Scrap Metal RecycleIf you look around your house, how many unused objects are there? Did you know you could actually sell them if they have metal parts? All you have to do is go to metal recyclers.

Metal recycling refers to the process of converting metal scrap into other materials with new uses. Here are common household items that you could sell.

Lawn Chairs

The supporting parts of lawn chairs comprise metal, such as aluminium, to ensure its long-lasting condition, especially since such chairs are vulnerable to outdoor elements.


Refrigerators have lots of recyclable metals and parts in them, such as its compressor, wiring, copper, and steel. You could sell old ones lying around your basement.

Air Conditioners

The metal sheets, pipes, and other such parts in air conditioners make these appliances eligible for metal recycling. Old air conditioners would have to be drained of any fluids before you can take one to the metal recycler’s shop.

Car Parts

Automobiles have a lot of sought-after metal parts, such as its engines, chassis, exhaust pipes, or wires. Parts with too much rust are not recyclable, so if you intend on using your old car parts, let the metal recycler check its condition first.

Television Sets

Electronic products, such as TVs, have metal in them as well. Old television sets, especially the cube type could take up lots of space in your storage so that you could bring these for metal recycling too.

The list of metal objects in your home that could be recycled is long. There might indeed be a lot more options, but the point remains — metal recycling will not only free up your space from waste while earning you some extra cash, it also contributes to a circular economy — you are literally turning trash into treasure.

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