a dessert barHow often do people have dessert? Is your shop a once-a-week destination or can people go as often as they can? Will their day be incomplete if they don’t get a taste of the product you’re offering? The marketing strategy can answer all these.

Here’s how you can market your desserts to be delectable and guilt-free staples in one’s diet:

Highlight Customer Favorites

It’s more expensive to get new customers than to retain old ones. When you have a dessert franchise like Great American Cookies, the quality of your products has already been spoken for, so success depends on how you keep up with customer demands. If a big portion of your customers work in a certain area and stop by for breakfast or on their afternoon break, you’ll want to keep a steady stock of their favorites. They want efficiency; they want to get in and not have to worry about thinking of what they will get for the day.

Offer Variety

While it’s good to have a couple core offerings, you don’t want to seem rigid. Switching things up from time to time, and going for seasonal ingredients can be a refreshing change for you and your customers. For instance, now that it’s blueberry season, you can offer blueberry ice cream as part of your menu. In-season ingredients are cost-effective, and the hype from everyone else doing this will also push your shop forward.

Fill a Need

Worried your desserts might not be attractive to health-conscious customers? You can never please everybody, but if you want to be viewed in a diet-friendly light, use key terms. For example, the keto diet uses the term “fat bomb” for treats that are low on carbs but high in fat. Simply adding the term to your menu will drive ketogenic diet followers to check your shop.

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Marketing plays a big part in the success of your dessert shop. Be aware of your surroundings and position your products just right.