Smartphones At present, only a few people still go to offices or make calls to book and reserve specific services. Typically, only elderly people do these anymore.

Technology has made reservations and booking services faster and more convenient. You can now book almost all types of services and products through your phone and Internet. That’s why Bromin7 says many companies now want to have their own phone apps.


In addition to saving you from boredom during long travel hour, you can also use your phone to book flights. Most major airlines have their own smartphone apps. You can book your flight, check its status, or even cancel it from there.

Although not all airlines have their own smartphone apps yet, you can use third part apps. There are phone applications that help you browse the cheapest flights. These come with complete details of time, price, and seat availability. After making confirmations, you can proceed directly to the airline’s home website.


When you are stranded or terribly tired and cannot go home, paid lodging can be your only choice. But, you will not always be lucky to spot vacancies, especially in busy and touristy cities.

Hotels and hostels are often available online. Well-known accommodations usually have phone apps as added customer service and access to clients. Smaller hostels and hotels are often available for booking using third-party sites.

There are services that allow you to reserve a room without payment. Then, there are platforms that you can pay right away.

Table Reservations

A number of bars and restaurants are now on mobile applications. They give their clients the advantage of reserving a table and checking the menu. This is a good service as it allows you to ensure seats, especially when you are going to celebrate an occasion.

Train Tickets

Some countries and cities have their official railway apps for smartphones. Of course, this is not for the typical few kilometers metro or subway train ride. Most of these are inter-city or inter-border train trips. The apps allow travelers to book their seats according to time, couch classes, and dates.

Smartphone applications now cover almost all sorts of transactions people want to do. It is a convenient way of reserving and booking a service without even moving from your seat and talking to operators.