Office ChairFor the longest time, chairs have been the standard symbol of comfort. And yet, in light of the tendency of humans to slouch when sitting on a chair, many turned to stools as the better seating option.

Backless Supreme

There may never be a position as prevalent in the workplace as sitting. However, recent studies show your sitting position can affect your thinking like no other.

One such study was conducted in Germany, involving 30 people who were under treatment for depression. Researchers asked one half of the group to sit in a slouched position while the other half sat upright. The facilitators asked both groups to remember a batch of negative and positive words.

The results were nothing short of overwhelming: Those who slouched hardly remembered any of the positive words.

This research shows how people undermine the impact of choosing the seat. You can easily be tempted to use the chair’s backrest and slouch in the process. In this regard, an industrial stool becomes a company’s best friend. Workers who sit on one to maintain a straight, strong back in light of the backing’s absence.

The Healthy Option

Even grade schoolers today are prone to slouching. A quick look at a modern twelve year old in a school chair says it all. More often than not, you see the child slumping.

However, a stool may correct this sitting problem. Lacking the traditional backrest, it’s impossible for you not to straighten up and give your spine that needed arch. This means evading metabolic syndrome and other health complications associated with prolonged improper seating. The Brewer Company, LLC suggests ditching the cheap chair and finding ergonomic seating solutions instead. That is if you don’t want to deal with chronic back pain and fatigue.

Whatever industry you may be in, it’s not just the posture when standing that you have to consider. Be comfortable while sitting down, because, let’s admit it, that’s your position when doing the bulk of your work.