Red tick marks on a checklistOn March 19, 2018, former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott dropped statement revealing the murder of about 400 white farmers in the past year. However,’s inquiry into the matter deemed his statement baseless.

If someone as important as the former prime minister of Australia can make an incorrect statement, you are not exempt from making wrong decisions for your company, as well. This only goes to show that fact-checking is important, especially in the following areas:

Employee Details

You would not want to hire a person blindly for your business. Even homeowners looking for a caregiver for their loved one go through the person’s work history to establish their character. Firms may need assistance from the national police checking service when looking into the past of a potential employee.


You may be in the middle of litigation, and someone might have used a particular law to get a substantial amount of money from you. Without you and your team of lawyers fact-checking every detail of the law cited, you will not know if it is truly applicable to your situation or not.

Laws should also be double-checked when you are creating internal policies, as they may direct the rights and privileges of your employees. If you ignore an important business law, you are setting your business up for lawsuits.

Internal Disputes

It takes a bit of digging to get to the bottom of a dispute involving your employees. It is not enough to listen to one side and believe it to be the truth. All sides involved in the dispute should have their voice heard by a committee who will evaluate objectively the data presented to them.

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Even if you have disagreed with one of the people involved in the dispute, if it does not relate to the matter, it should not be taken against them.

It is better to take your time finding the truth than to suffer the consequences of false information later. When you are running a business, whether it is big or small, always check facts.