do research about the competition’s customers. You can also make use of automated software or hire a third party to provide you with this information. Once you have this information, you can personalize your approach to engage your customers.

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Establish your voice and personality

After determining your brand, your story, and your customers, you can finally tie them all together to create a name, a logo, and a message that embodies all that your company stands for. Of course, you need to consider the industry and your audience in choosing a voice and a personality for your company to make you and your offerings relatable.

Periodically evaluate your performance. Has your branding gained you new conversions? If your branding strategy fails, take wisdom in the adage that “little strokes fell great oaks.” Get up, dust yourself, and rebrand.