Sofa Cleaning ServiceA good sofa sits in your living room as a statement of style. It provides comfort to its users and adorns the home. However, as expected, it must be cared for if it will maintain its beauty and comfort. Regular cleaning prolongs the lifespan of your sofa. It also makes your home healthier and reduces your chances of catching flu due to dirt.

Some janitorial services clean sofas using foam. The foam solution is hand applied and worked onto stains. After sitting for a while, the couch is vacuumed clean. However, this cleaning method has higher chances of moisture damage to the sofa. When looking for professional cleaning services, consider companies like ProKleen that use either of the following techniques:

Steam heat extraction

This method makes use of steam heat to get rid of dust particles on the sofa’s surface. The process is such that even excess moisture is removed alongside the dirt. This way, no soggy or wet patches are left on your seat. Steam heat extraction reduces the chances of fabric shrinkage and is fast since the sofa dries within an hour or two of cleaning.

Carbonation cleaning

Carbonation takes a maximum of four hours to complete. The professionals apply a small amount of the carbonating solution and use less water than with steam heat extraction. The bubbles in the solution penetrate the fibers to remove dirt and grime. They lift the dirt to the surface, and they are wiped off. Carbonation leaves a protective barrier on your sofa’s surface making sure that your couch will take longer to accumulate dirt again.

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Chemical cleaning

Sofas covered with a sensitive material such as leather are cleaned with chemical products. The professionals choose products that will preserve your couch but also remove dirt efficiently. The cleaning process is short, but the sofa may have to sit for up to six hours to dry completely.

Your sofa can also be dry-cleaned. The method uses a chemical powder that is then vacuumed. There are many methods on the market but the above work well for most sofas. Inquire how your service provider cleans before signing up for anything, and find out whether the cleaning methods suit your couch. The most important factor to be considered is the couch’s material.