learning space school chairIn a constant effort to improve school facilities, even the type of chairs used in classrooms can be questioned. Good thing, there’s a variety of school chairs available in Australia. They range from traditional desks to stools and stack-able chairs. Materials differ such as foam, rubber, plastic, wood, and metal. The effect of having a particular type of chair is also being studied in other parts of the world.

Mobility and Chairs

There is anecdotal data relating comfortable seating with the student’s performance in school. School seats are not famous for allowing students to wiggle in their seats. However, there is evidence to show that seats which allow students to move around and be comfortable also result in more engagement.

In Germany, a study found that when using seats designed for ‘posture and mobilization’, the students were better able to pay closer attention to the class. For this to happen, it was necessary to have mobile seats along with lessons that required the students to move around.

Teaching and Posture

This new viewpoint ran counter to the old ideas about classroom seats which focused on uniformity and discipline. Students were advised not to slouch, but to sit with the back straight. Maintaining proper posture and discipline was as much a part of the school program as the lessons taught in class.

Comfort for each student is important. Students, especially kids, are not expected to stay still throughout an hour. They move around, they write notes, they interact with their classmates, and they fidget in their seats. Uncomfortable seats lead to more fidgeting. They tend to lose focus on the uncomfortable seats.

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Additionally, schools also take into account the price of the chairs as well as their usable life. To make a good investment, the chairs have to be durable and last a long time.