family preparing foodFor those brought up in a traditional home, dinners are served hot and home-made. You’ve got one or both parents who have the time to prepare complicated dishes that taste better than any restaurant’s version. In a modern household, however, both parents may be working, or you may only have one parent around.

Does this mean food does not do the job of gathering everyone in one area and encouraging easy conversation? Fortunately, food, even from a restaurant, brings people together.

A Conversation Starter on its Own

When you take your family or friends to Mexican restaurants in Alexandria, VA, as soon as the food arrives, there will be plenty to talk about. There are topics such as the ingredients, the food’s quality, how a dish stacks up compared to the one you tasted from another restaurant. You may even relive memories from a previous visit to the restaurant. The conversation doesn’t stop, all thanks to the food on the table.

It’s a Shared Experience

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to go on a trip for an adventure. Going with your friends to a favored restaurant and trying their spiciest offerings will also be a shared experience. Watch each other go through different emotions brought out by food–and laugh at how you all dealt with burning tongues and acted bravely despite chili-induced tears from your eyes.

It Gives Comfort

Heartbreak? Loss? Anger? There’s ice cream, French fries, and chocolate cake for that. Along with the company of your closest friends, these comfort foods help make you feel better. Even for a night or a few hours, you have a better disposition while thinking about what you should do next.

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Food is not just something you consume. It’s also a great tool in fostering bonds and developing connections.