Online Video TrafficA study by digital research company L2 found that videos might drive almost 80% of online traffic by 2020. The L2 Intelligence Report: Video 2016 examined the strategies of 200 consumer brands in the U.S. when it comes to online video content. The study, while portraying a negative impact on traditional television, is from a consumer perspective.

Meanwhile in Australia, Lightning Broadband plans to deploy high-speed Internet in the form of fibre-like download speeds for suburban residents. The company began the launch of a wireless network in Melbourne’s inner suburbs that would deliver download and upload speeds of 100 Mbps each.

Video on Demand

The L2 report only applies to U.S. consumers, but offshore groups may consider the study as a precedent of what awaits the online business in the future. For instance, Sphere noted that a media buying agency in Melbourne could use the information to evaluate how to improve their online marketing services.

Since the report focused on consumers, particularly the so-called Millennials, digital agencies should make the most of maximising the expected surge in traffic brought by different video content, even before it’s still expected to happen a few years from now.

Further, the report noted that video content became more accessible with the widespread use of mobile and other handheld devices. As a result, companies may have to spend more on digital video advertising—amounting to US$12.82 billion in 2018 from US$7.7 billion in 2016.

Australian Traffic

As Australians wait for the National Broadband Network, they may choose to sign up for Lightning Broadband’s service. In Melbourne’s inner east, the broadband company has already secured its first customers, according to Lightning Broadband's Australian founder Jeremy Rich.

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Aside from Melbourne, the company is looking at setting up another network in Adelaide, where it sees a significant amount of potential, Rich added.

As Internet access become a norm all over the world, it's a no-brainer to invest in videos. This is especially true for businesses that want to be a step ahead of the competition.