Hair ExtensionUnless you want new hair stitched to your scalp, getting hair extensions is the painless and practical method to get more volume in your hair in a short amount of time. Like what countless female celebrities are doing, getting extensions allows you to have more options with your hair style.

Before going to your hair salon to get one, you have to consider some factors to make sure your added locks will turn out to be Instagram-worthy and not an epic fail. Here are a few points to ponder.

How Much Hair Do I Need?

You have to take note how many inches from the nape of your neck you want to add to your hair. If your hair is thin, you have to buy more strands to get the full volume you want. Remember that longer strands of hair extension have smaller widths than shorter ones. Deciding whether you are getting single strand or weft hair is also an important factor in determining how much hair you should get.

How Do I Coordinate Colors?

There are two ways you can coordinate the color of your hair with the hair extension. You can either have the hair dyed to match your current hair color or change your hairstyle to match the hair extension you picked out. Just make sure that the dye you will use on the extension is ammonia free or it could ruin the hairpiece's quality.

How Do I Take Care of It?

Anchante Hair recommends not to wash your hair extensions too often; twice or three times a month is ideal if you consistently use heavy styling products on it. Like natural hair, you should also brush your extensions to remove the knots and keep it shiny and smooth.

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Treating your hair extension with the same care as your natural hair is the trick to prolong its life and make sure you can show off your long tresses in any style you want.