Hotel DesignsHotel design may not be important to some hotel owners. After all, it is all about what the guest’s purpose is when checking in a hotel. This kind of thinking is outdated as most guests no longer see hotels as merely places to stay. They have become part of the destination while some may even call staying at a hotel some form of holiday. Due to this, you have to impress your guests visually with the design.

Here are some things modern guests want to see in their choice of hotels.

Cater to Millennials

This generation dominates today’s demographic in travel. They are the ones who go out with friends and visit several places all the time. They have the spending power to treat every weekend as a travelling opportunity.

Millennials are also always on social media and would post photos of them in different places. This is the best time to impress them with design and let the demographic handle your word-of-mouth campaign. This generation also loves modern architecture, local art pieces and environment friendly designs.

Back to Basics

You may want to keep it modern but today’s generation is more enticed by nostalgia. They want to get a feel of what it was like to be in old architecture or artistic designs of the past. Stick with a single theme and incorporate modern designs to the classic look and feel of specific time periods. Knowing your market allows you to transform your hotel into something guests would come back for every time.

Whether you are just starting a hotel business or planning to renovate an existing one, you will need help when it comes to design. Hire hotel refurbishment contractors, such as, that can inject a modern design into your hotel. Always remember to mix traditional and modern to cater to a wider range of guests.