Bed bugs on bed sheetsBed bugs are some of the most problematic pests in America. Why do usual methods fail? A bed bug infestation removal company is only successful because they have the means to track and find them. Not every homemaker can do that.

Home remedies do not work

Bleach, rubbing alcohol, and other home remedies will not work. Moreover, until you find a method that successfully eliminates these pests at an early stage, you would have to live with the infestation. The moderately successful products are store-bought oil-based pesticides that continue to kill days after the initial application. Getting a product that does not have a sustained effect will not help your cause.

Reconsider before you use pesticides

We all hope the pesticide we bought from the supermarket will end the pest infestation finally. Chemicals work when used for a continuous stretch of time. With long-term exposure, small insects can be eliminated, and yet the problem with tiny creatures is the inability of these chemicals to reach them directly. The biggest challenge with microscopic insects is that they can keep thriving under the baseboards and escape chemical death because they remain hidden.

Know promising innovations.

A research team from the Department of Entomology of Penn State discovered a method that caused the insects to die out more quickly. The substance used against the pests contains the indigenous fungus Beauveria bassiana. It does not harm human beings. The substance is sprayed on a surface and acts as a biopesticide. In four to seven days after exposure, bedbugs do not stand a chance. There is much promise with this biopesticide, and currently, efforts are being initiated to bring it to the market.

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Getting rid of bedbugs is a priority. Stop wasting your time on methods of eliminating them that do not have a good record of success. Be serious about it and contact a reliable pest control company now.