Wedding favoursCouples who are planning to get married already have their hands full. Between preparing for the wedding day and for family life (eventually), they should also decide whether or not to hand out favours. These are special gifts that are given to guests. Most couples opt not to hand them out, as evidenced by a poll on the forums. Of the 146 respondents, 71% (104) claim that favours are a waste and people don’t usually take them. Only 42 (29%) thought they were a good idea.

Still, this doesn’t tell the whole story. The packaging services of companies such as the Eastpac Group wouldn’t exist if wedding favours were completely useless. After all, people still love getting free gifts in pretty bags or boxes.

The Favour Dilemma

Heather Lee, of the online wedding magazine, Brides, comments that wedding favours aren’t essentials, especially if they’re not something the guests can actually use. They are an impractical expense for many couples. However, done correctly, favours can be an excellent way of thanking guests for gracing the momentous occasion with their presence.

There are various practical ways to show appreciation to wedding guests. For instance, a couple with a penchant for philanthropy can donate to their favourite charity instead of providing favours. Or, the giveaways can be some sort of marketing tactic for a friend or relative who owns a business and wants to be noticed. This works especially well for owners of bakeries, flower shops and restaurants who can provide a small, carefully packaged sample.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s the couple’s choice whether they decide to hand out favours or not. What matters most is financial feasibility. Is the budget big enough to give a favour to everyone on the guest list? Handing out momentos to only a select few isn’t good practice, since some would feel left out. But if a couple chooses to thank their guests by giving favours to all, it will make the moment much more memorable.

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