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How You Can Prevent Obesity in Your Dog

by Admin - on Oct 26th 2018 - Comments Off on How You Can Prevent Obesity in Your Dog

an owner giving the dog a treatFifty-three percent of America’s dogs were classified as overweight or obese, according to a 2011 study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), putting these pets at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems. This situation could even make the dogs age faster, sending them to an early grave.

The pet obesity crisis has hit epidemic levels, with more than half of American pets being officially overweight or obese. As with humans, the culprit is most often diet. A range of convenient pet food options out there are purporting to be good for your pooch, but a closer inspection of the ingredients often reveals that it is full of fillers and added sugar. These ingredients cause weight gain and have no nutritional basis for being in the food.

Another reason for weight gain is that owners love to give their pets treats. Too many treats stacks up the calories, particularly in less active or older dogs. Few owners measure their dog’s portion sizes or look at the manufacturer feeding guidelines before they dish out supper and may be inadvertently overfeeding them. Below are ways pet owners can help battle canine obesity:

Don’t Free Feed

A dog should have two meals a day. Portion sizes according to the size of the dog are listed on dog food packets. Food shouldn’t be topped up or left out all day so the animal can free feed.

Combat Boredom

Comfort eating is often the result of boredom. The answer to this is more play time and walks. Depending on the breed, a dog may need from 20 minutes to two or more hours of walking per day. A Bichon Frise requires 20 minutes daily, while a Labrador more than two hours daily.

Feed Senior Dogs Less Fat

Like in humans, metabolism for senior dogs is slow, so they don’t require as many calories. Dog food for older canines is formulated to contain less fat and more fiber, helping them stay lean and have a healthy gut.

Regular games and walks, set meal times, appropriate portion sizes and less fatty food all help to combat canine obesity. Make sure you support your dog’s health by keeping these reminders in mind.

A Welder’s Watch List: Some Safety Precautions for Welding

by Admin - on Sep 27th 2018 - Comments Off on A Welder’s Watch List: Some Safety Precautions for Welding

a welder working on a piece of metalEver since men learned to harness fire, it has become an invaluable tool. From cooking meals to lighting the way, fire is as useful as it is captivating. Welding allows for two pieces of metal to be joined together by heating them up to their melting point. And where intense heat is involved, precaution must be taken.

Problems can arise when people—even trained professionals—play with fire. Welding equipment suppliers advise that proper safety precautions be taken before even purchasing a torch or tank.

Suit Up

Protective gear is a must when it comes to welding. As far as your eyes are concerned, they are the most exposed to the torch. They are prone not only to incoming sparks or debris but also to the harsh ultraviolet glare produced by the torch’s flame. This is why the most basic safety gear any welder can own is a pair of welding glasses.

The glasses must be tinted to protect the eyes from the brightness and also be durable enough to withstand debris and other obstructions. A face shield or helmet can also be used to ensure further protection.

Gloves are another resource that a welder must have at his or her disposal. Heatproof welding gloves allow a welder to handle a torch easily without exposure to the harsh burns caused by it. A welder’s gloves must be heavy duty and must at least cover the forearms.

Inspection before Ignition

Before lighting up that torch, any responsible welder must first check his or her equipment. Check the fuel tank for any leaks or punctures. Do not also forget to inspect the tank’s connection to the torch. Inspect the torch and the electrode holder for any damage to prevent shock or electrocution.

It is also important to inspect your surroundings before welding. Be sure that no flammable materials or fire hazards are in your immediate vicinity and always have a fire extinguisher on hand.

Being a responsible welder means being a safe welder. These tips can keep both you and those around you out of harm’s way.

How Much Would It Cost to Rent a Condo in Metro Manila By 2019?

by Admin - on Sep 24th 2018 - Comments Off on How Much Would It Cost to Rent a Condo in Metro Manila By 2019?

tall buildings in manilaIf you’re planning to rent a condo in Manila, it may be a good time to close a deal before the end of this year. Colliers International Philippines expects the rates for condo units for rent in Metro Manila to increase between 0.3% and 0.5% per year from 2019 to 2021. The rising demand has been one of the factors for the growth. For instance, Rockwell has had a higher take-up for its property portfolio, according to Colliers.

Property Vacancies

Rockwell’s vacancy for its portfolio improved to 10.3% from 11.3% between April and June, particularly for its Rockwell Center units in Makati City. Expatriates account for a significant portion of the demand, as well as the investors who want to cash in on the strong market.

The minimum price of a luxury condominium in Metro Manila is up to P6 million, so it’s safe to assume a six-figure rental rate for these types of residential units. Take note, however, that the current rates may only continue to increase in the coming months, especially since the demand from Chinese nationals further influence higher property prices.

Demand from the Gaming Sector

Those who are looking for rental properties in the Bay Area should know that leasing rates during the second quarter rose to P1, 500 per square meter, up from P1, 000 per square meter, according to Colliers Philippines Research Manager, Joey Roi Bondoc.

The situation is largely the same in Makati, where properties are consistently more expensive if they are nearer the Central Business District or CBD. Employees of gaming companies from China have fueled the recent uptick, as many of them look for homes near their place of work in Metro Manila.

Individual buyers and investors should decide soon if they still want to rent a condominium in Metro Manila before leasing rates become too expensive next year. Consider a unit in a mixed-use property development where most facilities for work and leisure are not too far away.

4 Reasons to Love This Washington City

by Admin - on Sep 11th 2018 - Comments Off on 4 Reasons to Love This Washington City

Photo of Washington, USAWashington is, without a doubt, a state with scenic views. It wouldn’t be surprising if this were the reason the Twilight franchise was filmed here. Among the cities in Washington, Pasco stands out due to its attractions. The city has its share of nature parks, amusement centers, and historical museums for residents and tourists alike. A company handling houses for sale in Pasco lists some of the places that people here love.

1. Franklin County Historical Museum

For history enthusiasts or families that are curious about the city, Pasco’s Franklin County Historical Museum is available for viewing. The site presents how Pasco grew as an agricultural city with help from nearby merging rivers, and how the two World Wars affected its people.

2. Sacajawea State Park

Up next is Sacajawea State Park, which is filled with greenery and bordered by the Columbia and Snake rivers. The park is named after Sacajawea, an American-Indian woman who guided explorers Lewis and Clark in traversing the Western territory of America. Tourists in the park can opt to embark on the Heritage Trail and do hiking or biking activities there.

3. Gordon Estate Wine Bar

This wine bar is known in Pasco for its signature brewed drink. Tourists can eat with friends or family, thanks to the area’s restaurant amenities, which happens to have live music every day.

4. Sun Willows Golf Course

The Sun Willows golf course serves as a playing site for sports enthusiasts who are visiting the city. Groups of friends or families can play golf and get refreshments at the bar in the area.

The city of Pasco is one of Washington’s sought-after destinations. Residents have several options to choose from. They can go to nature parks and historical museums, or taste wine and do recreational sports. These benefits are just some of the things that Pasco readily offers its residents.

Home-based Charter Schooling: An Alternative Option to Traditional Education

by Admin - on Sep 5th 2018 - Comments Off on Home-based Charter Schooling: An Alternative Option to Traditional Education

a happy kidStudents in the U.S. are failing their exams. School standards have been slipping in traditional schools for years, and more children are struggling to pass exams or even master basic reading and writing skills.

The trend has affected the country’s international ranking: the U.S. dropped to 549 out of 1,000 in terms of reading skills. The U.S. is miles behind Poland and Norway in international exams, trailing behind Asian countries in math and science.

Too much pressure placed on students, over-testing, large class sizes, and an increase in special educational needs might be some of the reasons students stagnate. Fortunately, charter schools might be able to provide the extra help needed to excel.

Charter Schooling Could Give Your Child a Boost

Charter schools located in Surprise and other areas help children who are struggling with their schooling. Using work-at-home materials and specialized computer programs, they can study math, arts, science, and literature, as well as brush up on their reading and writing from the comfort of their own home.

Students can learn online or choose to partake in traditional classes for a more personalized, flexible tuition, moreover.

Advantages of Charter Schooling

  • Students can choose to do fewer hours for a more relaxed experience. They also won’t need permission to go on holidays.
  • With online classes, students can choose when to start their day.
  • The program usually has a set curriculum path. Parents won’t have to worry about transferring children to another grade.
  • Teachers for one-on-one support. Teachers have special education training includes children with learning disabilities
  • The tuition can be used to add to high school, providing extra practice and helping children succeed in their exams.

If a traditional schooling setup isn’t working and you feel your child needs more assistance to achieve their personal best, consider enrolling them in a charter school. Your child might take better to a home-based learning method.

How Can You Make Your Walls Come Alive?

by Admin - on Aug 20th 2018 - Comments Off on How Can You Make Your Walls Come Alive?

a living room with a purple themeWalls can make or break your home’s design, particularly for minimalist homes that don’t require a lot of accessories or trinkets for design. Instead of plain painted or whitewashed walls, another way to go about designing your house would be to opt for decorative wall panelling.

Board and Batten

This decorative wall panel style features an intricate framework of solid wooden strips and planks. Home-owners who are looking to save a little may opt to use imitation styles that are created on plyboard or drywall as opposed to real wooden panels.

Whichever choice you make, the end result is always fantastic and enhances the textures in dining and living rooms.

Acoustical Panels

Some home-owners prefer to have soundproofed or acoustic rooms. This is why acoustic panels would be the perfect decorative wall panel for any game room or recreation room in your house.

According to, acoustic panels are able to control the noise within a space and even block off excess noise that can come through the walls. This is the perfect wall cladding to seal off your man cave from the rest of the world. As a bonus, they can come in different colours and designs to match any room décor.

Tile-Patterned Panels

If you’re feeling more playful with your walls, the tile-patterned panels may be a good addition for an accent wall. Most tile patterned panels feature square-shaped tiles that can be arranged in any figures or designs.

You can also make use of various colours and textures, to add to the depth of the look. The technique used for this is wall bracing, which can be through the use of adhesives or capping, so the tiles can be fixed on each other.

These are only three types of decorative wall panels that can be used in the home if you are the type to want more textures and design on the walls alone. Make sure to choose the right design that complements the home and sets its tone.

Comfort Concerns for Car Owners

by Admin - on Aug 14th 2018 - Comments Off on Comfort Concerns for Car Owners

a woman driving a car with her daughterIt’s alright for car owners to be meticulous about every part of their car. After, your vehicle is an investment that you and your family could use. In maintaining a car, here are some concerns that usually arise.


A window tinting company in Arizona like SmartFilm explains that car owners might want to have their windows tinted for privacy. A tinted window would prevent bystanders and commuters would not see what’s inside the vehicle. Shielding from harsh sunlight would be another reason, especially in sunny states like Arizona.


Another concern that owners might have would be the car lights. Interior lighting also matters, especially for late evening drives. Headlights would also be necessary, so your car would be able to signal and light the direction you’re going.

Security and Locks

Security is a concern, especially for cars. Any car owner should check the locks for the doors, windows, and even a car alarm. Use car locks and alarms that would be unique so you would recognize the alarm anywhere you go. You could also purchase steering wheel locks to prevent car theft. Buy one that fits your car, and lock it whenever you park in a new or unfamiliar area.

Air Conditioning

The heating and air conditioning in a car are also necessary, especially when you want to go on a long road trip. The air conditioning or AC system makes sure that drivers and passengers will stay warm and comfortable.

Car Concerns

In a nutshell, car owners make sure their vehicle is safe and comfortable. Shade from the sun, lights at night, and a functional AC are just some concerns that any car owner would consider as priorities. With proper planning and an expert to help, you can address these concerns quickly.

How to Find a Missing Loved One

by Admin - on Aug 6th 2018 - Comments Off on How to Find a Missing Loved One

Man between pile of bindersThere are reasons why a person might go missing. They might want to run or walk away from their family. Alternatively, there are instances when they may have been detained, confined or abducted. It is essential to understand the possible reasons for missing people in Auckland. The reasons for trying to find a missing person also vary, but what is important is to try to find them as soon as possible.

Time Is Short

Police and other authorities advise that the first 72 hours are crucial in finding missing people. The chances of finding a person get lower after that period. It is for this reason that it is not necessary to wait 24 hours before filing a missing person report. If you fear for the safety of the individual, it is essential to contact the local police and submit a report immediately. A full report is necessary, and this includes the missing person’s name, date of birth, physical description, and more. Other information would be required, including a list of close friends, medical information, and social media accounts.

Cases of Lost Contact

As far as the police are concerned, a missing person is different from a lost contact case. They do not deal with the latter. There are reasons why people lose contact with their friends, family or acquaintances. It is possible that they do not want to reconnect. The police do not involve themselves in cases of lost contact because the other person might not be in any imminent danger. Without a valid reason, the police will not treat it with any urgency.

The police can assist with finding missing people, but reports have to be filed as soon as possible. For cases of lost contact, the police will not help since it is beyond their job. This is a job for person-tracking services.

Geelong Region: The Perfect Work/Life Balance Environment

by Admin - on Jul 31st 2018 - Comments Off on Geelong Region: The Perfect Work/Life Balance Environment

Melbourne AustraliaLife in Geelong is all about balance. You have the country’s charming peace and quiet on the one hand, and the city’s growing educational and professional opportunities on the other.

Geelong is only an hour away by car and 90 minutes away by plane from Melbourne and Sydney. In 2017, more people decided to move to Geelong because of the attraction to the quality of its post-industrial life.

Here are six reasons Geelong has become the ideal place to live in:

Value for money real estate

The price of homes in Australia continues to rise and many are opting to rent a place instead. In the Geelong region, house and land are exceptional value for money. In Melbourne, the average house price is over $700,000 while the average house price in Geelong remains under $450,000, which can afford you a spacious house and land from a wide range of city, suburban, rural, coastal or bayside areas.

Ease of transportation

The traffic in Geelong is relaxed. Crossing the town to reach recreational locations and business districts is a 10 to 15-minute journey. The commute is also hassle-free as Geelong has its own regional railway.

Educational growth

Geelong has many opportunities for educational growth. From childcare to universities and public to private facilities, Geelong has a strong list of institutions aimed at providing quality education for its residents.

Professional growth

The job rates in Geelong are going up while unemployment rates are decreasing. More people are seeking out job opportunities, which you can leverage if your business is moving to Geelong. The relocation of businesses to Geelong also means more opportunities for job applicants.

Recreational activities

The Moorabool Shite in the north, Bass Strait in the south, Wyndham City Council and Borough of Queenscliffe in the East and Surf Coast Shire and Golden Plans Shire in the west bound Geelong. The region is home to the world-renowned coastline of southwest Victoria via the Great Ocean Road and the award-winning Waterfront overlooking Corio Bay, Bellarine Peninsula, Barwon River and You Yangs Regional Park. Geelong has its own wetlands, parklands and wildlife sanctuaries, while the shopping, dining and entertainment options abound.

The City of Geelong is booming. It has kept all of the charms of the countryside living amidst the development of its economy. It’s clear to see why it’s quickly climbing up the top places to live in Australia.

Green Funeral: Burial Methods That Harmonise with the Environment

by Admin - on Jul 26th 2018 - Comments Off on Green Funeral: Burial Methods That Harmonise with the Environment

Flower Arrangement on CoffinAlive, people create vast amounts of pollution. It is evident in the traffic fumes their vehicles emit, the fossil fuel they burn, the chemicals they use to manufacture products, and the waste they dump on landfills.

In death, the situation doesn’t get any better.

Pollution Caused by Traditional Funerals

Traditional funerals pollute in many ways. Embalming is done with formaldehyde, a carcinogen known to cause throat and nasal cancers. If the deceased person is buried after being embalmed, formaldehyde can seep into the soil.

Solid wood coffins are a poor use of resources and contribute to deforestation. If cremation is done in a conventional coffin, carbon emissions are high. Emissions are also created by the hearses that transport the coffin to the crematorium or cemetery.

It is the reason demand has been rising for funerals that don’t harm the environment.  A green funeral company can help family members choose the most fitting send-off for their loved one. The environmentally conscious can also select this type of funeral in advance with a pre-paid green funeral plan encompassing all of their ethical values.

Benefits of a ‘Green’ Funeral

‘Green’ funerals are designed with the environment in mind. Some of the key aspects include:

  • No embalming of the body – eliminates the risks of formaldehyde
  • Eco-coffin made of materials such as cardboard, bamboo or wicker
  • Cremation with eco-coffin – reduces emissions by half
  • Use of horse and carriage for transporting eco-coffin to final resting place
  • Scattering of ashes or burial in a natural environment, such as a forest or wildflower meadow
  • A memorial garden or woodland near a family member’s home as the final resting place – gives the family the chance to visit the memorial on foot
  • A grave marker that is made locally or planting a tree with a plaque

Eco-friendly funerals are becoming a favourite way to send loved ones to their final resting place. If the deceased person lived in harmony with his/her environment, it makes sense that his/her funeral should reflect this.