Refrigerated Trucking in CaliforniaWhile refrigerated trucking is mostly associated with the food industry, it is also useful in other areas and businesses. Just like what it does in fresh produce, it maintains proper temperature of items to make sure that the shipment arrives at its destination in good condition. In fact, some antique and fine art dealers require refrigerated trucking to protect painting and pieces with delicate finishing.

Refrigerated trucking companies in California, notably West Coast Carriers, note that the goal is to maintain the high quality of perishables by controlling humidity and temperature. This is also why tobacco companies also use refrigerated trailers to retain freshness of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Here are the other industries that require temperature-controlled trailers.


It is important for most medicines to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent spoilage. Temperature-controlled trucks also do a wonderful job in maintaining the effectiveness of the drug. Pharmaceutical companies rely on refrigerated trucking to avoid the effects of humidity and transport insulin and vaccines safely.

Hygiene and Care Products

This type of trucking is also beneficial in transporting personal hygiene and care products. Controlled temperature, for the most part, helps prevent spoilage in cosmetics and perfume. It also prevents the melting of products like lipstick or mascara when exposed at high temperatures. Refrigerated trucking helps retain quality, which is easily compromised by exterior and residual heat.

Gadgets and Chemicals

High temperatures can cause significant damage to electronic parts like wires and batteries. Refrigeration keeps safe transit, while making sure that the item will reach its final destination in top shape. Extreme exterior and residual heat, however, can result in fire, which can damage the shipment and cause hazard to other people on the road.

 Refrigerated trucking has become more and more dependable in logistics and different industries. Trucks can now handle and ship other non-food products and ensure that they reach their destination in perfect condition. Business owners need to hire a reliable trucking company that can meet the certain requirements of their shipment.

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