MotelYou have finally made your first Victoria motel acquisition. Now that you are done with the purchase, you have one more hurdle to overcome: making your motel business stand out from the competition. How can you let people know about your business and earn from your investment at the same time?

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your motel business:


One of the best ways to earn from your motel is to master the art of upselling. Recommend a room with a great view, or inform your guests about your motel menu if they are looking for something to eat. Always take the opportunity to offer something more than their original request, especially if the guest does not mind the extra expenses. Include a simple promotional scheme in your flyers and website to remind potential clients that they can experience more with your motel.

Keep Employees Happy

If you are among those who acquired motels for lease in Victoria, you know how important it is to keep employees satisfied. Whether you have hired new staff for a fresh start or have absorbed the previous employees to retain expertise, give your employees the treatment they deserve.

Working in a motel or hospitality business is tough work whatever position you are in. By providing your staff the right benefits for their service, you can boost their morale and performance. A hotel runs on the productivity of its people, so do not abuse their need for employment by overworking them.


You can gain recognition in many ways apart from upselling. Simply putting your name on listings might not make the cut; you must develop a program focused on guest referrals and a “friends and family” card.

Discount cards for group reservations and extended nights might seem counter-intuitive for owners who want to earn cash. Nonetheless, increasing the number of guests can also mean higher ROI for your motel business. The great thing about this is you do not have to spend thousands for promotions; simply let your top service and satisfied customers speak for you.

The motel business in Victoria is a potentially lucrative endeavour. You just need to promote your business in the right channels and keep customers happy for greater returns.