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Mind Your Manners: 3 Sales Etiquette Agents Should Know

by Admin - on Jan 30th 2018 - Comments Off on Mind Your Manners: 3 Sales Etiquette Agents Should Know

Sales agent talking to a clientMost sales professionals have a notion that to close a deal, they have to push their customers harder into making a purchase. While a sense of urgency would surely help in speeding up the process, sales is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and you’d be surprised to learn that not all customers welcome the slightest hint of feeling coerced.

Here are some important rules to observe when making a pitch to a potential customer:

Be professional

You’re a professional so look the part. Don’t be late for an appointment and dress well. Remember that you represent the company, and you have to project a good image for it. Moreover, if you don’t know how to carry yourself in front of the customer, how would they trust you?

Don’t lie

The sales profession gets a bad rap for being shady because of some rogue salespeople. Don’t be one of them. Don’t lie to your teeth and feed your customers empty promises (e.g. freebies, discounts and what-have-yous) just to meet your quota. Apart from infuriating your customer and violating their legal rights, any false information you tell your customer will reflect badly on your reputation, as well as the company’s.

Be courteous

Remember that your potential customer is doing you a favor by listening to you, not the other way around. Don’t feel disappointed if they tell you that they’re not prepared to commit to a purchase yet; most importantly, don’t suddenly change your demeanor towards them. Smile and thank the customer for their time.
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Good Customer Service: Why the Philippines Has the Best Call Centers

by Admin - on Nov 30th 2015 - Comments Off on Good Customer Service: Why the Philippines Has the Best Call Centers

AgentNo matter how good your company is at business, there will always be the need to ask customers if they are satisfied with their service. Many companies from all over the world entrust their phone and online customer service transactions to call centers in the Philippines.

Here are three reasons the Philippines has become a call center hub:

Neutral Accent

Call center agents in the Philippines sport a neutral accent when speaking in English. In fact, agents undergo extensive training to sound as native speakers. In some cases, you would not even realize you are talking to an agent from an outsourcing company because they sound as a natural speaker of the English language.


They get it when you say an idiomatic phrase or quote a line from your favorite movie. That is because you watch the same TV shows, eat the same fast food, and sing the same songs. Most of the call center agencies in the Philippines have been soaking up American culture for decades. They are also knowledgeable about American lingo, which makes customer interaction seamless on both sides.

Fluency in English

The Philippines use the English language as part of their education and everyday life. Most academic subjects use English as the medium of instruction, which is why many Filipinos have exposure to the language early on. When Philippine call centers hire the best graduates and professionals, it is no longer a surprise that they can speak English fluently.

These are only three reasons, but the Philippines have already taken over the contact center industry worldwide. This gives you and your company all the more reason to consider contacting a Philippine call center company today.