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Must-Have Qualities Every Great Project Manager Should Have

by Admin - on Sep 5th 2016 - Comments Off on Must-Have Qualities Every Great Project Manager Should Have

Great Project ManagerFor a lot of people, there will come a time wherein they would want to further their career and start to think it is time for them to take the next step. In many cases, they turn to the project management discipline.

However, not everyone has what it takes to become a well-respected, successful, and respectable project manager. Of course, aside from having to complete project management training courses in Utah by Milestone Management Consultants, you also need these qualities and hone them to perform your chosen career the best way possible.

Organizational Skills

One of the most important qualities you need to have is an innate desire for organization. Remember: project managers take full responsibility for everything related to a project, from planning to budgeting, executing to monitoring, and supervising to ensuring the completion of every phase of the project on time.

With this said, you need to possess an array of organizational strategies you can use for various projects. Successful project managers have amazing organizational and planning skills, which they continue to hone with every new project they receive.

Empowering Communication Skills

As a leader, you need not just regular communication skills. You have to have a way of communicating to your people in a manner that empowers and motivates them. Straightforward, concise, and accurate communication skills are a must-have in order to become a great project manager.

Every Other Personality Traits and Skills of Effective Project Managers

Aside from exceptional organizational skills and empowering communication skills, you also need to hone your abilities to manage time and tasks. Of course, leadership skills also play a major role, as you would have people working for you and you want them to respect and look up to you rather than fear you. Another key element that makes a project manager effective is the ability to interact comfortably with others as well as work under pressure and within time-limited schedules.

When you know you have these qualities, consider becoming a project manager to step up your career.

New Guidelines to Allow Beer Drinkers to Count Calories

by Admin - on Aug 24th 2016 - Comments Off on New Guidelines to Allow Beer Drinkers to Count Calories

Beer IndustryA set of new guidelines within the U.S. beer industry will allow consumers to count the calories that they consume with each bottle, Bloomberg News reported.

The Beer Institute said several companies that include Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors will start listing down information on calories, carbohydrates and other product ingredients on beer labels by the end of 2020. Information on alcohol by volume will also be visible.

Beer Institute CEO Jim McGreevy said the new guidelines will help beer drinkers make more informed decisions when purchasing products within the most popular alcoholic beverage in the U.S.

Beer Rules

The new guidelines are not entirely unprecedented, but rather more expanded in terms of listed information. For instance, MillerCoors has already included calorie numbers in early 2014 on each Miller64 product. Since then, the company has put such details on more than 12 of its beer brands.

The Beer Institute’s new industry guidelines follow an Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Trade Bureau ruling in 2013, which permitted brewing companies to list more information on beer labels.

Something’s Brewing

As beer guidelines become more updated, established craft breweries and those looking to set up one face a bright future due to the continuously growing craft beer industry.

Between January and July 2016, production volume for craft beer products rose 8%, according to data from the Brewer’s Association. During this period, the industry launched 917 new craft breweries, while 2,200 facilities are in the planning stages. The industry also employs more than 121,000 people on a full- or part-time basis.

Brewer’s Association Chief Economist Bart Wilson said the statistics represented positive signs for the sector. They also indicated that most of the markets have not reached a saturation point.

Even if most markets are not yet saturated, though, the popularity of brewing in some areas makes it hard for new breweries to set a stable position in the market, according to The Huffington Post.

Yes, You Need to Think About This: Preplanning for Your Funeral

by Admin - on Aug 9th 2016 - Comments Off on Yes, You Need to Think About This: Preplanning for Your Funeral

Funeral Preplanning in UtahWhile it may sound morbid and uncomfortable to talk about, death is eventual for everyone. Pre-planning your funeral in advance will help relieve your family of the financial burdens it might cause them during such time of grief.

For the meantime, here’s a checklist you can consult for making preplanning arrangements.

List down particulars you might want when you pass on.

Leave a set of instructions you would like to leave to your loved ones such as what you would like to have for the service, which cemetery you would prefer, and other related details. This would make things easier for those you’d leave behind should the inevitable occur, states.

List down all your relevant account information.

Create a list of all your accounts, including names and account numbers. Include bank details, insurances, online accounts, and other similar accounts. Note what you would like to do with specific accounts; for example, if such account needs to be closed or if such account should be passed on to a family member. Include also on this list any benefits and insurances you have. Include all the necessary contact details and paperwork your family will need after.

Make a will.

List down all your assets and properties before writing down your will. Seeing them listed down will help you decide which and to whom you’d like to inherit them. Store this file together with your power of attorney and for safety’s sake that no one else will get to them beforehand.

Designate a power of attorney.

There will come a time when you will be likely unable to make financial decisions or when you pass away, your family might face difficulties making them in the time of grief.

Preplanning can simply be making a list of your wishes and arrangements so that those you would leave behind won’t need to worry about what they would need to do. After writing out your plans you can create a more concrete and official plan by visiting a pre-need agency and consulting with them.

The Alternative for Your Employment Needs

by Admin - on Jul 18th 2016 - Comments Off on The Alternative for Your Employment Needs

Recruitment AgenciesMedium and large-sized businesses may effectively run with an efficient and hardworking staff. When your business grows, you will likely find yourself in need of such workers. Of course, one solution is for you or a team in your company to find and recruit employees. On the other hand, there is an alternative: recruitment agencies.

A temporary staffing agency in Salt Lake City offers a number of advantages. Recruitment agencies know where to find the talent. Through the staffing company, talents are also pre-screened

Flexible Talent Schedules

Another advantage of acquiring workers from a recruitment agency is time flexibility. You can have the talent work for you for as long as you need that person to. Once you no longer need the talent, you need only to contact the agency.

Potential Employee

To make things clear, the talent works for the recruitment agency, but you can actually hire the talent to be a long-term employee. The requirements for hiring would depend on the recruitment agency. The great thing about this is that you can see for yourself how the talent fits into your company. When the talent is a great fit, you would have gained an exceptional addition to your staff.

Emergency Workers

There can be cases when a vacancy suddenly appears on your company for any number of reasons. Chances are, you will want an immediate replacement. You can instantly and shortly fill the vacant position with temporary staffing. Temporary staffing by recruitment agencies can help you get the worker you need while you continue to find a long-term replacement.

Budget Savers

Finally, acquiring talent from recruitment agencies helps you budget and resource. The agency fee is a small price to pay for the time, resource, and effort you'll save.

When you are in dire need of employees, you can try the recruitment agencies here in Salt Lake City and experience all these advantages yourself.

Teen Driver Vehicle Safety: The Real Deal

by Admin - on Jun 24th 2016 - Comments Off on Teen Driver Vehicle Safety: The Real Deal

Driving Instructor With Student In IllinoisIn the United States, like almost everywhere else in the world, automobile crashes make it to the list of the top causes of injuries, and worse, fatalities among teenagers.

This raises the importance and value of enrolling in a top driving school in Chicago, IL, either for new drivers as well as for continuing and advanced driving students.

The scary facts

Just in 2013 alone, nearly 2,200 teenagers in the country within the age bracket of 16 to 19 years old died due to motor vehicle crashes. Another 243,200 plus had to get treatment for injuries.

In other words, death (for this age bracket) due to vehicle collisions and crashes averaged to six per day in 2013.

Billions worth of injuries and loss

The country’s population consists only of 14 per cent of young people within the 15 to 24 age bracket. Regardless of this small population representation, however, they still account for an extremely significant number and cost of injuries and loss: $19 billion among males, a number representing 30 percent of motor vehicle injury costs, and $7 billion among females, representing 28 percent of the same issue.

Age: A big factor 

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health website, it was cited how age plays a major role in the occurrence of motor vehicle accidents. In addition to age, driving experience after obtaining licensure is another factor considered in the study.

Preventing disastrous consequences

With all these statistics, you should realize how important top quality driving education is. Whether you are a parent of or a young driver, know that continuing and advanced driving education will help you gain more experience as a safe and prudent driver, helping you avoid disasters on the road in the process.

Stress Busters: Effectively Enrol Your Child into a Dubai Private School

by Admin - on Jun 8th 2016 - Comments Off on Stress Busters: Effectively Enrol Your Child into a Dubai Private School

Dubai Private School for KidsLooking for a reliable private school in Dubai is one thing. Getting your child into one is another concern for you. To help your child excel, finding the right school is a must. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make the process easier for you and your child.

Have a Shortlist on Hand – Make a shortlist of the best schools in Dubai that fit your preferences. This would help in making your application a lot easier since you don’t have to waste time going to every school you see. Plus, you can plan your school visits better when you have gathered all the schools’ addresses, contact numbers and schedules. You can make an appointment with them for you to visit and make the decision if the school staff and atmosphere would fit your and your child's preferences.

Do Everything as Early as Possible –  Looking for schools and registering for them will definitely take up a lot of your effort and time. Start your search as early as possible so that your application can be submitted before the end of the enrolment period. Also, submitting your application early can increase your child’s chances of getting a spot. This would also help your kid's adjustment to the new culture, lifestyle and academic requirements of your chosen institution.

Take Advantage of Every Opportunity – Dubai has quite a large number of visitors, citizens and migrants coming in and out of the country. This allows openings in the school roster for children to be easily admitted into. You can also take advantage of empty spots due to children transferring to other areas in Dubai, looking for a new school. Be always prepared to take these opportunities once they are presented to you and do not be afraid to take them.

Aside from these, it would also be good to remember that you can never be too busy for taking care of your child's academic needs. After all, the right school will shape your child’s chances at a better future. And that should always be a parent's priority.

Can’t Refinance Your Mortgage? Here’s Why

by Admin - on May 24th 2016 - Comments Off on Can’t Refinance Your Mortgage? Here’s Why

RefinanceLooking to refinance your home? Unfortunately, it’s up to lenders if you’ll be able to refinance or not.

Altius Mortgage Group enumerates crucial things that could deem you unqualified for a refinance.

Insufficient Equity

Plenty of homeowners took out option ARMs and interest-only mortgages way back in the housing boom since prices had nowhere to go but up. However, when the market became stable again, plenty of those homeowners ended with little to no equity. This inflated their LTV or loan-to-value ratio and made them unqualified for traditional refinancing.

Poor Credit Rating

Creditors normally consider a credit rating of around 620 poor. Couple a poor credit rating with a high LTV rating and you’ll have difficulty in find lenders who’ll risk giving you a refinance loan in today’s unstable market.

Massive Mortgage Amount

Jumbo loans are significantly more restrictive than conforming loans and come with increased interest rates. Lenders will scrutinize your application and your background more carefully if you’re asking for a large amount for refinancing.

Lack of Assets

The underwriter could deny your refinance application right off the bat if you can’t show seasoned and adequate assets. Financial experts recommend that you save money early and regularly by putting it in savings and checking accounts, bonds, stocks, and retirement funds, among others.

Inadequate Income

This is a major factor because if you don’t find yourself below the maximum DTI or debt-to-income ratio required by lenders, you won’t be able to secure a refinance loan.

Inconsistent Job History

If you don’t show absolute proof of consistent employment, normally for the last two years prior to refinancing, lenders could deny you even if you have sufficient assets or are presently earning lots of money.

These are only some of the things that could hinder your refinance goals. Contrary to what some homeowners think, you really have to be qualified to get any kind of loan. So if some or all of the above-mentioned scenarios apply to you, resolve your issues to increase your chances of securing a refinance loan.

Important Historical Aspects of Worker’s Compensation

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Worker with Back InjuryWorker’s compensation insurance is an important aspect of employment. Companies must make sure employees get the right compensation, especially for high-risk jobs that may affect a person’s livelihood.

Even if worker’s compensation is already a known concept, a majority of people are not aware of its interesting history. Gracey-Backer, Inc. shares the brief history of where the Florida workers compensation insurance was based from.

The Ancient Times Marked the Beginning

Experts who documented worker’s compensation reported that its history began as early as history was first documented. The concept began as a compensation for physical injuries noted during the ancient Sumerian era. The law at that time indicated a person’s eligibility for monetary compensation for workers’ injuries like fractures.

Aside from the early Sumerian law signed by King Ur-Nammu, the Code of Hammurabi also had a clause about similar reward sets provided to workers for certain injuries and permanent disabilities.

Changes Over Time

The ancient basis of worker’s compensation seems crude and difficult to define. However, the emergence of the Industrial Revolution resulted in the changes in worker’s compensation practices. During this time, there were a few major rules that came with compensating injured employees. One is that employers didn’t have to compensate employees if their injuries were caused by negligence. Another clause stated that if a fellow employee caused the injury, employers were not required to provide compensation to the injured employee.

The Legal Aspect of Compensation

Although worker’s compensation had been indicated in some laws, there were no actual legal experts working to ensure that employees would get the compensation they deserved. In time, legal experts specializing in workers compensation insurance emerged to guarantee that employees would get their due.

Overseas Movement

Since the concept of worker’s compensation started in the Sumerian era, it has moved overseas and is now enjoyed by employees all over the world. Before going to the United States, the concept of injury compensation first became popular in Europe.

Florida workers compensation insurance is important for both employees and companies. Different states have their own special regulations, so employees and employers must know their local regulations to provide accurate compensation according to different scenarios.

Amazing Gift Ideas Every Man Would Love

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Father Receiving a GiftIt's more challenging to buy a gift for a guy than it is to buy for a girl. That’s why you should make more effort to look for the best gift for your boyfriend, husband, son or dad instead of giving the most generic gifts you could find. Here are some amazing gift ideas that will leave a smile on every guy’s face when they receive it.

Sporting Event Tickets

Guys love sports and watching sports games. That’s why one of the best gifts you can give to a guy are tickets to a sporting event he loves. If you’re planning to buy Australian Open tickets, The Ticket Merchant recommends buying as soon as they become available because they may sell out fast. You can either accompany him or buy multiple tickets so he can enjoy the game with his best buds.

Games and Gadgets

For geeks who are into games and gadgets, PopSugar says you won’t fail with a gift that’s connected with technology. It can be a video game, Bluetooth speakers, digital camera, phone accessories or other things that you know he’s interested in. When you buy, make sure the product is high-quality and has a warranty. This way, he can really enjoy your gift for years.

Toolbox and Equipment

Some guys, especially older ones, only require maintenance tools at home or for their car to make them happy. Some gift ideas include a volt and driver kit, toolbox complete with screwdrivers and the like, complete tool set for the car, and other tools and equipment he can use to do home repairs and upgrades.

These are just some of the many unique gift ideas for men. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or amazing feat, look for the best gift to show your love and appreciation for someone.

The Romantic Language of French and Its Relevance to Global Studies

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School in DubaiLearning French is learning the language of love and poets. As one of the most spoken languages in the world, it’s definitely going to be handy in the future.

According to Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, one of the leading primary schools in Dubai, knowing the French language has become an advantageous skill. By learning this influential language, a student can become more globally adept.

Below are the modern advantages of learning this foreign language:

You Can Effectively Communicate in 5 Continents

French isn’t just exclusive in France. With almost a quarter of a billion people speaking it, your chances of meeting a native speaker are very high. Countries that speak French include Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and Africa. In fact, there are 57 countries with French as their official language.

You Become Better at English While Learning French

Since the English language is 30% French, you can improve your vocabulary by studying both. While these languages don’t share the same origin, they still share the same words. Apparently, during the long history trade of Britain and France, they also exchanged some words.

You Can Understand Artworks Better

Most art expressions are dominantly French. So, the next time you go to the ballet, the opera, or any art gathering, you can talk the talk better. You’ll be familiar with some words like ‘enjambé,’ ‘modéré,’ and ‘en cédant.’

You Also Become a Peaceful Talker

The original language of peace is actually French. It’s the first official language of diplomatic talks between countries. After the First World War, everything changed, but French remains a prestigious language of peace.

Your Culinary Know-how Becomes Better, Too

Apart from art, most of the cooking terms are French. Dishes like ‘brie’ or ‘coq au vin’ are among the many French-termed foods, along with practices such as ‘julienne’ (to cut in strips), ‘consommé’ (clear soup), and ‘mayonnaise’ (emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and vinegar).

Learning French is a necessity. It allows an individual to interact better in business and understand more about other cultures and their way of life.