Tourists walking in SingaporeAdulthood and its responsibilities can make anyone feel stressed and anxious. But people always find ways to relax and have fun, and happy hour on Orchard Road’s many restaurants, cafes, and bars are popular places for employees after a long day at work. Many see it as a good way to relax and spend time with friends, co-workers, and partners.

Good Food and Ambience

People often go out to have fun during the weekends, and on Orchard Road, many cafes and restaurants can become a quick favourite of many locals. Many restaurants offer different cuisines, themes, and attractions that can entertain and satisfy your taste buds. These restaurants offer varied cuisines: Chinese Szechuan dishes, Indian curry, Turkish kebab, Japanese sushi, and even American burgers and fries.

Attractions on the Road

Orchard Road is full of malls and other attractions but there are also a lot of pubs and bars where happy hour is enjoyable with friends and co-workers. You could also take a walk along the Istana, or take some painting classes near Dhoby Gaut MRT Station. Emerald Hill is also an interesting space on the road, as it is reminiscent of how Singapore’s Peranakan (Chinese-Malay) communities lived in the late 1900s.

Shopping, Shopping, and More Shopping

Finally, Orchard Road is a great place for the best stress reliever: shopping! You can find world-class shops, boutiques along with affordable discount stores. Even if you’re only window-shopping these shops often provide a good reason to walk around the city and enjoy the sights and sounds Singapore has to offer.

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Living in Singapore can be stressful, but the City has world-class shopping areas, restaurants, bars, and activity areas that put the “Happy” in “Happy Hour”.