Employee Workplace As a business owner, the single greatest challenge you’ll probably have to face is finding creating ways to improve your employee’s morale and productivity. Fun and games are usually not enough, so you need to take the subtle approach in terms of improving their mood.

What most people don’t consider is that an employee’s workspace is as instrumental in boosting their morale and productivity as their pay checks. After all, what’s the use of a respectable wage when your working conditions aren’t great?

Private Employee Spaces

Many interior designers and experts, such as Bishop Interiors, note that ample personal space is crucial to improve both employee mood and morale, as well as increase their productivity. It’s no secret that every employee wants to have their own private area where they can focus on work, which is why partitions are among the first things you should secure when creating or remodelling your office space.

Take note though that there’s thin line between creating personal space for your employees, and making them feel like cogs in a machine. While partitions are great to keep the workspace from looking like an assembly line, the kind of partitions you should get shouldn’t be boring to look at.

Try adding a little colour to your office’s partitioning. If there’s already too much grey in the room, look for blue or green office partitioning. The colour blue is naturally soothing to look at, and can potentially lower heart rates and blood pressure. Green, on the other hand, is relaxing and can help reduce anxiety.

When Furniture Meets Fun

The kind of furniture you fill your workspace also affects employee mood and productivity. It may seem trivial, but boring looking furniture can actually make employees lazier and even more irritable as the mountains of work keep piling in. Again, this has something to do with the way they perceive their personal space – if their chairs and seats not only look but also feel uncomfortable, their mood and productivity will deteriorate.

To address this, consider more creative or unusual looking furniture pieces. It doesn’t have to look weird; for example, instead of the standard rectangular desk, get a circular one or one with a bit of asymmetry in it.

Start thinking outside the box if you’re still deciding how your workspace looks like. Not only will you make your office more engaging and employee friendly, you’ll also be boosting their morale and productivity.