Trade ShowTrade shows are where people who have half a mind to make purchases convene. It proposes a kind of make-or-break opportunity to see a business’ attractiveness. If they can do it there, there is a reason to believe that their brand has value. Businesses that fail to make an impression despite the hundreds, maybe even thousands of potential customers in attendance, have some serious thinking to do.

Booths play a big part, if not the biggest in the success of a business on the trade floor. More than marketing material and bright lights, it’s what catches the attention of passers-by. It’s important to have the right kind display, because it will attract certain kinds of people and will probably help the brand stand out among a sea of other enterprises.

A Case for Truss Displays

A much bigger booth than the usual table-and-chair setting, truss booths are a staple in big trade shows and conferences. Usually, it reserves a big space for the business. The open floor can be inviting, which is already a big win in itself.

The most important aspect of truss displays is its versatility. By using detachable steel/aluminum framework, it can take the form of a shell, an open space or any shape that the materials allow. It can even be a double-decker trade booth, just as long as the beams are strong enough to support a second level. In addition to its diverse uses, truss booths can hold a number of digital displays to create a truly interactive enclosure.

On the face of it, truss displays already show commitment. If a company can make the effort to put up such a booth, they must have the resources to make their product/service better. It can have this effect on people passing by; just look at how many people truss booths in E3 pull.

Making Changes in Between

If the current truss booth arrangement proves to be ineffective, it’s easy to reshape the box. Truss booths are infinitely versatile, and with the right assistance, a redesign can be done in hours. Conferences are hard work, so it’s only reasonable to expect to make some changes in the booths.

Booths are an investment, and just like all else related to the same, it’s better to spend wisely than to spend more. Direct your funding towards truss booths, and see a strong performance once it’s set up on the trade floor.