Fully Furnished Apartment in FremantleHeaded to Fremantle, WA for your next holiday trip? With Freo being one of the prettiest cities in Western Australia still managing to maintain low cost of living, it is no wonder why many travellers such as yourself choose to go here.  

And because it really is a nice place attracting so many tourists and even Australians, you do not have to look far and wide just to find accommodation options, such as hotels and hostels. However, before you book that room with one of these establishments, know that you have plenty of other, better choices. A fully furnished apartment, Be Fremantle cites, is one such example.

The ever increasing popularity of apartment rentals

Accommodation in Fremantle, in the form of apartments, offer numerous benefits to Australians and tourists alike. You will find numerous apartment rentals in the port city, most of which deliver greater value than a hotel or hostel room.

Just try to conduct an online enquiry about popular living options in the city – or anywhere else for that matter – and you will find that most vacationers opt for rental apartments.

Need privacy? Apartment rentals have you covered

One thing apartment rentals can deliver that many other accommodation alternatives cannot is the high level of privacy. Situated in friendly, secure neighbourhoods, these apartments serve much like your home away from home. Since you literally have the property all to yourself, you do not have to worry about disturbances or distractions from a next door hotel or hostel room, nor do you have to worry about disturbing or distracting them.

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Want to prepare your own food? Apartments have the equipment and tools you need

While you should still try the food offerings many reputable dining establishments in Fremantle has to offer, nothing beats homemade food. Because most, if not all hotels or hostels do not allow cooking, you will be forced to always eat outside, which can be quite pricey.

Luckily, many apartment rentals in Freo come with fully equipped kitchens and facilities, allowing you to prepare and make your own homemade food.

These are just some of the distinct differences between apartments and hotels/hostels in Fremantle, but they should be enough to make you opt for the latter.