Self-Storage Strategies in Canning ValeStorage units reveal astonishingly valuable items. Some items are not just valuable, but also have a place in pop culture history. Take, for example, James Bond’s submarine car. The vehicle featured in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was found in the storage. The storage unit was bought in a blind auction for $100. The James Bond car, meanwhile, sold for over half a million pounds.

Naturally, any prized possession you put in storage deserves proper care. Otherwise, you risk downgrading its value. Preserve the financial worth of your things with the following strategies:

Make an inventory of your valuable goods

A list of your goods will help you determine the type of storage unit to rent. A wrong unit isn’t just too small or too big, but also lacks features to maintain your items. Temperature-sensitive goods need climate-controlled units. An inventory further gives you an idea of the self-storage unit’s price.

Prepare the right packing materials

Artwork will require a different kind of packaging than antique china. For art, you’ll need materials, such as paper, foam and tape that are not acidic. Use acid-free and inert material as the first layer of protection for your artwork. For antique china, use acid-free tissue paper between plates. You can also store them in microfibre china cases.

Determine a final list before moving all your items into the unit

Do you have an item or two to sell? Make sure you don’t bring these goods into the unit. You’ll avoid returning to the storage, and disrupt your entire plan.

Plan a layout for storing your valuable goods

You took pains to pack your most prized possessions with the right materials. Now you need to make sure they stay safe inside the unit. Bigger items go in the back of the unit, with the smaller, lighter items in the front. As always, do not stack fragile items. Leave enough space in the unit so you can move around.

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Finally, make sure your self-storage facility comes with state-of-the-art security. With your careful packing and the unit’s security system, your prized possessions will remain valuable for a long time.