Plumber done with his workIt’s sometimes easy to ignore the signs of a faulty and a failing plumbing system. It’s important, however, to be aware of the indicators when your pipes need repair or replacement. This is to prevent much larger and costlier problems later on like water damage and indoor mould growth.

Taking some time to maintain and inspect your pipes may help you prevent a larger problem in the future. Here are some the things you need to watch for to determine if your plumbing system needs repair or replacement:

Increasing Water Bill

If there isn’t a noticeable increase in your water usage but your water bill is rising, there may be cracks and leaks you may not know off. Some leaks are fairly easy to locate like a running toilet and a dripping faucet. Unseen or unfixed repairs can waste hundreds to thousands of litres of water. This only makes it important to check your home for leaking taps (indoors and outdoors), toilets, and irrigation lines.

Low Water Pressure and other plumbing experts note that this can be caused by many things like water leaks and plumbing blockages. If your water pressure has decreased along with rising water bill, have your plumbing system inspected by professionals. It is also important to note that old pipes can corrode and be filled with scales, causing obstruction with the flow. In this case, replacement may be necessary.

Odd Water Smell and Discoloration

Failing or deteriorating plumbing systems can corrode can give your water an odd smell, colour, or taste. If the problem has been going for days, it is advisable to have your pipes checked. This is especially true if you have black water, or if you have copper or brass fittings.

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With water and plumbing problems, you can’t just hope and wait that it would soon go away. You need to contact a certified plumber to inspect your home’s system and make the necessary repairs and replacement. This is to avoid major problems and keep your plumbing in good working order.