wastewater treatment plantA lot of people in Western Australia listed wastewater treatment among their choices for boosting Perth’s drinking water sources, according to a survey.

Some of the best ways for this solution include biological treatment of wastewater. Many water companies such as Waterform have used modern technology to achieve this purpose, and doing so in Perth has become more necessary because of the high level of consumption.

Preferred Sources

Desalination ranked as the top choice for nearly half of the respondents from Western Australian households, based on the survey. It gathered data from 7,000 people for 18 months to come up with the conclusion. While desalinated ocean water is the most popular for them, it is important to take note that such projects require a hefty investment.

Unlike wastewater treatment, the high cost of building desalination plants already starts with the construction process. Maintenance also incurs significant expenses even if the facility remains inactive. Despite the positive feedback on sustainable solutions, the city’s officials still advised the public to consume less water.

High Consumption

Water Corporation’s recent figures show that Perth’s water consumption has reached 70.8 billion litres. The state has exceeded its projected water use in the last four years, which likely prompted officials to remind residents about conserving water.

The statistics only covered users under the state’s water supply scheme. Thus, the actual consumption could be much bigger. Despite this discovery, officials said that further regulations remain unlikely at this point. This suggested a peak scenario on the impact of restrictions for water use in the state.

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Wastewater treatment and other recycling methods should be considered before planning alternatives that are more expensive. Even if the common theme revolves around increasing supply, it should be cost-efficient.