Dog and a manDoes your dog have food allergies? What is the best food for him or her? Must he or she eat hypoallergenic proteins such as lamb? The answers to these questions are not entirely straightforward, not when dog allergies are due to a variety of reasons. You need a proper diagnosis to give the right prescription.

While most online stores may recommend one solution that suits all, the best place to buy dog food online in Australia ought to be a store that takes time to address the particulars, such as

Causes of food allergies in dogs

Admittedly, the most common dog allergies are protein related. The only difference will be the source of the protein. For instance, your dog could be allergic to plant-based proteins. What happens is that their bodies process this protein as a threat.

From there, things only go downhill. While allergies can be both animal-based and plant-based, the most common types are chicken, beef and dairy allergies. As a thing to remember, these allergies develop over time.

Your perfectly healthy dog could develop allergies that appear to be “sudden.” Do not be alarmed.

Signs of food allergies

Like with people, an allergy will manifest differently for every dog. However, the most common occurrence is an unyielding itch localised to the ears and feet.

If the allergy is far too advanced, you could notice frequently occurring skin and ear infections. In the worst cases, the dog may start to diarrhoea, vomit or extremely pass gas.

These symptoms begin to show at a young age and get worse with time.

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Food allergy diagnosis

A hands-on approach in the form of a food trial is the best way to diagnose the allergies. You can use either hydrolysed proteins or novel protein. Whatever the type, the test needs to go on for over two months to be effective.

More often than not, you will start seeing symptoms within the first five weeks. During the test time, avoid flavoured medications and all other foods.

The good news is, while allergies are nuanced, they are manageable. With the right guidance, you can determine what to feed your dog. You can get the proper diagnosis. Then, you can set course for feeding your dog right.