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Do You Have an App for Your Consumers’ Needs?

by Admin - on Nov 17th 2016 - Comments Off on Do You Have an App for Your Consumers’ Needs?

Mobile Online PaymentApplications, or apps, are everywhere. They’re on planes, trains, ferries, and buses. They’re in homes, offices and places where people congregate. If you doubt the pervasiveness of apps, just consider the phrase, ‘There’s an app for that’. And you’ll recognise just how much apps have invaded people’s lives.

Mobile Apps and a New Way to Pay

In fact, apps are posing a challenge to traditional business, ‘disrupting’ processes, and endangering profits for companies that fail to adapt. One industry at potential risk is banking and finance. The Macquarie Group predicts the four big banks in Australia could lose $27 billion per year because of mobile app payment systems.

To avoid the potential loss of billions, most banks are offering mobile solutions to simplify payments and integrate services. Commonwealth Bank, for example, is enabling customers to withdraw from the ATM using their smartphones. This sort of convenience strengthens loyalty and brand image.

The Allure of Apps

Deloitte’s recent data reveal that 79% of Australians own a mobile phone, with six in 10 owning multiple devices. Many have made online purchases through their mobile phones. Of course, mobile apps are not just for shopping and paying. Businesses, such as Uber, Clipp and Beat Q have developed apps for music streaming, real-time promotions, and loyalty points.

Mobile apps, Viper Online Marketing further explain, can enhance online marketing efforts through synergy. Application development that combines the business’s social media and website can improve the organisation’s online presence. And with it, its bottom line.

An app adds value to your business in three ways:

1. It gives you a competitive edge because you’re offering a unique experience for customers.

2. It helps your business operate better, making processes more efficient.

3. It secures your organisation’s future in an ever-changing market.

So, does your business have an app that meets your customers’ needs?

Why Not an Indoor Skate Park?

by Admin - on Nov 3rd 2016 - Comments Off on Why Not an Indoor Skate Park?

Indoor SkateboardingIn a report published by the National Sporting Goods Association, skateboarding was one of human culture’s fastest growing sports. Between 1998 and 2008, it grew from 5.8 million to 10.1 million. Its growth carries over to the modern day culture and has inspired the rise of several subcultures.

Skateboarding enthusiasts are extremely dedicated to their sport. It discriminates no one and can literally take up any space available. In fact, indoor skate parks are now increasing in popularity around the world. Do you know any place? If not, why not open one yourself?


As all products and commodities go, it should answer a need. The purpose of an indoor skateboard is generally to provide skateboarders a space for play if the area has few places for skateboarding. Locate the nearest skate parks. Find a way to provide what they’re missing, or offer better service.

According to Chron, an indoor skatepark design has several specifications. It should be in a large building. Disused or abandoned warehouses are typically considered ideal. It requires at least 500 square feet and smooth concrete, to minimize floor overhauling.


Now that you have the location of your indoor skate park, you need to build a plan. Think about how much you will charge, how you will market your skate park, and how you will enforce safety. Insurance is extremely important in businesses such as this.


It takes more than a location and a plan to run a skate park. You will need to purchase other equipment such as skateboarding ramps, stairs, rails, and fun boxes. Do you have experience with carpentry? You may consider doing these on your own. You will need a half-pipe or pool, too.

Finally, you need to promote your indoor skate park. What does it have that other skate parks don’t? Build on your unique value proposition and make sure this is communicated well to your target audience.

Personal Loan Mistakes: Hard to Undo Yet Easy to Avoid

by Admin - on Sep 21st 2016 - Comments Off on Personal Loan Mistakes: Hard to Undo Yet Easy to Avoid

Personal LoanWhen it comes to taking out a personal loan, Tara Alderete believes that the question should be less about how much, and more about why.

Alderete, director of education for ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, believes that people should stop treating loans as ‘free money’ and put more effort into investigating their available options as well as the need for the loan itself.

The following are some of the most common loan mistakes you should avoid, lest you find yourself in a financial hole much deeper than you are capable of climbing out of.

  1. Needless Borrowing

"When you're seeking a personal loan, think about why. What's your goal? What do you want to do?" she says. Alderete stresses the danger of taking out loans in haste, as it usually leads to wasted money at best and falling into a debt trap at worst.

  1. Missing Non-Loan Opportunities

‘Generally speaking, the people who can qualify for these 0% offers and really competitively priced personal loans, they've got good credit,’ says John Ulzheimer, a credit expert who formerly worked at credit companies FICO and Equifax, referring to the possibility of skipping loans through debt consolidation by means of opening a new credit card and transferring the balance of other cards to it, particularly at a 0% introductory offer. ‘These things aren't just being given out to people who have mediocre credit scores.’ Ulzheimer adds.

  1. Ignoring One’s Credit Score

Professionals from Rapid Loans stress that people should really start paying attention to their credit scores, as it heavily determines whether they would receive loans at reasonable rates, if at all. Looking good in the eyes of lenders (as a low-risk debtor) can go a long way in securing lower interest rates and an easier time making repayments.

Loans are serious business, as any person in an unescapable debt cycle can attest to. Learning the severity of unpayable loans the hard way is something no one would want to do, which makes learning the specifics of every financial option beforehand all the more appealing.

So You Want to Open a Small Bar in Florida?

by Admin - on Sep 19th 2016 - Comments Off on So You Want to Open a Small Bar in Florida?

Small Bar in FloridaOpening a small bar in Florida is not an easy feat. While many have succeeded in this industry, not everyone has the guts and the skills to run a bar. If you’re thinking of opening your own bar in this state, below are a few things you have to consider before making any decision.

  1. Long Hours

Unlike most jobs, owning a bar involves long hours – especially in the first few months of the business. After all, you have to learn the ropes of the business first before you can hand it to the hands of your staff.  If you’re not up for the long hours, perhaps this is not the right venture for you.

  1. Education

While you don’t need a formal background in hospitality to open and run a small bar, it definitely won’t hurt if you study the industry a bit. There are a lot of certificate hospitality training courses that you can take before you open your own bar. This way, you’ll be more prepared for the challenges in the industry.

  1. Licenses

You can’t just open a bar and sell liquors without a liquor license. In addition, you must know that each state has different requirements for a liquor license. So, it is essential that you know which specific documents you need to secure in able to get a liquor license in Florida.

  1. Location

In any kind of business, the location is one of the crucial factors. Look around for a prospective venue where foot traffic is high. Don’t be afraid to open a bar beside other bars, especially if the location is a trending area for hangouts and parties.

Once you’ve considered these four elements, you’ll be better prepared for a small bar venture. After all, you should never rush into decisions when it comes to business – even if it’s just a small bar. 

Web Design Trends that will Rule in 2017

by Admin - on Aug 27th 2016 - Comments Off on Web Design Trends that will Rule in 2017

Web Design Trends The internet is an arena of intense competition where the prize is web traffic. With millions of websites competing for an audience, getting on top is a challenge. It’s important, therefore, to step ahead of the competition by keeping your web design updated with the latest trends and by studying future trends.

Here are the web design predictions for 2017:

Age-Responsive Design

Today’s trend is the responsive web design, which adjusts the content of the website depending on the screen of the device. In the future, web surfers will see a design that adapts the content of the website to the age of the user. Experts are seeing that the contraction and expansion of navigation menus will be based on the user’s competency level. For instance, beginners will have stripped-down interfaces, while the elderly group will enjoy bigger and clearer fonts.

Haptic Feedback

In Haptic feedback, the sense of touch is given importance in a user interface. The users will be able to handle apps through haptic such as a pattern of subtle pulses leading users to a certain button or giving them a comforting texture on the page being viewed to prevent them from leaving the site.

Emphasis on Originality

Viper Online Marketing, a digital agency in Perth, predicts that there will be a focus on originality, as consumers will continue to seek authenticity from the brands. There will be a decline in the use of stock imagery. Bespoke visuals will rise in popularity as they can help brands strike a connection with the consumers.

To stay competitive in the web design arena, you must be versatile and welcome the changes. You should not just focus on what’s popular today. Look ahead and get ready to dominate the web. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone, there are web design experts who can help you succeed.

The Earlier the Better: Financial Lessons for Young Adults

by Admin - on Aug 15th 2016 - Comments Off on The Earlier the Better: Financial Lessons for Young Adults

Financial Management for Young AdultsPersonal finance is not a prerequisite course in college – yet. So right now, you might be clueless on how to manage your own money, especially when you are about to enter the corporate world for the first time. To understand personal finance, you must learn the important things about money.

Discipline and Self-Control

Your parents may have taught you self-discipline in all aspects of life; handling of money is one of them. As you grow older, the money you get is no longer just for buying anything you like. You must also learn to determine what to buy and not to buy even if you have good credit.

In New Zealand, you can easily find lenders such as Rapid Loans which offer personal loans. Although you can effortlessly purchase an item on your credit, do you really want to pay interest on that pair of jeans? You better think twice. Self-control is the key.

Set Emergency Fund

It is wise to keep a fixed budget every month and save some amount from your salary no matter how low it is. You should learn that having money in your savings account can really keep you out of financial trouble. Also, if this will become your monthly habit, pretty soon you would have more than just emergency money. You can have holiday money or even retirement money in the future, which is bigger than you'd expect.

Know Where Your Money Goes

You have to realize the importance of making sure that your expenses are not exceeding your monthly income. You need to learn that making small and manageable changes in your daily expenses can have a big impact on your financial status. Keeping your recurring expenses low will also give you big bucks over time.

The sooner you start saving, the less time you have to gain the amount you need for your retirement. The best thing is it will also be sooner for you to call a job as an option and not a necessity anymore.

You don’t actually need a fancy degree to become an expert at financial management. If you will simply work on these financial rules, you can retire earlier and wealthier.

Best Mortgage Rate: 3 Tips to Actually Get the Most Favorable Deal

by Admin - on Jul 19th 2016 - Comments Off on Best Mortgage Rate: 3 Tips to Actually Get the Most Favorable Deal

Best Mortgage Rate in UtahMuch like in any other state, you naturally want to get the most favorable mortgage deal in Utah. Ideally, you hope to get be the shortest and the cheapest, but you can feel so bad to a home loan that’s reasonable enough for your situation.

There’s a large number of mortgage products out there, and it’s rather overwhelming to pick which one is really “the one”. Be it your first time or not, The Mortgage Partner Inc asks you to remember these as you explore the market:

The Best Isn’t Always the Lowest

When you search for the best mortgage rate in Orem, Salt Lake City, or Provo, you must not only look at the interest. A home loan may involve a variety of fees, which can affect the final amount you have to pay. Interest rates usually include points plus many other charges imposed by the lender that may increase your average percentage rate, or APR.

You must dig deeper and do your math. This way, you’d know every single applicable fee and find out exactly how much you’re going to owe over time.

Choose Your Lender Carefully

As you shop around for home loans, every mortgage company would try to sell you the idea of a best deal. No matter how good the deal their offer sounds, you should still exercise your due diligence.

It pays to scrutinize the credentials of all lenders you encounter to know which one truly deserves your trust.

Lock It, Lock It, Lock It

Securing a favorable deal is one thing; making it official is another. A quoted rate is nothing unless you have it in writing. In addition, loans are only real when funded, so if the lender doesn’t actually provide you the funds, technically, that’s not financing.

Considering the large amount of money that would change hands, everything in mortgage is negotiable. While advertised deals usually picture the best-case scenario, you have plenty of wiggle room to secure what’s best for your interests.

Don’t Be That Guy: A Survival Handbook for Your Next Night Out

by Admin - on Jul 15th 2016 - Comments Off on Don’t Be That Guy: A Survival Handbook for Your Next Night Out

Night OutWhenever you have night outs, you and your friends bet on who will be the most obnoxious, who will pass out first, and who will puke all over. You always thought it’s a matter of time before you’re finally the one listed in that drunken hall of fame.

Don’t be that guy. Save yourself from a year’s worth of embarrassment and mocking from your friends. When you attend an event at, have this handbook ready.

1. It’s not just an alcohol party; it’s a survival competition.

You’ve probably heard this way too many times, but you must pace yourself to see how long you can survive. A long party must be approached like a survival event. You will literally be poisoning yourself for hours. Listen to your body and know your limits.

2. Remember: Minimum volume, minimum impact.

The ABV or alcohol by volume is important to survive the night. The rule of thumb here is the lower the volume, the better. Beer contains only nine percent ABV; a shot of whiskey has around 40 percent ABV. Calculate your actions. shared the formula to get the exact ABV. For whiskey lovers out there, drink slowly or accompany it with a glass of water to lessen the effect.

3. Eat to survive.

Drinking on an empty stomach leads to everything you’ve been trying to avoid. This is vital, as you may end up with a memory blackout, blood poisoning, and all those dangerous antics. Eat a proper meal before the big event.

No, potato chips and fries don’t count. Don’t stop while you’re at the party. Keep on munching to slow down the absorption of alcohol.

Always exercise good judgment and never forget to rehydrate. Have your fun, but make sure to stay safe.

Love Rankings, Love Local, Love Searches

by Admin - on Jun 15th 2016 - Comments Off on Love Rankings, Love Local, Love Searches

Online Product Review in Ontario, CanadaThere’s more to online reviews and customer feedback than just influencing a customer’s purchase decision. Aside from prodding consumers to say “Yes!” to your product, these also impact local searches.

An SEO report from Moz lists online reviews as one of the top factors that influence local search results. If you’re interested in placing your faith in these reviews, here are the best practices to get you started:

What Online Reviews Do

xPosure Solutions, an SEO expert, says the number of reviews a brand has, the review velocity, as well as the diversity of sites, are ranking factors across organic results and local packs. Moz’s survey revealed that “review signals” are bigger than “social signals.” Even Google said reviews play a major role in local search rankings. In fact, it identified three factors:

  • Distance: the proximity of your business listings or matches to what people are searching for. A location’s term serves as the user’s location according to the device’s information.
  • Prominence: focuses on the offline and online prominence of a brand.
  • Relevance: determines how business listings match branded content against what people search for.

Improving Local Search Rankings with Reviews

The first step focuses on Google—particularly, getting your brand noticed by Google. This means claiming business listings with Google My Business. You can also get reviews on other sites, such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, and Citysearch.

If improving local search is a priority, keep your eyes on Google My Business. An organized listing offers significant developments in local search performance.

After planting your flag on Google, do the same on other review sites.

Search engines are suckers for online reviews because these determine consumer trust and what you should look for. Experts assume that Google considers the value of reviews because it’s what users look for.

While search techniques continue to evolve, they go back to a simple fact: speak your customers’ language and expect wonders on your search’s performance.

The Land Down Under Gives in to the Bubble Tea Craze

by Admin - on May 30th 2016 - Comments Off on The Land Down Under Gives in to the Bubble Tea Craze

Australia’s trapped in a bubble — a bubble tea craze, that is.

Bubble Tea Craze2013 saw the Land Down Under experiencing a significant growth in the number of bubble tea stores. From the central business district to the quiet suburbs, more stores are opening up in major cities across the country. These stores are no strangers to long queues and customers happily sipping on cups of milk tea with boba.

So, what is the fuss about?

The Boba Rave

Bubble tea, otherwise known as boba, is a Taiwanese drink that has taken the world by storm. Originally appealing mostly to Asian customers, more Western countries are also falling in love with this sweet beverage. Its signature look is an extra thick straw with black tapioca bubbles at the bottom of the cup.

Chatime, a local tea place, says milk tea is also growing in popularity because of its build-your-own-drink gimmick. The choices are endless: the flavour, hot or cold, or if you want tapioca or not. Depending on your choice, your bubble tea can either be sweet and milky or fruity.

A Quick Fix

Unlike popular coffee drinks, bubble tea is easier to make. Despite the lack of whipped cream and other ingredients, bubble tea makers create delicious drinks by adding milk and/or tea with flavoured powder in a blender.

Aussies are big fans of a quick fix drinks whenever the thirst kicks in. Fast hawker fares are winning products for customers from dusk to dawn.

Comfortable Hangouts

The growing number of milk tea places in Australia does more than offer wonderful treats. If you’re looking for a nice place just to hang out with your friends, visit your nearest milk tea place.

Will Australia ever get tired of drinking milk tea? Judging from the empty cups and the long queues, it doesn’t seem like it.