Nail PolishIt’s hard not to love having your nails painted. Not only is getting a regular manicure hygienic, but it allows you to use your nails as an accessory. Getting your nails painted a certain way can accentuate your overall look in a good way.

However, recent news about the components of nail polish is beginning to concern a lot of people, says. If you use nail polish a lot, it should concern you as well.

What nail polish is really made of

A recent study concerned itself with analysing the ingredients of nail polish, and their potential harm to those who use it. The study discovered that three chemical components – formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene – are common across several brands of nail polish, and can be harmful to those who are constantly exposed to it. These three components are often referred to as ‘The Big Three’.

In addition, another study discovered that one other chemical component of nail polish – triphenyl phosphate, or TPP – can be absorbed by the body through nail application. Although the amount of TPP can absorb is not yet a cause for alarm, it does raise concerns for those who are constantly exposed to it, such as people working in beauty parlours and salons.

What you can do

Even though scientists have yet to discover any harmful effect that these chemicals may have, there’s no harm in taking precaution as early as now. What you can do is lessen how frequently you get your nails painted or have only your fingernails painted instead of both fingernails and toenails. You should also take the time to check the labels on the nail polish you use, to see if they have any of the questionable ingredients.

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You can also buy your own toxic-free nail polish, and do your own nails at home. If you find a reputable seller, you can be sure that the nail polish doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals – and they’re just as good as the other brands. That way, you’ll lessen the risk of getting exposed to the chemicals, while keeping your nails painted a nice colour.