HVAC installed on the roof top of a buildingMost HVAC units have no method of restricting their airflow in various areas. This causes energy-inefficiency of your unit. It would be prudent and cost-efficient to get a solution which increases or decreases airflow in multiple parts of your home based on specific needs.

Fortunately, now you can allow or restrict airflow to various areas of your home or commercial space with a zoning system. The system might, however, break down, and it is prudent to have some know-how of its critical parts when calling an air conditioning repair expert from a Knoxville TN firm. Here are the primary components that make up air conditioning zoning systems.

Motorized Dampers

These close and open based on the setting of your zone thermostat. They are either inserted into air outlets in every zone or room or your air conditioner’s ducts. Motorized dampers are moving components which are prone to get stuck in one position. A damper malfunction typically causes insufficient cooling or warming of your indoor air.

Zoning Control Panel

This serves as a communication channel between your zoning system and air conditioning unit. All your zoning system’s wiring terminal is housed in this panel. Issues that plague the zoning control panel are usually electrical including frayed, corroded or loose wires and electrical shorts.

Zone Thermostats

These are responsible for setting the temperature of your zoning system. Issues with the thermostat are the most common ones that cause zoning system malfunction. Any problem with the thermostat including wiring, incorrect calibration, and even dust can cause it to malfunction.

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If you have any issues with your zoning system, then the above three components are typically to blame. Extreme caution is vital when handling these components since any mistakes can permanently damage your system or cause an electrical fire. There are various online tutorials on how to fix these issues but always let a professional handle your repairs to avoid costly mistakes.