Security GuardLiving solo means you’re the in charge of your own life. This means you’ll need to manage your finances and time on your own, as well. If you want a job that lets you keep good hours without a ton of paperwork and deadlines, a security guard career might suit you.

Salary – Entry level security guards, even those who’ve spent years in the same company, will not earn much if the business is small or starting out. Different states and company policies, however, can provide you with other benefits such as hazard pay, health cards, and insurance. says that recruitment agencies offer these kinds of openings with manageable requirements, with some even offering training to its selected applicants.

Schedule – A company that works during a specific time, such as restaurants, groceries and businesses inside malls, will need a security guard only when they are open. Some standalone structures may need one or more guards doing the night security shift but otherwise, you shouldn’t worry about literally losing sleep. Expect to change from day, mid, and night shifts every three or four months if your business works 24 hours, though.

Workload – Again, because of the many functions and physical tasks of a security guard, some newbie applicants may not be willing to commit to this career. Basic needs such as physical fitness, vigilance, amicability, and patience are usually part of self-improvement. With a security guard job, you get paid for improving yourself while furthering your career.

Promotion – Every business needs security and they can only truly consider you for promotion if you’ve proven — without a doubt — that you’re worthy of trust. Promotions may come to you after a year or so of top quality performance but remember that, once promoted to a higher position and salary, your responsibilities will increase manifold.

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Life as a security guard means you will have constancy and stability. If you work smart and keep a good relationship with your associates, you will go further into your career. Remember to continue to improve in your work and get yourself higher training and certification.