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Sell with Facebook: 3 Facebook Ad Tools That Generate Results

by Admin - on Oct 23rd 2018 - Comments Off on Sell with Facebook: 3 Facebook Ad Tools That Generate Results

facebook app open in an iphone with headset and coffee on the backgroundA staggering 2/3 of American adults are on Facebook, according to the Pew Research Center, and with the world moving ever onward toward digitalization, the number is showing no signs of dwindling. This is why it is logical for business owners to flock to this social media channel and raise brand awareness.

And, according to Oshkosh company Viral Solutions, Facebook advertising, because of the platform’s surging popularity, has become a “pay to play” game. But, every marketer knows that investing in effective Facebook marketing strategies can bring in results and profits that are well worth the investment.

Boost Your Post

This is the simplest advertising tool on Facebook. By boosting, you market an existing organic post on your Facebook page. This tool is helpful to engage your current followers and monitor which type of social content gets the most engagement.

Apart from photos or status updates, you can also boost your Facebook Live Videos after they have been recorded and uploaded by Facebook.

Use Domain Ads

With domain ads, you’re leading internet users home – to your website.

Domain ads are also known as page post link ads. These are ads that post a single image with a short text description and a link to your website. Additionally, every user who clicks on the domain ad is then retargeted on Facebook.

Post Facebook Video Ads

With Facebook video ads, you will be able to know which visitor to retarget based on how long they watched the video. There may be some work and money that goes into creating a video, but it can get you the results you desire. This is especially because 68 percent of Facebook users in the US access the app on their mobile devices, which are great platforms to watch videos.

The advantages of uploading native Facebook videos over attaching a YouTube link include larger thumbnails and better performance on the newsfeed.

Today, Facebook is more than just a social media channel. It has evolved into a valuable tool for marketers and business owners. This is why while billions of users are still active on it. As a business owner, you should grab the opportunity of using this platform to improve your bottom line.

Differences Between OTR and Local Truck Driving Jobs

by Admin - on Feb 8th 2018 - Comments Off on Differences Between OTR and Local Truck Driving Jobs

A truck driver and his truckIf you’ve been browsing through trucking jobs, you may have seen advertisements for Over the Road (OTR) truck driving and regional or local jobs. With OTR jobs, truck drivers spend more time away from home, driving thousands of miles for long-haul deliveries.

Regional and local truck driving jobs keep drivers closer to home, but they can still cover several hundred miles a day. When choosing between the two, it’s important to learn what each job entails.

OTR Trucking Jobs

Truckers who apply for OTR trucking jobs must be prepared to spend days or even weeks away from their family. On a positive note, they can expect to earn more money from this type of job and receive better benefits.

OTR truck drivers often drive at night to avoid traffic since they are moving freight across hundreds of miles and typically have a deadline for delivery. The highest paid OTR trucking jobs are those related to delivering hazardous chemicals and gas, or those that need to tread on more hazardous travel routes.

Regional and Local Truck Driving

Drivers with this type of work may be able to come home periodically, depending on the delivery’s route, distance, and schedule. Some companies offer the same rate for regional and local trucking as OTR truck driving, but the salary could be lower. The driver could also get the same benefits depending on the company.

Routes for regional and local truck driving are predictable. In many cases, drivers run the same route every day, delivering goods to the same addresses.

If you like a job on the road, OTR trucking may be your best option. You can then transition to regional and local driving later in your career if coming home becomes your priority.