wedding setup outdoorsNow that the weather is warmer, it’s a good time to plan events outdoors. Anything from wedding ceremonies and receptions to yard sales can be scheduled to take advantage of the weather. However, it’s not the time to be carefree about certain aspects.

Remember these when planning an outdoor event:

Don’t Leave People Unprotected

Sure, you want to enjoy the outdoors and the warm weather means little to zero chances of rain or snow, but don’t just schedule an event at noontime without any form of protection for everyone. Harmful UV rays are guests that can leave anyone with skin damage if they aren’t careful. Clear span tent rental from companies like Après Event Décor & Tent Rental should solve the problem effortlessly. It offers protection from direct sun exposure but still allows everyone to see the outdoors throughout the event.

Prepare Food Carefully

When you’re doing the cooking yourself, all the steps and the ingredients might overwhelm you. You’re preparing bigger portions too. Keep the food preparation area clean and sanitary, so you don’t end up contaminating anything. Check the appropriate cooking time and temperature, as well. You don’t want to serve raw meat and risk anyone’s health. Plus, it will leave a bad impression on your guests. If you’re not comfortable in your cooking skills, hiring caterers is a good call.

Mind the Invitation List

It’s easy just to post an open invitation and let everyone decide whether they’ll go, but if you’re not prepared for the number of guests, you won’t know if the food and the chairs are enough to accommodate everyone. There’s also the matter of bad blood. You want everyone to have a good time at the event, especially if it’s something major like a wedding reception, but if you invited people who are not on good terms, there might be some tension in the crowd.

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Warm weather is perfect for outdoor events, but don’t just throw a party unprepared. Get the details right, so everyone has the time of their life.