damaged roofWhen a storm ravages your roof, your insurance provides peace of mind that you wouldn’t have to pay for repair or replacement. However, there’s no guarantee that you’d receive adequate payment for the damage. Your insurer may deny your claim or pay you less than what you expect.

Here are the most common reasons you may not get a favorable claim result:

Skipping Maintenance

By and large, improper maintenance is a policy exclusion. As maintenance is important to ensure proper roof health, most insurance companies don’t agree to pay for problems caused by the lack of care given to the roofing system. If the investigation this is the case, you may shoulder the entire cost of restoration.

Failing to Call for Professional Emergency Repair

The effect of unaddressed hail or wind damage to your roof insurance claim can be big. Although you should notify your insurer first about your situation, you should call in pros to fix the issue temporarily and keep things from getting worse. Without doing the necessary to prevent further damage, your insurance company may consider it negligence on your part.

Forgetting the Document the Damage

You need concrete proof to strengthen your case. The lack of proper documentation may lead to the denial of your roof insurance claim.

Expecting the Policy Covers Everything

All insurance policies are different. Some cover the total cost of roof replacement, while others pay on the roofing system’s depreciated value. It’s imperative to review your policy to refresh your memory about the things it covers to set your expectations properly.

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Accepting an Unfair Payment

If you don’t agree if your insurer’s decision, you’re free to take your claim to arbitration. Don’t lose hope after getting denied since insurance company doesn’t have the final say. Consider mediation first, but litigation is also an option when everything else fails.

Play your cards right to get adequate payment for your roof storm damage. With experienced insurance appraisers, public adjuster, and disaster consultants on your side, you’ll have a better chance of receiving your rightful compensation.