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2 Steps to Build Customer Loyalty

by Admin - on Jun 17th 2016 - Comments Off on 2 Steps to Build Customer Loyalty

Build Customer LoyaltyBusinesses thrive on growing sales to achieve profitability and as such, need to entice their customers to buy. The article highlights some of the methods that business owners should use to cultivate and increase customer loyalty.

Although there exists a world of a difference between the most successful companies and those barely hanging on, it all boils down to one aspect – customer loyalty. Yes, your line of business might not boast glamorous allure or sell fancy goods, but keeping your customers loyal will always keep your margins healthy.

Whether selling groceries, conventional or luxurious goods, keeping a steady stream of customers streaming in through your doors is the key to a healthy balance sheet. reveals two pointers improve the customer experience and by extension, customer loyalty.

Create a better user experience

Other than stocking your premises with the right product and limiting runouts, you need to make the customer feel welcome. From friendly and helpful staff members to the attractive display of goods, you need to polish this to an art form. Good layouts allow shoppers to pick their choice items with minimal inconveniences and at their own pace.

Helpful attendants, either at the checkout or along the aisles, add value to the entire exercise. Similarly, a professional customer care desk addresses any customer concerns quickly and efficiently.

Offer incentives

From weekly or monthly sales and promotions to coupons and loyalty points, you can reward your shoppers for their diligence and loyalty. Retail loyalty programs are particularly popular with customers since they get to earn points with every shopping trip. In essence, they get a discount for every item they pay for in your store.

Since many of the loyalty points are redeemable for certain items, many shoppers accrue such points with the aim of achieving a set goal. That said, a credible reward program enhances the credibility of your business while a lousy one can ruin your reputation. Seek out the services of professional firms that allow you to create a custom program that suits your specific needs.

The key to a profitable business practice revolves around creating value for your customers in a manner that promotes brand loyalty.

Keyword Research and Targeting Aren’t Dead, But They’re Not Everything

by Admin - on Jun 7th 2016 - Comments Off on Keyword Research and Targeting Aren’t Dead, But They’re Not Everything

Keyword ResearchKeyword research and targeting can do wonders for your online marketing campaign. The issue many online marketers have with traditional keyword research and targeting, however, is that researchers must know whom they’re targeting to and why.

They should know the relative competition and search volume for a particular phrase — but they can’t simply know these things because Google does not disclose these vital keyword details. When they feel generous and decide to share ‘vital’ keyword information, it’s either extremely complex or watered down that it won’t be of any use to the regular online marketers.

What You Should Do

To boost your online marketing efforts, be an authority for one segment or topic, like a product or industry, and then do the following:

  • Determine a specific market segment to obtain traffic from.
  • Make a list of various solutions or offerings you can provide to your target market.
  • Try to identify what your target market really need or want and how you’ll be able to meet their requirements. Context is definitely the key.
  • Use your list to cook up certain content pieces. It’s very crucial to remember that when writing content, you should offer something that’s exceptionally valuable and easy to understand. Take inspiration from infographics or include one in your articles. These contain practical information that can be easily read and digestible.
  • Once you have a solid list of content ideas, get to working!

When done correctly, you will save a significant amount of time researching keywords and actually generate more useful content that would be given higher ‘organic’ ranking. This also means that your content will have a higher chance of being shared across different social networks — this is, of course, assuming that you make excellent content. If you do, you’ll strengthen your brand, expand your reach, and get ‘relevant’ traffic for your website.

While you can’t discount how wonderful and helpful keyword research and targeting is for your online marketing efforts, at the end of the day, content will always win. Generating useful content fitted to your target audience will be more beneficial than wasting time on researching multiple keywords that won’t help your cause.

Don’t waste your time with keyword stuffing and over-publishing weak content. You, search engines, and your target segment are infinitely cleverer than that.

Ads Everywhere, Don’t Care: Winning at Mobile SEO

by Admin - on May 18th 2016 - Comments Off on Ads Everywhere, Don’t Care: Winning at Mobile SEO

SEO Company Based in MontrealThe growth of paid search has led many brands and marketers to wonder why they should even pay attention to organic search. They argue that since Google is just showing advertisements anyway, then why not allocate a bigger part of the budget for paid search and be done with it?

If you want to grow your traffic, ignore this suggestion. Organic search may be down, but there are numerous reasons why your mobile SEO efforts should still persevere.

More Clicks Guaranteed

Voodoo Creative, a local SEO company, believes that first organic listings receive more clicks compared to sponsored ones. A study from Mediative, another marketing agency based in Montreal, seconds this motion.

The company’s paper entitled “How Do Consumers Conduct Searches on Google Using a Mobile Device?” reveals that a large part of their mobile click shares ends up with organic search results. Users see paid results, but they often brush these off, focusing on organic listings instead.

Still hesitant? Try breaking it down and you’ll see that the top listings receive 73 percent more clicks.

The Top 4 Matters

The study also compared traffic from above-the-fold listings to desktop results. They reported that users do not click on listings beyond the top 4 results. Apparently, mobile searchers are not fond of too much scrolling. For mobile devices, 92 percent of the clicks are always confined to the top 4 results.

What does this mean for you?

Set your eyes on the first four organic listings; a position on the second page shouldn’t be an option. If so, searchers will not see you, especially on mobile.

Keep Up the Faith

With all these paid search hubbubs, brands and marketers would rather not try anymore. But by putting things in perspective, you steer clear from bad strategic decisions.

Mobile SEO will always be effective. You can still increase your smartphone traffic by 84 percent, especially if you fix mobile-friendly errors.

The greatest marketing campaigns always need the power of two: paid search and SEO. Don’t immediately cut your budget for mobile paid search; think things through multiple times before you make a decision.

Insufficient Funds for a 20% Down Payment? Go FHA-Loan Then

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FHA LoanThanks to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA), you can now obtain a home loan from a private lender much more easily. With the benefits that HUD FHA-backed loans offer, you should now consider making the transition from a tenant to a homeowner.

Why go HUD FHA instead of conventional?

The primary reason many home buyers in the country opt for loans backed by the FHA is because they can rest easy knowing that, in the event they default on their loan, the administration will take responsibility for repaying the lender. Bonneville Multifamily Capital points out because the government insures these loans, lenders are at less risk of losing money from defaulting borrowers.

The results? Lower loan interest rates as compared to conventional mortgages, which then give you a greater opportunity of home ownership.

The down payment advantage

Another advantage of securing an FHA-insured loan from the HUD is a smaller down payment requirement. Since you do not have to make the usual 20 percent down payment that most private lenders require, you will find it easier to buy a home and afford paying for your mortgage.

Satisfy the requirements set by the HUD for their FHA loans, and you would only need to come up with a minimal 3.5 percent down payment.

Less worries about closing costs

Most traditional lenders charge borrowers closing costs, further taking mortgage payments higher and making it even more difficult for home buyers to secure a loan. Although FHA loans still come with closing costs, they are far lower than traditional loans. Through an FHA-backed loan, your HUD multifamily lender may only charge you up to one percent of the amount you borrow.

You still need to meet certain requirements and qualifications when applying for an FHA loan, but these are far easier to satisfy and complete compared with conventional loans.

Inflation And Its Effects On International Exchange Rates

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Exchange RatesThose who work at currency exchange centres have their hands full, mainly because they have to keep up with the world’s extremely varied and dynamic monetary exchange rates. In fact, ‘extremely varied’ is still putting it lightly. For instance, one NZ dollar is close in terms of value to one Aussie dollar (1=0.89). But, this can take a sharp turn in other currencies, like North Korean Won, where one NZ dollar is equivalent to about 620 NKW.

The question is, why? Numerous factors play a part in exchange rate variation, but one is considered among the most major: inflation. shares more information below:

Inflation At a Glance

In general, inflation is defined as a sustained increase in the general pricing of goods and services. The gist behind inflation is simple: if it increases, the country’s currency loses value and is able to buy a smaller portion of a good or service. Inflation is a gradual process, though a few countries have experienced an extreme variant known as hyperinflation. One good example is Zimbabwe, which has already phased out its local currency when the exchange rate for 1 USD peaked at 35 quadrillion Zimbabwean dollars.

How Does It Affect Exchange Rates?

The Zimbabwean dollar example is extremely rare, though its concept still proves the connection between inflation and exchange rates. High inflation rates in a country leads to a decrease in the perceived quality of that country’s goods; thus, causing a dip in demand. In turn, this leads to a decrease in the demand for local currency (i.e. gradual devaluation).

The closest link between inflation and exchange rates is via interest rates, with the latter able to influence exchange rates directly. Countries try to balance inflation and interest, but it’s a difficult proposition altogether. High interest may attract foreign investment (and increase demand for local currency), but can also cause inflation to go up.

When such a situation happens, the local consumers will eventually find it more attractive to buy imported goods. Local currency will then be used to buy foreign currency and goods, which then leads to an increase in the supply of local currency. Here’s where the basic economic principle of supply and demand comes into play. When there’s too much of it around and no one wants it, it’s worthless.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mortgage

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Mortgage Loans in Salt Lake CityFinally deciding that it’s time to buy that home you’ve always dreamt of can be thrilling. Purchasing a home is a huge investment and knowing what to expect can help you avoid falling into common pitfalls first-time buyers find themselves in. With a variety of mortgage products in the market, how do you decide which home loan to choose? 

Here are some guidelines that will make the process of choosing home loans in Salt Lake City much easier.

Types of Mortgages

There are mainly two types of mortgages: the government-insured loans and conventional loans. Government-backed loans can come in three forms: USDA loans which are backed by the Department of Agriculture, VA loans backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and FHA loans which are insured the Federal housing Administration.

Conventional loans are backed by a banking institution or a private company. These types of loans are available for various terms such as 15, 20 and up to 30 years. Furthermore, they require at least 5 percent down payment which can sometimes go up to 20 percent depending on your credit history and the type of lender you choose.

Government insured loans only require you to have a solid credit and a stable source of income. For example, FHA loans only require a 3.5 percent down payment and a credit score of at least 580.

Type of Interest Rate

There is a fixed and adjustable rate. Fixed rates never change and are perfect for people who are looking to repay their loan within 15-30 years and have a stable income. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that other fees such as homeowner’s association dues and annual property taxes may result in fluctuation.

Adjustable rates are those that reset after a certain time. At the start, they may be lower than fixed rate loans. However, after the initial terms end, your monthly payments increase annually based on a margin and on an index.

Size of the Loan

Classified as either conforming or non-conforming, the size of the loan is another issue to consider. Conforming loans are limited to $417,000 for single-family homes. For high-cost areas, the price may go up to $625,000. Non-conforming loans are riskier and come with a high down payment requirement.

Getting a home loan largely depends on your credit history, your income and future financial goals. Before applying for any loan, check to see if your credit score allows you to borrow. And if not, try to boost it. Talk to a mortgage broker to get the best rates.

Is Freight Truck Shipping More Efficient Than Rail?

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Freight Truck ShippingTrucks and railroads have been two of the leading choices for freight transportation in the U.S. But is one mode of freight shipping more efficient and better than the other? The answer actually depends on client’s preference.

Clash of the Titans

In 2015, trucks accounted for over 64% of hauled North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) freight in the U.S., according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Freight railroads transported 14.9 of NAFTA cargo in the same year.

Before you conclude that trucks are better because of their larger share of the market, consider the implications of freight truck shipping on a broader picture.

For instance, more trucks on the road due to a larger demand for them logically mean heavier congestion in ports, roads and other points of destination.

Railroads offer an alternative shipping mode, with the Association of American Railroads claiming that the U.S. has the most efficient and cost-effective freight rail system worldwide. But while railroad accidents are relatively not frequent, incidents such as hazardous-materials spills and derailed trains pose a great amount of threat to the public and the environment.

By The Numbers

A report from the Wall Street Journal noted that shipping demand for trucks in the spot market points to a downward trend. Data from online freight marketplace DAT Solutions revealed that demand for space on trucks fell 29% in February year over year, even including flatbed trucking companies.

The decline in demand for trucks took place as capacity surged 18% in the same month. Further, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) truck tonnage index dropped 1.4% in January, while large truckload carriers’ annualized turnover rate increased between July and September 2015, up by 13 points to 100%.

Still, trucks can be a good way to handle freight shipments, especially perishable items that require immediate distribution. Trucking firms are just some of the options for shipping food and other temperature-sensitive loads, among other services.

What Makes a Good Children’s Room Design?

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Child's Room in Los AngelesIf you’re like most people, you probably enjoy being in your bedroom. That makes sense. After all, it’s your private space and is designed specifically according to your preferences and needs. The same goes for your children, especially at a young age. You would be surprised with how big of an impact a bedroom can do to their lives.

Mood and Personality

It’s important that the room sets a good mood. A good example is buying kids furniture in Los Angeles and other parts of California. Be mindful of the design you choose, as the way their room looks and feels can affect them in a daily basis. A good example is the color scheme. Research shows that not only do they cause emotional reactions, being exposed to certain colors can also boost your child’s memory, enhance their sleeping habits, and improve academic performance. Choose furniture that match to create a consistent, positive mood for your child.

Comfort and Sleep Quality

First of all, it’s important for your child to be comfortable in their bedroom. A good night’s sleep is essential for any human to be on the top of their game. When designing your child’s bedroom, make sure to get quality furniture for their room. According to Craig Canapari, a prominent sleep researcher, one of the most important steps a parent can do to improve their child’s sleep quality is removing the television in their room — one of the biggest distractions in today’s modern world.

By being mindful of your choices, you can design a bedroom that provides a positive impact in your child’s life. All you need is to remember that children have their own preferences, as well. Ask what they want to be in their rooms and don’t buy or do anything without asking their opinion.

Need Fast Cash? How Title Loans Can Help

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Title Loans in UtahYou’ve probably heard stories about car title loans — some of them may be good or bad — and you might be thinking, why would anyone want to pawn their car? However, you should know that a title loan isn’t as risky or bad as some make it out to be if you utilize it appropriately and plan properly. 

Here are some viable reasons why you must give title loans a chance:

  • You don’t have to part with your car – Unlike when you pawn something valuable, such as jewelry; your lender won’t get your car as your loan collateral, only your title. Your car will only be repossessed if you don’t pay your debt, period.
  • Quick cash when you need it – You only have a few options for getting quick cash. However, reveals that if you utilize a good title loan in Taylorsville, you can get your cash the same day you filed for it.
  • The simplest lending process you can ever go through – You just bring in your car, along with the title as proof that you legally own your car and you get your money. Paperwork is extremely minimal since they have your car as collateral, which you’ll still get to keep.
  • It’s only a short-term loan – A big issue with conventional loans, aside from the inconvenient credit checking requirement, is that they’re normally huge loans that you’ll be paying off for many years to come. With a title loan, you’ll be debt-free once you pay back on your first due date, and you’ll only have to pay off interest.
  • Having no credit or bad credit isn’t a problem – Title loan providers won’t really care about your credit history and it won’t matter if you’ve previously made bad financial moves or if you don’t have that much credit yet. You can just use the car you already own to obtain a title loan.

So while auto title loans are oftentimes criticized and misunderstood, but it’s undeniable that it can help a lot of people in particular situations. If you have your own car, are dealing with credit issues, and don’t have cash that you really need for an important emergency situation, a title loan may just be the thing you need to get by.

Call Flood Restoration Professionals for Small and Big Water Damage Problems

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Flood RestorationWhen a storm floods the basement, your problem does not end when the water is gone. In fact, you are just about to realise how deep-seated an issue water damage can be. Drying out is very time consuming. There are no guarantees that there are no pockets of moisture underneath the boards, and in nooks and crannies, which are difficult to access.

Deep-seated and long-term damage due to seeping water

Even homes that are constructed to be more flood resistant than others in the community are still prone to mould infestation if some amount of water remains. Extraction often takes many weeks, or even months if the flooded area is rather extensive. Water follows the path of least resistance, and pools of water that are not extracted can cause rotting and bacterial growth in unseen places. If you find a pool of murky water, you have to also consider what is going on underneath. The visible amount of fluid may just be the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

When are water mitigation services necessary?

Obviously, you need water damage restoration services after you have been hit by a natural disaster such as a cyclone, or a flash flood. There is no way you can start re-decorating or re-settling into your regular routine if the floors, walls, and ceilings are dripping wet and musty. You must also consider calling for professional help if you are dealing with situations such as overflowing bathtubs and toilets.

Do not wait for something big before making that call

Another situation where water mitigation is highly necessary is flooding due to firefighting efforts. In these cases, even flood restoration professionals experience very challenging scenarios that test their skills. Nevertheless, you have to write the number of a local flood restoration expert and place it near the telephone. Even seemingly small problems might already be compromising the integrity of your property.

Remember, water mitigation also involves preventing further damage. Call for expert help if you are keen on reducing the cost and extent of damage to your home due to a permeating leak.