Print MediaThough many have seen the death of certain print publication companies in the past, this does not mean that print publication media is already obsolete. Just like the use of fountain pens, community libraries, and legal languages, newspapers and magazines are alive and well. Here are some of the reasons attributed to their continued survivability.

Set in Paper – This is similar to saying “set in stone,” which means its existence is virtually forever if preserved properly. Internet data have a tendency to just disappear from the archive if there is no longer enough virtual space available for the online company to print its materials. Also, computer viruses and online malware can make short work of digital data. Multiple printed copies of one book or newspaper assure you of a copy being available elsewhere if you lose your copy to the elements.

Sensory Perception – You can’t cut the pictures from an online article or pin it to a scrapbook. You can’t physically turn a page of on online newspapers. Meanwhile, with a printed newspaper, there is a certain aesthetic to a reader, managing those giant pages while facing the breakfast table or a child skimming the comic page as it lies flat on the floor. Overall, the whole experience of reading from print is very different from reading digital pages.

Ads Get More Exposure – Marketing and promotion experts still find published print get more attention than digital ads. Unlike digital advertising banners that get clicked by 20% of those browsing online pages, print advertising gets viewed in full. The chances are even doubled once the reader gets their own Vogue subscription or Standard-Examiner membership. Also, the ads get more focused readership and target audiences than random internet ad postings, says an expert from

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Just these reasons alone are enough to show why newspapers and magazines are still very much needed and going strong in this digital age. Consider exposing the next generation to reading from a physical page. It is an experience that you can teach them to love and with good reason.