Which U.S. Counties Have the Highest Overall Insurance Coverage?

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Health insurance form under a stethoscopeSouth Dakota and Iowa are among the Midwestern states with the highest coverage for auto, health, and life insurance, according to an analysis.

The analysis ranked certain counties with the most number of insured people in each of the three categories. Hamlin County, S.D. recorded the highest overall coverage, although seven out of the top 10 counties are from Iowa. The other two, which are Aurora and Sanborn counties, are in South Dakota.

Potential Sales Market

On a national scale, the study listed health insurance as the top coverage for Americans with more than 88% coverage. Auto insurance coverage ranked next at 87.32%, while coverage for life insurance is the lowest at 44.80%.

Based on these figures, the market for life insurance seems unsaturated for insurance sales agents. Salespeople should consider working with an insurance marketing organization, which would help them to access leads in their respective locations and comprehensive quoting systems among other benefits.

Remote vs. On-Site

Another consideration for insurance sales agents involves the use of a virtual platform, which lets them work remotely. Off-site insurance sales calls, for instance, have a higher chance of becoming more efficient with a digital platform.

This improved efficiency manifests through more available agents, as they don’t have to come to the office. By doing so, the time saved from the daily commute is spent on handling calls for potential clients instead. This arrangement contributes to better employee satisfaction, while using virtual platforms also allow companies to reach as many markets as possible by having remote staff in different parts of the country.

The location serves an important role in determining the success rate for closing new insurance deals, but there are other factors, such as having field or insurance marketing support. It’s best to know more about them as well.

Four Ways to Set Your Property Up for Sale

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Home For SaleSelling your house may mean you are finally reaping the fruits of your investment.

Putting your house up for sale requires deliberate decision-making. For one, you have to consider if you and your family are ready to detach from the memories you have made in the place. Second, what’s the next move when the house is sold – do you already have a place to move in or are you still looking for one? Next, is your house ready?

If you have already made up your mind about selling your property, then it’s time to contact a realtor and have your property listed. You can work with the agent to devise a selling strategy. There are innovative strategies to sell your home fast without lowering its value, as written on the site of Executive Realty. These include social media marketing and online advertising. But, it’s more than just listings and ads, selling your property also means getting it ready to be judged by buyers’ eyes.

Your Curb is Your Asset

A house is usually judged by its exteriors. Your home facade or exterior is the first thing prospects see, both online and in person. As a seller, you should know that first impressions can make or break a sale. If your lawn looks messy, prospects may not even click on your listing.

Trees are your friends – they don’t only add to your home’s curb appeal, but they also add value to your property because of their many benefits. It’s important to prune and trim them once in a while, but you should not cut down mature trees on your lawns. Besides, if a property has trees, it means owners can enjoy energy savings.

Make sure your yard is always clean, and your lawn is properly mowed. By balancing hardscape and softscape elements, you can beautify your curb further.

Update the Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is costly. This is why, from the perspective of a buyer, it’s a red flag if the bathroom is not in good condition.

The first thing you need to do is to neutralize your bathroom. During the time that you’ve been living in the house, your bathroom has reflected your personality. There may be personal belongings in there, wall paintings, and other clutter. The trick is, you should pattern your bathroom after hotel bathrooms: functional but impressive.

It’s also important to do a deep cleaning in your bathroom. Get rid of surface stains and molds – if you have to re-grout or replace your bathroom tiles, you should do so. Equally important, this is the right time to work on those repairs you may have been putting off. Ensure that plumbing and ventilation work well and that there are no leaky faucets.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Imagine pictures of burgers on the internet or print ads. Ever wonder why they look yummy and inviting? The secret is professional photography.

While today’s smartphone cameras are advanced, there are better ways to take photos. With a professional photographer and good staging, your house will look better in pictures. Additionally, a photographer also knows how to highlight your property’s best features in photos.

After snapping shots of your home, a photographer post-processes the images. They make sure the colors are accurate, and that unnecessary elements are removed before you print out the photos or post them online.

Find the Right Timing

Finding the best time to sell your home can give you the best deal. But, it’s not always about the time or the season. The right timing also factors in the location of your property. Ideally, you should sell your house when the local economy looks healthy, job growth, and low mortgage rates.

There’s a reason properties sell the fastest during the spring. For one, it’s a warmer season, and people have more time to go to open houses. On the other hand, while summer is also a warm season, people may be uncomfortable to go out because of the hotness.

Investing always comes with spending some amount of money. When dressing up your house for the market, you don’t have to go overboard and break the bank. Otherwise, you’re just defeating the purpose: earning from your property.

How You Can Prevent Obesity in Your Dog

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an owner giving the dog a treatFifty-three percent of America’s dogs were classified as overweight or obese, according to a 2011 study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), putting these pets at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and joint problems. This situation could even make the dogs age faster, sending them to an early grave.

The pet obesity crisis has hit epidemic levels, with more than half of American pets being officially overweight or obese. As with humans, the culprit is most often diet. A range of convenient pet food options out there are purporting to be good for your pooch, but a closer inspection of the ingredients often reveals that it is full of fillers and added sugar. These ingredients cause weight gain and have no nutritional basis for being in the food.

Another reason for weight gain is that owners love to give their pets treats. Too many treats stacks up the calories, particularly in less active or older dogs. Few owners measure their dog’s portion sizes or look at the manufacturer feeding guidelines before they dish out supper and may be inadvertently overfeeding them. Below are ways pet owners can help battle canine obesity:

Don’t Free Feed

A dog should have two meals a day. Portion sizes according to the size of the dog are listed on dog food packets. Food shouldn’t be topped up or left out all day so the animal can free feed.

Combat Boredom

Comfort eating is often the result of boredom. The answer to this is more play time and walks. Depending on the breed, a dog may need from 20 minutes to two or more hours of walking per day. A Bichon Frise requires 20 minutes daily, while a Labrador more than two hours daily.

Feed Senior Dogs Less Fat

Like in humans, metabolism for senior dogs is slow, so they don’t require as many calories. Dog food for older canines is formulated to contain less fat and more fiber, helping them stay lean and have a healthy gut.

Regular games and walks, set meal times, appropriate portion sizes and less fatty food all help to combat canine obesity. Make sure you support your dog’s health by keeping these reminders in mind.

Does Perth Need a New Wastewater Treatment Facility?

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wastewater treatment plantA lot of people in Western Australia listed wastewater treatment among their choices for boosting Perth’s drinking water sources, according to a survey.

Some of the best ways for this solution include biological treatment of wastewater. Many water companies such as Waterform have used modern technology to achieve this purpose, and doing so in Perth has become more necessary because of the high level of consumption.

Preferred Sources

Desalination ranked as the top choice for nearly half of the respondents from Western Australian households, based on the survey. It gathered data from 7,000 people for 18 months to come up with the conclusion. While desalinated ocean water is the most popular for them, it is important to take note that such projects require a hefty investment.

Unlike wastewater treatment, the high cost of building desalination plants already starts with the construction process. Maintenance also incurs significant expenses even if the facility remains inactive. Despite the positive feedback on sustainable solutions, the city’s officials still advised the public to consume less water.

High Consumption

Water Corporation’s recent figures show that Perth’s water consumption has reached 70.8 billion litres. The state has exceeded its projected water use in the last four years, which likely prompted officials to remind residents about conserving water.

The statistics only covered users under the state’s water supply scheme. Thus, the actual consumption could be much bigger. Despite this discovery, officials said that further regulations remain unlikely at this point. This suggested a peak scenario on the impact of restrictions for water use in the state.

Wastewater treatment and other recycling methods should be considered before planning alternatives that are more expensive. Even if the common theme revolves around increasing supply, it should be cost-efficient.

Sell with Facebook: 3 Facebook Ad Tools That Generate Results

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facebook app open in an iphone with headset and coffee on the backgroundA staggering 2/3 of American adults are on Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center, and with the world moving ever onward toward digitalization, the number is showing no signs of dwindling. This is why it is logical for business owners to flock to this social media channel and raise brand awareness.

And, according to Oshkosh company Viral Solutions, Facebook advertising, because of the platform’s surging popularity, has become a “pay to play” game. But, every marketer knows that investing in effective Facebook marketing strategies can bring in results and profits that are well worth the investment.

Boost Your Post

This is the simplest advertising tool on Facebook. By boosting, you market an existing organic post on your Facebook page. This tool is helpful to engage your current followers and monitor which type of social content gets the most engagement.

Apart from photos or status updates, you can also boost your Facebook Live Videos after they have been recorded and uploaded by Facebook.

Use Domain Ads

With domain ads, you’re leading internet users home – to your website.

Domain ads are also known as page post link ads. These are ads that post a single image with a short text description and a link to your website. Additionally, every user who clicks on the domain ad is then retargeted on Facebook.

Post Facebook Video Ads

With Facebook video ads, you will be able to know which visitor to retarget based on how long they watched the video. There may be some work and money that goes into creating a video, but it can get you the results you desire. This is especially because 68 percent of Facebook users in the US access the app on their mobile devices, which are great platforms to watch videos.

The advantages of uploading native Facebook videos over attaching a YouTube link include larger thumbnails and better performance on the newsfeed.

Today, Facebook is more than just a social media channel. It has evolved into a valuable tool for marketers and business owners. This is why while billions of users are still active on it. As a business owner, you should grab the opportunity of using this platform to improve your bottom line.

Buying Land? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Tips for Buying Land PropertyThere are several reasons why people choose to buy land (instead of an already built property) these days. It may be as a form of investment or even a place where they could raise their own family. However, looking in Whittlesea, Victoria for a land for sale is not an easy feat. The area has many offers to choose from that it can be quite a challenge to know which one is best for you.
To help you make the right decision, here are some facts you need to know when buying a piece of land.

Check the builder

Find out if the land you would like to purchase is under litigation or not. If it is, then you might want to do an extensive research about the builder. According to Business Today, it’s best to verify their previous and existing projects. You may want to post queries on various real estate forums, as well.

Check the location

Before purchasing a piece of land, it’s best to get a general idea of the location. As How Stuff Works advises, you may want to go for a drive and see the neighbourhood yourself.

While Google Maps (or any similar navigational platform) could help, it’s still best to visit the area personally. If possible, do it during the day and night. Visiting during the rush hour is also ideal, so you’ll have an idea of how crowded the neighbourhood could get.

Check the costs involved (other than the down payment)

There are several costs you need to take care of other than the down payment. It’s better to calculate the overall cost and not completely rely on what the broker tells you. Many brokers only explain the basic cost and they often fail to mention other expenses, such as statutory charges and service tax.

These are just a few variables you may want to consider when buying a piece of land. Although it’s a great expense, buying a property is a huge financial decision you wouldn’t regret — if done right. It’s best to take your time.

Tips for Moving Heavy Equipment

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a man in front of a transport trailerTransporting heavy equipment is not easy. Tractors, bulldozers, and other farm equipment are not ideal for long distances. Traditional tractor treads were not meant to run over 1,500 km. Tractor treads for loose earth are not even supposed to run on highways. Getting a tractor from one point to another requires a transporter trailer. Typically, these trailers have ramps and a small flatbed. Also, the tractor needs to be strapped so that it does not move.

Safety First

Transporting heavy equipment is easy with a low loader trailer. It’s like carrying any other cargo or container. Depending on the weight of the heavy equipment, the semi-trailer can reach the speed limit. Although with a full load, the semi needs to take extra care on the highway and run slower than what the traffic allows.

There are safety considerations when transporting heavy equipment. These include verifying that the transport does not exceed gross weight specifications. Here are ten essential reminders:

1. Follow the loading guidelines specific to the machinery.

2. Observe the proper balance of the equipment on the loader transport.

3. Ensure the proper tire pressure for the equipment.

4. Follow proper lighting and signage.

5. Remove any excess dirt that might fall on the highway.

6. Using chain tie-downs is recommended.

7. Use wedges, chocks, and cradles to prevent the wheels from moving.

8. Movable parts should be lowered to the loader bed.

9. Ensure that the vehicle weight does not exceed highway height limits.

10. Follow tie-down safety instructions. These should be as close to the front or rear of the equipment.

Transporting heavy equipment is a procedure with many safety considerations. Ensure that your permits are approved before moving large equipment.

As US Retail Sales Trend Upward, How Do You Enforce Warranty Policies?

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Man checking the sales graphU.S. retailers will need to review their policies on accepting returned products for warranty inspection or repair, especially since sales in the country will increase further during the holiday season in 2018.

An increase in sales only indicates a higher likelihood of returned merchandise next year, given that most consumer returns happen during the months following the holidays.

Higher Sales

The National Retail Federation’s forecast showed that total retail sales for the last two months of 2018 will reach $721 billion, up by at least 4.3% from the same time in the previous year. This figure is possibly bigger since it doesn’t include purchases for dining, fuel and vehicle purchases.

The rising number of Americans who buy items through online stores also makes competition much tougher for businesses, particularly for traditional stores. More people are no longer keen on just buying items with discounted prices. On the contrary, some online shoppers would refuse to buy a cheap product if the transaction doesn’t include free shipping.

Handling Returned Merchandise

Repair management software, as offered by ReverseLogix, helps in organizing your deliverables and billing invoices among other tasks. Retailers of consumer electronics in particular would benefit from using a digital platform for their warranty transactions.

Another great advantage of having post-sale customer service involves more time to focus on the core aspect of your business. Smaller businesses with few employees should consider this option, since it could be difficult for your employees to close a sale while attending to a request for warranty repairs.

It’s hard to keep up with consumer demands for effective customer service on warranties, as most of them know that they could simply find another retailer. This hurts your business especially if you lose repeat clients; meaning modernizing your process for repair management will be important for customer satisfaction.

Here’s Why Your Students Don’t Participate in Class

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Students in ClassDespite meticulous efforts, a lot of teachers struggle with students who don’t want to participate in class. With the disengaged atmosphere, it gets tough for pupils to maximise their potential. The key to addressing this is to know what’s keeping your students from connecting with you and their peers. Here are possible reasons:

They don’t see the value of the lesson.

In most instances, students don’t realise the impact of what you’re teaching their personal lives. To clarify things though, the issue here isn’t whether or not the lesson is valuable, but rather, whether or not the lesson is appreciated. If your students don’t have a deep appreciation of the things you’re teaching, they’re less likely to engage in discussions.

So, what you should do differently moving forward, is to let them find relevance in your lessons. Before you start the class, encourage them to write freely on your classroom whiteboard or share with a classmate how they could use the lesson in their lives. Maybe it could serve to spark an interest in a field they’re not aware of or improve their skills. Whatever it is, let them realise that for themselves.

They’re not able to use their strengths.

Perhaps you’re only drawing on analytical or logical skills when teaching lessons. Remember that students have different strengths and when these are tapped, they grow more confident, and therefore motivated to engage in class.

So, vary your teaching style now and then to accommodate different student strengths. Organise a poster-making activity to appeal to your pupils’ creativity. Post their artwork in your classroom whiteboard or walls. Or, do a 5-minute fitness challenge to pique the interest of your kinaesthetic learners.

They don’t feel safe in the classroom.

A space where students can be themselves and be accepted for who they are is vital for student engagement. If a pupil gets bullied, their confidence plummets, and they’re less likely to participate in class. You can address this by creating a ‘community zone’ in your classroom, where students can freely talk about their emotions and struggles. Invest in high-quality school furniture, like comfortable seating and moveable tables to build this section in your room.

The way your students participate in class can make or break their academic success. Make adjustments to your classroom space and teaching style to increase student engagement.

Used Office Furniture: Consider These Pieces of Advice When Buying Online

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office setting with furnituresThe obvious advantage of using used furniture for your office is that they are very cheap — sometimes too cheap that you would think buying a brand new set is a crazy idea. While one can find countless shops of used office furniture in Las Vegas, online, it is a goldmine.

Before diving into the impressive array of choices the web can offer, here are some tips to consider.

Fitting with design and purpose

You chose to buy used furniture to limit the burden on your budget, on logistics and so forth. With that in mind, be sure the chosen used furniture will fit with your office's design. You might find cheap furniture, but the colors do not match the walls.

Have with your staff so you can talk about the aesthetics. If you can afford design services to help you with some adjustments or refurbishing needs, ask your dealer if they offer such.

Seeking for dealer assistance

Support is very important, particularly with online purchasing. You will not have the chance to physically see the used furniture, check every detail and make comparisons.

Dealer support even becomes very crucial when you already bought the furniture and found out some missing parts. When you are buying online, seek for assurance that support will be available when product issues arise.

Finding a more reasonable price

While it is true that a low price can be a fair price in the used products market, some deals might not be as reasonable as you think. There can be some used furniture with hidden issues. Welcome to the online world.

Some dealers might sneak in some furniture that is in poor condition from the inside (especially with wood) or was resized in the website as if to look larger or smaller. A good rule of thumb is that the most reasonable price is just in-between the cheapest and the not so cheap.

Buying used office furniture online requires a careful and deeper look at the product. There is almost no warranty with used products; hence, being investigative can land you to a better deal.

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