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Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

by Admin - on Jan 31st 2017 - Comments Off on Why Political Social Media Posts Won’t Work for Your Brand

Social MediaSocial media has become today’s digital opinion column. Everywhere you go, there are commentaries on current events, political incorrectness, and other viral stories that might offend the average internet user. There is no social media platform free of politics – even Snapchat keeps up with the times.

While netizens take every opportunity to voice out their responses to whatever trending political news there is, brands and businesses prefer to keep mum. Social media professionals believe it should stay that way.

Binary Opposition

It isn’t uncommon hearing (or in this case, seeing) someone else’s responses to the political sphere. The difficulty with the politics of today, however, is that there is no gray area. Someone must always choose sides. The problem this creates for brands that choose to indulge in politics is the amount of unnecessary polarization of its customers and target audience.


Due to the polarization, there is a huge chance that customers will see the brand in a negative light. With marketing automation support, content is king. Brands who encourage that kind of binary discord immediately hurt their own reputation and tinge their content with an inane political stance.

Loss of Following

This is the final phase of inserting politics into brand content. As an effect of giving the upper hand to one side of a cause and harvesting negativity around the social media presence, the brand will inevitably lose a sizable part of their following. They may gain more from their chosen cause, but the chances of getting more customers from the entire population are slimmer because of their political agenda.

The key to a successful social media strategy is neutrality. It is your goal as a brand to boost the morale of your customers and not make them feel they shouldn’t be part of your community because of their political stance. People see enough of rants and bad news online – your brand shouldn’t add to that.

An Introverted, But a Charismatic Leader: Stay True to You and Impress

by Admin - on Dec 22nd 2016 - Comments Off on An Introverted, But a Charismatic Leader: Stay True to You and Impress

Introverted LeaderIntroverts are known for being socially inept, reserved and shy. It might seem quite remarkable, but these introverts can be charismatic leaders, too. They do not let their withdrawn disposition stop them from promoting someone and taking someone out of the competition. They can likewise be charming despite feeling drained on big parties and all-day conferences, like business mentor seminars.

If you are a budding introverted leader that has not yet mastered his charismatic skill, UK Business Mentoring recommends referring to the lessons below:

Take Time to Recharge

Introverts have a limited socialising ability and will get tired after a while. As a leader that usually handles high-stress situations, you need to come up with tactics. Start by trying to determine the time that you feel is most therapeutic for you. It can be early in the morning, later in the day or anytime in between. Make it your regular daily routine to find time for yourself and integrate it into your work schedule.

This means that during non-business hours, do not allow yourself to return voice messages or emails as much as possible. Take that much-needed vacation break and program your phone as ‘do not disturb’ for an hour or a couple every day. If you are too swamped on a particular week, take a 10-minute walk or close your door and recharge with some music.

Access Your Unique Charm

Introverts do not have to learn or pretend to be extroverts just to have that charm for they have an innate skill of genuinely connecting with people. What you need to understand is that people open up to you depending on how you show yourself. To be able to strengthen your charm, learn to form authentic connections using the art of open-ended questions.

You already have an intrinsic skill of being charismatic, inspirational and charming. Your purposeful and thoughtful leadership style will make you seem more authentic to people. Introverts just have to learn to be confident with themselves.

The secret here is to be yourself. It is not something you should be ashamed of or deem as a disability that stops you from achieving what you want. Own your introversion to unleash the charm in you.

3 Ways to Help the Unfortunate Even When You’re Short on Cash

by Admin - on Dec 15th 2016 - Comments Off on 3 Ways to Help the Unfortunate Even When You’re Short on Cash

Helping the UnfortunateWhen people talk about helping others, money is often the first thing that comes to mind. If you truly want to help others but don’t have the financial means to do so, it doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Here are three ideas for people who want to help without spending money:

Donate Goods

Many people need immediate relief. Some of them are in shelters, and some are on the street. Without spending money, you can look for items you already own that you can donate. An example would be an old computer lying around that you can donate to a local shelter to help those who are seeking jobs or developing new skills. You can also donate old clothes, books, and even scrap paper that is good for recycling.

Donate Time

Volunteering is one of the best ways to help others. It is also a worthwhile way to spend your time. There are many volunteer opportunities available and most of them do not require any specialized skill. One of the more popular ways to volunteer is helping with laborious tasks in a shelter or even during charity and outreach trips.

Donate Skills

If you don’t have a lot of time due to work but would love to do volunteer, a great way to help is by sharing a little bit of your professional expertise with those in need. If you’re a writer, you can help write proposals for grants for group homes. If you’re a musician, you can volunteer to set up a monthly music lesson for people in a shelter or a community center. You don’t need to have hundreds of hours to help. You simply need to be smart about it.

Helping doesn’t require a huge amount of money. It all starts with the willingness and everything flows from there. Consider using one of these suggestions.

How to Find Carpet Beetles Hiding Out in your Home

by Admin - on Dec 13th 2016 - Comments Off on How to Find Carpet Beetles Hiding Out in your Home

Carpet Problems in AucklandCarpet beetles are common household pests. They look like tiny dark beetles or little fuzzy worms. They are commonly found somewhere near carpets, on clothing, the windowsill, and in various food items. Since carpet beetles could cause irreversible damage not only to your carpet but your other stuff as well, it’s important that you learn how to identify them and be on the lookout for signs of potential infestation.

Where to Look for Carpet Beetles

A-Jet Services Ltd notes that pests typically hide in carpets, rugs, blankets, curtains, clothes, slippers, and other things made of soft material, as well as under the edges of carpets, under baseboards, and underneath upholstered furniture, according to one of the top carpet cleaners in Auckland. He adds that you might be able to spot small carpet beetles crawling on the floor or flying toward light sources. They are yellow or reddish-brown in colour, and have an oval shape. Take note, however, that because they’re only slightly bigger than a pinhead, they’re extremely tough to see.

Luckily for you, there are a couple of telltale signs that almost always confirm a carpet beetle infestation, like seeing skin shedding and deposits of their faecal matter. But the most effective way of confirming an infestation is through the damage carpet beetles leave in their wake — chewed holes in your carpets and other soft things as mentioned above.

Important Warnings and Considerations

Consider keeping your off-season clothing in containers or plastic bags, and open your closet or dresser at least a few hours daily to discourage carpet beetles or other pests from nesting. Likewise, it’s not really an emergency if you spot about five to eight adult carpet beetles, what you should watch out for are their larvae.

If you decide to use insecticides to eliminate an infestation never apply then near electrical circuits, open flames or sparks. If you have parquet flooring, a light spray will do, but never apply insecticide to asphalt or tiled flooring. If you have expensive and/or antique carpets, let a pest control specialist do the job to avoid further damage.

The Top Benefits of Having a Master Distributor

by Admin - on Dec 8th 2016 - Comments Off on The Top Benefits of Having a Master Distributor

Master DistributorYou may have an awesome product. But, your business is not going to prosper if you have no way of distributing that product to the world. For many start-ups looking to expand their influence, one viable option is to partner up with a master distributor.

A master distributor may be an exclusive or non-exclusive partner that provides pretty much all of the business solutions you need to get your product out there, including finding retailers, managing customer relationships, and handling sales and marketing.

For some, a master distributor is not the perfect solution – nothing ever is. But your budding business can benefit from such a partnership in a variety of ways, says SalesMENA.

Here’s why:

1. One-stop shop for all your needs

This is the most obvious gain you get. No longer will you need to look for separate teams to outsource your sales solutions to because a master distributor can provide it all in one place.

2. Wider reach

If you’re planning to open up to new markets, you don’t have to scramble to build a customer base because you already have one. For instance, a master distributor in Dubai can help you expand to Middle Eastern territories without you having to start from scratch.

3. Regional expertise

A master distributor is an expert at catering to its specific audience. They understand very well what makes them tick, and so they can easily promote your products to them in the most effective way possible.

4. Improved logistics

Taking the Dubai example, you don’t have to go fly out to the Persian Gulf to build a warehouse and retail stores there. Your master distributor can provide the physical amenities to support your business operations there.

5. Customer service

A master distributor takes responsibility for providing pre-sales and after-sales support to customers. This means you don’t have to invest in building your own call center or looking for a separate customer service firm to handle your needs.

Having a master distributor that is confident in all these fields is a good way to have your product make its way to the market, without you having to spend valuable resources struggling to find multiple B2B vendors for your business.

Brand Awareness: Positioning for Household Name Success

by Admin - on Nov 23rd 2016 - Comments Off on Brand Awareness: Positioning for Household Name Success

Digital Creative Agency in MelbourneJust how important is marketing for any business? Very important. This is something you should never ignore or neglect. Otherwise, you’ll be letting opportunities pass you by. Consumers are fickle-minded; now they want this and the next moment they want something else. Marketing can ensure your place in their minds — that spot they hold for their special relationships with the brands they trust — so that whenever they need something that you provide, there is hardly any room for fickle-mindedness. They’ll just go to you.

Positioning your brand

A company stands for something. Whenever you see the logo of a popular brand — say, Adidas — you automatically think sports. It may not be a conscious thing, but you know that it stands for sports and the apparel that goes with it. “Shoes” may be your answer, but you’re not thinking leather dress shoes for wearing with Armani; you’re thinking footwear for running, playing and wearing casual or sporty outfits.

That’s called brand positioning, when you are able to capture your consumers’ imagination as far as what your brand offers. And when you think about the competition that Adidas has to work against, you see how hard that work is and how important it is for the brand to stay on their toes.

How to become a household name

This is the dream of any business that interacts with customers — to become so popular their brand becomes a replacement for regular words. That’s why you call your tissue Kleenex and your lighter Zippo.

You can’t make this happen overnight. It takes dedication, effort, expenditures, investments, a corporate identity and style so perfectly developed by a digital creative agency in Melbourne, such as Voodoo Creative, that everything you do by way of marketing and communications is in sync, directed, guided and targeted to a specific segment of the population — your niche.

With the proper activity, the right kind of engagement, the encompassing presence in media and the partnership with a tried and tested agency, you can achieve that brand status you’ve always dreamed of.

Should You Hire a Land Surveyor When Buying Property?

by Admin - on Nov 4th 2016 - Comments Off on Should You Hire a Land Surveyor When Buying Property?

Land SurveyorUnless you own and know how to use surveying instruments and can interpret graphical data, then you definitely need to hire a land surveyor before closing on a home. A land survey is an essential part of buying a home, as equally important as choosing a mortgage program.

The main reason to get the property surveyed before buying it is to find out hidden aspects of the site that may lead to potential issues and major headaches. A surveyor will present you with tons of different data about the site. But if you encounter these things, you may want to give the purchase a second thought.

Site Usability

A survey will be able to detect if the site is not buildable or suitable for residential use. The land may be threatened by subsidence or movement, say if the soil structure is weak, or the property sits on a floodplain or fault line. These are the things you would want to know for the sake of you and your family’s safety.

Limited Access to Utilities

While these issues are more common in off-grid locations, you should still check. Some low-density neighborhoods do have problems with their connection to municipal facilities. Ignoring these issues will cost you money in the future. Off-grid homes may be charming, but bear in mind the future inconveniences.

Unsettled Boundary Disputes

The last thing you want when buying a home is dealing with boundary disputes and other issues, such as unpaid liens and encroachments. A surveyor will able to detect territorial or land use issues that may impinge on the transferring of the title. Buying a home is a major financial decision, so you would want to move to your future home with a clean start.

If house viewing gives you the first impression of a house, a land survey lets you see the “big picture” and know whether you’re making the right choice or not. It’s alright to assume that the land has been surveyed before, but it’s still wiser to get a second opinion. Your agent may not be aware of certain issues or is deliberately withholding information that might influence your decision.

Influencing the Buying Decision: Why Product Packaging is Important

by Admin - on Oct 20th 2016 - Comments Off on Influencing the Buying Decision: Why Product Packaging is Important

Product PackagingMarketing in the retail sector hinges largely on product packaging. How your products appear to customers affects how they make decisions. In many instances, only the packaging of one product gives it an edge over the others. When a consumer sees that the packaging conveys quality and, in other instances, it represents the brand that the consumer trusts, they make the decision to go with that product, regardless of whether the product is actually better than its contemporaries, explains an expert from Flexo Impressions.


According to Consumer Reports, packaging color and design elicits a noticeable behavior in consumers when they are shopping. Colors attract attention, but they must be used in the context of the brand’s goals in marketing. This is why cereal products for kids are more colorful than similar products made for adults. For many brands that are identified by the strength of their colors, incorporating those colors with their packaging is important. When you think of Coca-Cola, for example, you always see red, so most of their product packaging typically uses red.


To use the Coca-Cola example once again, you can identify which one is a Coke based only on the shape of the bottle. The unique shape of its bottle has even led to the phrase “Coca-Cola body”, which means a woman with a curvy physique. Coke capitalizes on the recognizability of its bottle shape so that even its bar codes are shaped like it. Other beverage makers use a different shape, but the style and colors of their printed shrink sleeve separate them from their competitors.


The market that a brand is trying to sell to influences the design process for packaging as well. For example, gold, black, and silver colors tell the consumer the product is luxurious (whether true or not). Sleek lines on the packaging are trademarks of the tech industry. When selling organic products, companies use green. As for spirituality, lavender is the preferred color.

How companies present their products through the packaging does not happen by accident. It’s part of the marketing plan, which takes months or even years to finish. Remember this when you start selling your own products. Packaging is a huge part of the marketing effort.

These 4 Mortgage Myths are Nothing More than Myths

by Admin - on Oct 11th 2016 - Comments Off on These 4 Mortgage Myths are Nothing More than Myths

Mortgage in RivertonWhen it comes to financing your dream home, making wrong assumptions could actually hamper your ability to purchase the right property, warns an expert from The Mortgage Partner Inc. Sadly, there’s a chockfull of mortgage myths online that plenty of homebuyers actually believe. Below are 4 of the most common.

Mortgage Myth #1: The Best Option is Always the One that comes with the Lowest Mortgage Rate

Although the interest rate is crucial since it directly affects your monthly payment amount, you should know that there are more fees that could significantly differ from one offer to another. For example, the origination fee for covering paperwork and processing could differ between .5% and 1.5% depending on the lender. To ensure that you choose the best mortgage rate, a loan officer from Provo recommends that you consult with different lenders and request for a detailed list of all the costs related to the mortgage offer.

Mortgage Myth #2: You Have to Pay a 20% Down Payment

While this is an ideal number since you’ll owe less money because of the significant down payment, not all mortgage programs will require you to put down 20%. With the FHA loans, for example, you could opt to put down as little as 3.5% down payment, considering that you have a credit score of at least 580. Even borrowers with credit scores between 579 and 500 could qualify if they could make a 10% at the least.

Mortgage Myth #3: ARMs are Only for the Risk Takers

An adjustable rate mortgage or ARM could be a sensible option for some borrowers. For example, an ARM is great for borrowers who plan to relocate within five years since your rate won’t start to adjust until you’ve already moved. Within that timeframe, you will have saved more interest since interest rates on ARMs are usually lower than fixed rate mortgages.

Mortgage Myth #4: Preapproval and Prequalification are One and the Same

Simply not true. Essentially, prequalification means that you’ve already talked with a lender. Preapproval, on the other hand, indicates that your lender already has your paperwork, packaged the loan, and submitted your application to the underwriter for evaluation. While your application will still have to pass formal underwriting so you could purchase the property, your lender will have given you a formal letter detailing your preapproval status for a specific amount.

Now that you know that these mortgage myths are really nothing more than myths, go ahead and shop around for the best mortgage offer available to you.

Essential Reasons Why Print Media is Still Alive and Kicking

by Admin - on Aug 1st 2016 - Comments Off on Essential Reasons Why Print Media is Still Alive and Kicking

Print MediaThough many have seen the death of certain print publication companies in the past, this does not mean that print publication media is already obsolete. Just like the use of fountain pens, community libraries, and legal languages, newspapers and magazines are alive and well. Here are some of the reasons attributed to their continued survivability.

Set in Paper – This is similar to saying “set in stone,” which means its existence is virtually forever if preserved properly. Internet data have a tendency to just disappear from the archive if there is no longer enough virtual space available for the online company to print its materials. Also, computer viruses and online malware can make short work of digital data. Multiple printed copies of one book or newspaper assure you of a copy being available elsewhere if you lose your copy to the elements.

Sensory Perception – You can’t cut the pictures from an online article or pin it to a scrapbook. You can’t physically turn a page of on online newspapers. Meanwhile, with a printed newspaper, there is a certain aesthetic to a reader, managing those giant pages while facing the breakfast table or a child skimming the comic page as it lies flat on the floor. Overall, the whole experience of reading from print is very different from reading digital pages.

Ads Get More Exposure – Marketing and promotion experts still find published print get more attention than digital ads. Unlike digital advertising banners that get clicked by 20% of those browsing online pages, print advertising gets viewed in full. The chances are even doubled once the reader gets their own Vogue subscription or Standard-Examiner membership. Also, the ads get more focused readership and target audiences than random internet ad postings, says an expert from

Just these reasons alone are enough to show why newspapers and magazines are still very much needed and going strong in this digital age. Consider exposing the next generation to reading from a physical page. It is an experience that you can teach them to love and with good reason.