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Which U.S. Counties Have the Highest Overall Insurance Coverage?

by Admin - on Oct 26th 2018 - Comments Off on Which U.S. Counties Have the Highest Overall Insurance Coverage?

Health insurance form under a stethoscopeSouth Dakota and Iowa are among the Midwestern states with the highest coverage for auto, health, and life insurance, according to an analysis.

The analysis ranked certain counties with the most number of insured people in each of the three categories. Hamlin County, S.D. recorded the highest overall coverage, although seven out of the top 10 counties are from Iowa. The other two, which are Aurora and Sanborn counties, are in South Dakota.

Potential Sales Market

On a national scale, the study listed health insurance as the top coverage for Americans with more than 88% coverage. Auto insurance coverage ranked next at 87.32%, while coverage for life insurance is the lowest at 44.80%.

Based on these figures, the market for life insurance seems unsaturated for insurance sales agents. Salespeople should consider working with an insurance marketing organization, which would help them to access leads in their respective locations and comprehensive quoting systems among other benefits.

Remote vs. On-Site

Another consideration for insurance sales agents involves the use of a virtual platform, which lets them work remotely. Off-site insurance sales calls, for instance, have a higher chance of becoming more efficient with a digital platform.

This improved efficiency manifests through more available agents, as they don’t have to come to the office. By doing so, the time saved from the daily commute is spent on handling calls for potential clients instead. This arrangement contributes to better employee satisfaction, while using virtual platforms also allow companies to reach as many markets as possible by having remote staff in different parts of the country.

The location serves an important role in determining the success rate for closing new insurance deals, but there are other factors, such as having field or insurance marketing support. It’s best to know more about them as well.

Four Ways to Set Your Property Up for Sale

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Home For SaleSelling your house may mean you are finally reaping the fruits of your investment.

Putting your house up for sale requires deliberate decision-making. For one, you have to consider if you and your family are ready to detach from the memories you have made in the place. Second, what’s the next move when the house is sold – do you already have a place to move in or are you still looking for one? Next, is your house ready?

If you have already made up your mind about selling your property, then it’s time to contact a realtor and have your property listed. You can work with the agent to devise a selling strategy. There are innovative strategies to sell your home fast without lowering its value, as written on the site of Executive Realty. These include social media marketing and online advertising. But, it’s more than just listings and ads, selling your property also means getting it ready to be judged by buyers’ eyes.

Your Curb is Your Asset

A house is usually judged by its exteriors. Your home facade or exterior is the first thing prospects see, both online and in person. As a seller, you should know that first impressions can make or break a sale. If your lawn looks messy, prospects may not even click on your listing.

Trees are your friends – they don’t only add to your home’s curb appeal, but they also add value to your property because of their many benefits. It’s important to prune and trim them once in a while, but you should not cut down mature trees on your lawns. Besides, if a property has trees, it means owners can enjoy energy savings.

Make sure your yard is always clean, and your lawn is properly mowed. By balancing hardscape and softscape elements, you can beautify your curb further.

Update the Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is costly. This is why, from the perspective of a buyer, it’s a red flag if the bathroom is not in good condition.

The first thing you need to do is to neutralize your bathroom. During the time that you’ve been living in the house, your bathroom has reflected your personality. There may be personal belongings in there, wall paintings, and other clutter. The trick is, you should pattern your bathroom after hotel bathrooms: functional but impressive.

It’s also important to do a deep cleaning in your bathroom. Get rid of surface stains and molds – if you have to re-grout or replace your bathroom tiles, you should do so. Equally important, this is the right time to work on those repairs you may have been putting off. Ensure that plumbing and ventilation work well and that there are no leaky faucets.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Imagine pictures of burgers on the internet or print ads. Ever wonder why they look yummy and inviting? The secret is professional photography.

While today’s smartphone cameras are advanced, there are better ways to take photos. With a professional photographer and good staging, your house will look better in pictures. Additionally, a photographer also knows how to highlight your property’s best features in photos.

After snapping shots of your home, a photographer post-processes the images. They make sure the colors are accurate, and that unnecessary elements are removed before you print out the photos or post them online.

Find the Right Timing

Finding the best time to sell your home can give you the best deal. But, it’s not always about the time or the season. The right timing also factors in the location of your property. Ideally, you should sell your house when the local economy looks healthy, job growth, and low mortgage rates.

There’s a reason properties sell the fastest during the spring. For one, it’s a warmer season, and people have more time to go to open houses. On the other hand, while summer is also a warm season, people may be uncomfortable to go out because of the hotness.

Investing always comes with spending some amount of money. When dressing up your house for the market, you don’t have to go overboard and break the bank. Otherwise, you’re just defeating the purpose: earning from your property.

Sell with Facebook: 3 Facebook Ad Tools That Generate Results

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facebook app open in an iphone with headset and coffee on the backgroundA staggering 2/3 of American adults are on Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center, and with the world moving ever onward toward digitalization, the number is showing no signs of dwindling. This is why it is logical for business owners to flock to this social media channel and raise brand awareness.

And, according to Oshkosh company Viral Solutions, Facebook advertising, because of the platform’s surging popularity, has become a “pay to play” game. But, every marketer knows that investing in effective Facebook marketing strategies can bring in results and profits that are well worth the investment.

Boost Your Post

This is the simplest advertising tool on Facebook. By boosting, you market an existing organic post on your Facebook page. This tool is helpful to engage your current followers and monitor which type of social content gets the most engagement.

Apart from photos or status updates, you can also boost your Facebook Live Videos after they have been recorded and uploaded by Facebook.

Use Domain Ads

With domain ads, you’re leading internet users home – to your website.

Domain ads are also known as page post link ads. These are ads that post a single image with a short text description and a link to your website. Additionally, every user who clicks on the domain ad is then retargeted on Facebook.

Post Facebook Video Ads

With Facebook video ads, you will be able to know which visitor to retarget based on how long they watched the video. There may be some work and money that goes into creating a video, but it can get you the results you desire. This is especially because 68 percent of Facebook users in the US access the app on their mobile devices, which are great platforms to watch videos.

The advantages of uploading native Facebook videos over attaching a YouTube link include larger thumbnails and better performance on the newsfeed.

Today, Facebook is more than just a social media channel. It has evolved into a valuable tool for marketers and business owners. This is why while billions of users are still active on it. As a business owner, you should grab the opportunity of using this platform to improve your bottom line.

What’s an Impressive Business Address Got to Do with Your Success?

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Person Looking at a MapIf there’s one thing you must pay attention to when building a business, it’s where you would want your office to be located. Your business address could make or break the future of your business, so choosing the right one is important.

Home Office, Co-Working, or a Dedicated Office Space?

While there are businesses that could thrive without a formal office, some can’t. The first step is deciding whether you really need an office space or you could make to working from home (home office).

From there, you should decide whether you need a dedicated office space or just a co-working space, which has been popular these days because they offer a practical way to enjoy an office space with lower costs since you are co-working and co-existing with other businesses.

Whether you are going for a dedicated office space or just a co-working space, it is important to make an informed decision. While several offices for rent in West Palm Beach are available, only a few could meet your requirements, which should include the following:

  • It must fit your office culture. Businesses have different images and cultures. The office is much like a home to your workers, so they should feel at home in it.
  • It must be accessible for everyone and everything. When choosing an office location, you must consider its proximity to your business partners and business prospects. You must also consider its accessibility for your workers.
  • It must suit your budget. Budget is always of great concern, especially for start-up businesses that do not have any idea yet how they will fare in the market. Make sure you take into account all the possible expenses you will need to pay for, including utilities, snow removal, maintenance, and others.

Finding the right office might be more challenging than it seems at first sight. But don’t worry. With some clear business goals and a clear mind, you will find that perfect office for rent in no time.

Preparing for the Move: What to Bring, Donate, Throw Away

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Moving house conceptAs you get ready to move out of your old home, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is the packing stage. With all the stuff you own, it can be stressful to fit all your things and bring them with you when it’s time to move.

To keep yourself going through that whole ordeal of packing and unpacking, here are a few tips provided by some leading national moving companies to help sort out your items, as well as to decide whether to bring, donate, and throw them away.


Time to let go of clothes that no longer fits or are too large for your size. For these, it’s best to donate them to those who are in need. However, if they are too ragged and worn out, it’s best if you just throw them away. For outfits that you fancy, like your favorite shoes, dress you’ve worn during an unforgettable event, you could still hold on to them and bring them along with you. Just make sure you pack them properly.


For appliances, try to keep only those things that you use often. For those you haven’t touched or used for a long time, maybe it’s about time you consider selling them or gifting them to someone who can put them to good use. If you have old electronics that are no longer working, you may consider recycling them or selling them at a junk shop for extra money.


Take out old and dingy-looking furniture. Instead, focus on items you could still use in your new home. As you start anew, consider buying a set of fresh and chic furniture to doll up your new abode. This is also a great opportunity to reinvent and revamp your place. For your old stuff, you could always bring it to an auction house or if they are in a decent condition, donate it to less fortunate families.

Now that you’ve sorted out what things must go and stay with you as you move, the next on the list is to prepare and pack your stuff properly. By keeping these things in mind, you can definitely manage the number of things you have to think about when relocating.

How to Find a Perfect Home

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Couple standing in front of their new houseNow that you’re finally ready to start a family, one of the things you have to think about is finding a place where you can live in peace. When it comes to matters like this, you have to think about many things. Considering the number of communities that you can find out there, it can be tough to make a choice. Here are some factors that are worth considering:


The level of safety in a community is another factor that you must consider. Walk around and inspect the security features in the area. In Olathe, new houses built by Inspired Homes have locks and alarm systems that offer residents a sense of security as they roam around the community. Also, you can even ask the developers to add extra security features for your peace of mind.

The Neighborhood

Living in a community involves making a connection with those who are around you. You should get along well with the other residents because your relationships can affect your overall experience in the area. If you think that you’re not comfortable with these people, then it might best to consider looking for a new place where you can be more at ease.


The last thing that you should think about is the distance of the house to vital infrastructures. How close are the supermarket, your office, and other commercial establishments? Also, consider your means of transportation. You should have access to public vehicles if you do not own a car.

Overall, you should consider these things when finding a place to live in. Before you make a decision, review the things that will matter to you the most. Doing so will help you come up with the best choice.

3 Practical Benefits of Selling Your Home to a Home Buying Company

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A family who just purchased a propertyYou cannot always sell your property to home buyers as is. Selling your property involves months of waiting, staging, opening your home to potential buyers, and a lot of transactions falling through. Still, you should consider selling to a home buying company. Here are three benefits of doing so.

1. No Staging Expenses

Part of selling your home is making it look good. This is the main reason for staging a home. This exercise is meant to make your home look inviting and livable. However, this is an additional out-of-pocket expense for you. Staging expenses aren’t exactly cheap and can sometimes even require you to cough up a big amount of money without the assurance of recovering it later. You can avoid this expense when you sell to a home buying company that’s willing to take the property as is.

2. Fuss-Free Document Handling

Home buying companies that have been doing it for years have the ability to handle the transaction smoothly. This includes the tedious work of document handling. Buying companies are staffed with experts in this field, who are highly familiar with the logical order of the process. They take this task off your to-do list, allowing you to focus on other important things.

3. Option to Rent

Aside from reduced selling expenses and the ease of document handling, you can check with the buying company if they’re renting out your property after they’ve purchased it. You can ask for a rental agreement after you’ve closed the sale. That way, you don’t have to be in a hurry to move out or be in a race against time in finding a new place to live. This gives you a lot of convenience and provides the other party with the instant opportunity to generate income from their new investment.

There are more benefits to selling your home to a home buying company. These are just three of the basic ones. So if you’re debating if it’s a good idea to sell your home this way, the answer to your question is yes.

All Together Now: 3 Ways to Foster Classroom Community

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photo of three students in front of a laptop with their teacherOne of the best ways to promote learning and motivate students to do well is to create a classroom community. When kids feel that they emotionally belong and are accepted in the group they’re part of, it gives them a confidence boost in participating well in class. That said, here are some ways to foster classroom community:

1. Look for conversation opportunities

Be intentional in letting kids talk purposefully with each other. The keyword here is purposefully. Small talks are good, but if you’re forging good relationships with one another to build a community, you need to facilitate deeper conversations. One way you can do this is to prepare thought-provoking questions at the end of each lesson.

For this, you would need to have a mix of head-knowledge queries and emotion-targeted ones. The former allows you to evaluate if your students understood the lesson, while the latter allows them to be a little vulnerable to their classmates to improve relationships.

2. Set classroom rules together

Often, it’s the teachers who establish guidelines when it comes to classroom management. But there are merits to set rules with your students. For one, it gives them greater ownership and accountability to the rules, precisely because it’s them who made the rules. The other one is the brainstorming session that will allow them to see what they value in life. 

For instance, some would propose prioritising arranging classroom storage every after arts and craft time because cleanliness matters to them. Others would suggest using kind words when working together, as they value respect.

3. Model reaching out

If you want your students to adopt the community mindset, you have to have it first. You should be the example they will find worth following. Your little efforts of greeting each kid as they come to class and checking on students when they look upset will gradually be ingrained on your students’ consciousness. Later on, you’ll find them doing the same. Be intentional in modelling good social behaviour.

A strong classroom community is an ideal atmosphere for letting kids succeed in class and outside. Create this atmosphere in your classroom today.

Mission Accomplished: 3 Science-Backed Ways to Raise Successful Kids

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Kids with their grandfatherEvery parent dreams of seeing their kids be successful. While you may take inspiration from self-help books and effective parenting styles to allow your kids to reach for their dreams, interestingly, science has a thing or two to teach about the subject as well. Curious? Here are the science-backed ways you can raise successful kids:

Live in a good community

Studies show that the environment plays a big role in your kids’ disposition in life. The place people grew up in sometimes influences whether they’ll be doctors or outlaws. Now, your children may have the potential of saving lives and becoming a doctor, having inherited your wits and intelligence, but in order to cultivate that, they need to be exposed to an environment that lets them exercise these innate traits. It’s a use-it or lose-it kind of phenomenon.

This is why picking a home for your family isn’t just about satisfying your dream home fantasies. It’s about finding a space where children will be near good schools that provide great opportunities and let them connect with peers who have a positive influence. If you’re considering relocation, you may want to check out homes in Kansas City and other good communities.

Affirm children the proper way

Constant affirmation from parents is good — if you do it the right way. Many parents tend to focus on kids’ traits, like intelligence or talent, and forgetting the effort kids put into acing an exam or qualifying for a singing audition. According to experts, showing appreciation to kids for their innate abilities, instead of the progress they make, makes them less likely to enjoy learning and strive harder. That’s because they subconsciously think that excellence is something you’re born with or you’re not.

Rather than having a “fixed mindset,” as researchers would put it, instill a “growth mindset” to kids — that excellence is something they should constantly work hard for, given (or despite) the abilities they have (or don’t have).

Give them chores

Harvard research shows that people who were assigned house chores during their childhood years grew up to be more successful adults. In what way? They’re more independent, collaborative in group settings, and appreciative of being part of a community. Consider taking a time-off from putting clothes away and ask your child to do it themselves.

Raising successful kids isn’t rocket science when you have science to back you up. Now, go make your kids reach for their dreams.

Diseases Caused by Mosquitoes and How to Prevent Them

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A mosquitoMosquito bites cause dozens of diseases around the world and over one million people globally lose their lives to mosquito-borne diseases annually. Families can stay safe and healthy by deterring the insects from their properties.

Diseases that mosquitos can transmit include several types of encephalitis (swelling of the brain). They can also pass on West Nile Disease (also called West Nile Poliomyelitis because although 80% of people who contract it have no symptoms, one in 150 patients will develop severe disease that resembles polio).

Traveler’s diseases such as Malaria and Yellow Fever also occur through mosquito bites in the Americas and Africa. Zika virus can cause microencephaly (heads that are too small), premature birth and miscarriage in women bitten by mosquitoes while pregnant.

Most people don’t develop any symptoms, notes Mosquito Shield of Northeast NJ, mosquito prevention specialists from Northeast NJ, but the consequences for an unborn child can be severe.

Deterring Mosquitos

  • Plant Lemon Balm. Mosquitos love human body odor so getting plants that mask the scent will help keep them away. Lemon balm is one such plant, and homeowners could place them on lawns around the home.
    Lavender is another one. Wearing lavender perfume or diluted lavender oil on the skin will prevent them biting.
  • Wear Light, Tightly Woven Clothes. Mosquitos like dark colors so wearing cream or white will make the person less interesting to them. Fabrics that are tightly woven will also reduce the chance of getting bitten, as mosquitos cannot get through them.
  • Choose Areas With A Breeze. When going out, pick breezy areas to sit. Mosquitos don’t like wind and will avoid it.
  • Use Mosquito Shield. To be sure the family is safe from bites, hire professionals. Mosquito prevention specialists can visit people at their homes and spray the exterior, including wood, stone or brick walls, decks, patios and other places that attract the insects.
    This means people can safely sit outside without the fear bites. The spray works by masking the CO2 that the insects like.

Mosquitos carry disease, but with a few simple steps, it’s easy to protect your family.