Scientist Using MicroscopeMany experts today are constantly finding new ways to treat cancer, as well as analyzing data about birth control and poverty. The industries related to these scientific tasks and fields are likewise continuously looking for new talent, which is where executive search firms like can help. Knowing this, you probably wonder what are the most in-demand industries for science right now.

Life sciences

This branch of science pertains to the study of living things, such as plants, animals, human beings, and microorganisms. A biologist is one such member of the life science industry. The life sciences are useful in solving issues in health, food, agriculture, or medicine.


Obviously, medicine would always be an in-demand scientific industry as long as sickness exists. The industry needs medical staff that would help doctors and nurses by conducting research on what causes a disease in a person and the like.

Data and analytics

Data science is also a steadily growing industry right now, thanks to technological developments like the Internet or social media. Many new data can be gathered from these, especially since many people are online. Data analysts can help support studies with numbers and facts obtained from their research.

Laboratory and Testing

Laboratory and testing are integral to science because they give answers to doctors, patients, or researchers. Being a laboratory scientist requires skill in using various tools, as well as good judgment in interpreting the results of a test. Such qualities are what the industry looks for in applicants.

Science industries are always looking for manpower to do laboratory work, data analysis, or biological research. As science requires accurate results with little space for error, the manpower should be skilled enough to do the work.  With the help of search executive search firms, science industries only get the best there is.

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