Blackout BlindsTemperature, colour, texture — these are only some environmental factors that can affect people physically and psychologically. The right room lighting, for example, can elicit soporific effects and affect a person’s sleeping pattern or the quality of their sleep. One way to control the light that enters a room is to install blackout blinds, sometimes known as ‘darkening shades.’

Blackout blinds, however, offer far more benefits to users than originally thought.

Lower Risk of Developing Cancer

Experts believe that the human body evolved to adapt to respond to sunlight. A disrupted body clock due to irregular sleep patterns suppresses the creation of necessary hormones like melatonin, which helps prevent breast cancer.

When a room is devoid of light during sleep, the body can rest more deeply and peacefully and is able to prevent changes to its natural internal rhythm. When these actions are in place, physicians say people can avert serious illnesses like cancer, obesity and depression.

Decreased Behavioural Problems in Children

Sleep, as most people know, is essential for the growth of children. Studies have shown, however, that these benefits go further than their physical well-being. Children who get proper sleep perform better in school as their memory improves. There was also a marked improvement in the attention spans of children who slept in darkened rooms with no phone or other artificial light sources.

Furthermore, blackout blinds aid in noise reduction because the cloth acts like double-glazing, according to The quiet space sends children to sleep in a relaxed state, and lowers the possibility of tantrums the next day.

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Blackout blinds help control the light that enters a room, which contributes to the overall environment where people reside. With its many other health benefits, their installation could be worth looking into.