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Create an Audiovisual Calling Card

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making company videoYour business has an opportunity to penetrate the UK’s growing internet usage market by creating an online corporate video. If you are based in London or Manchester, corporate video production companies like The Mob Film offer services that produce corporate videos. A strong online presence will help propel your digital marketing strategy to greater heights.

A corporate video for your business will serve as your audiovisual calling card. Utilising this medium will propel awareness for your product and service, and generate revenue. Here’s why any business needs a corporate video online:

The UK is Online

We are Social, a global social media agency, conducted a study on the state of digital in 2018. Ninety-five per cent of the population in the United Kingdom are internet users. Almost half of this number watch videos on their mobile phones, with YouTube being the UK’s top social network of choice.

We will be seeing more people becoming consumers of online video in the near future. We are Social’s study also states that active internet users increased by 3 million, compared to 2017. With that, we can predict that businesses will have greater opportunities to market their products and services through online video.

Say More with Less

The highly versatile nature of online video makes it playable and available for use on any online platform and online device. You can put forth more messages in less time — and with greater impact.

Consistency is key in every form of promotional material from your business. Through online video, you have an opportunity to tell your brand’s story and invite more people to avail of your product and service.

Create Lasting Impact

Telling a compelling story through online video may increase brand awareness, especially if the video is shareable across your audience’s network. This, in turn, will help generate more revenue for you.

Your business has an opportunity to penetrate the UK’s growing internet usage market by creating an online corporate video. If you are based in London or Manchester, corporate video production companies like The Mob Film offer services that produce corporate videos. A strong online presence will help propel your digital marketing strategy to greater heights.

Top Three Reasons You Should Start a Renewable Energy Business

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Man installing Solar PanelsThe world is getting progressive by the minute. People are becoming more “woke.” Environmental awareness has become the business and advocacy of many people. While you may be an environmental advocate, planning a business may be quite difficult for you; you may even have a hard time choosing which to pursue, knowing that a lot of enterprise options can leave large quantities of carbon footprint.

A good business idea for tree-huggers like you would be that concerning renewable energy. But before you jump right into it or plan on getting a renewable energy franchise, SuperGreen Solutions noted that it pays that you know the benefits and reasons why you should get one.

It’s expanding

Renewable energy businesses are on the rise, and it will give you a lot of benefits if you are in the forefront. It’s booming, as more methods and ways to make energy sustainable are designed and implemented. One of the best ways to illustrate this boom is the increase in the number of solar panel makers.

People are looking for it

The mindset of people has become much more progressive and practical. More businesses and homeowners are looking for renewable energy providers, knowing that renewable energy is cleaner and safer. As the demands for it get higher, there should be enough suppliers to respond to them. And this is your chance to become a supplier.

It’s for the long term

Truth be told, many industrial parks and energy providers are doing away with non-renewable resources. This is a big sign that the paradigm shift is happening in the long term. The long-term prospect of the industry tells a lot about stability.

These are just some reasons you should start a renewable energy business. You should find out if the business is suitable for you by considering your budget and locale.

3 Big Reasons to Transition to a Business Bank Account

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Businessman signing bank documentsHaving a business bank account is something that businesses need. Those starting out, however, often rely on their personal accounts while focusing on the stresses of starting out. It’s very important that you undertake the transition to business bank accounts sooner rather than later to reap the many benefits that this brings.

Here are three of the biggest benefits that having a business bank account in Golden Valley as soon as possible will bring to you.


The problem with using a personal bank account is that the name on the transactions will always be your own. This is fine when your business is small, but once you start expanding—especially to areas beyond your comfort zone—it might put off people who will want to know why your trade name isn’t on the accounts. This is especially true for checking transactions. Additionally, having a business bank account lends an air of credibility.


Another area where having a business bank account is an advantage is when it comes to accounting and taxation. Bank records are very reliable and acceptable by the state authorities as legal documentation when it comes around to tax season. Having all of your expenses and income flowing out of and into one account makes it so much easier to monitor things. This alone and the hassle that it avoids is a big enough advantage.

Credit Card Payments

Individuals can’t be accredited to receive payments via credit card, which makes it very difficult when taking payments beyond your area or even internationally. With a business bank account, you get the option to get a business checking account. This, in turn, opens you up to accreditation by your bank. Since most people prefer shopping via credit or debit card, this is a big advantage for expanding business.

3 Workplace Safety Measures That Work

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workplace safetyIndustrial settings tend to expose workers to many risks. As an employer overseeing the work conditions in these places, it’s important that you put a premium on their care. Fortunately, it isn’t that hard or costly to institute the necessary measures to keep them sage.

From investing in Australian safety supplies to going for certification, here are the top three safety measures for the workplace that have proven to be effective.

1. Certification

Most of the danger in industrial workplaces come from the use of heavy machinery. While you can’t completely isolate your workers from risks, you can minimise them by getting yourself and everybody else certified. Sometimes, you can even get certification from manufacturers themselves. While this seems like a lot of work, it does go a long way to ensure safety.

2. Equipment

Keeping safety supplies stocked and up to date is an effective means of ensuring safety. Among the supplies you need are helmets, goggles, gloves, and even footwear. The trick here is to choose suppliers who are known for quality products, as durability is a critical consideration. If you ensure that only the highest quality equipment is used, then you can be confident that your workers are kept safe.

3. Training

Finally, you should also make sure that your workers are well-trained in the operation of the machinery that they are using. This applies, naturally, to the newer members of the team. However, you should also constantly upgrade the training regimens of your older workers to make sure that they’re updated and capable of handling any challenges in their workday. These training should base their curricula on official documentation of the manufacturers, of course.

Apply these three things and you can be sure that your people are always safe and in the best shape.

What is a Break Clause?

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SolicitorA break clause is a provision in a lease that allows the tenant, landlord or both to end a tenancy early in certain circumstances. These can vary widely so it is prudent for parties to seek the advice of a commercial lease solicitor in London to be fully informed about break clauses.

A commercial lease solicitor in London, like Saracens Solicitors, can help tenants negotiate the terms of a break clause when drawing up a lease or to understand the implications if there is one contained within a lease they are taking over.

Pros for a tenant

  • Flexibility – 30% of new businesses fail within the first two years. Losing a business is bad enough, but if someone is then tied into a lease that they cannot get out of, it can drive them deep into debt or lead to a poor credit rating and other financial penalties if they cannot pay. Having a break clause means that they have a chance to escape if the worst happens;
  • Attractive terms for passing on the lease – if someone wants to pass their lease along to someone else, then a break clause can be an attractive selling point. This might happen if their business has failed or because their circumstances have changed.

Cons for a tenant

  • Higher rent – adding a break clause is a financial risk for the landlord in two ways. Firstly, they could end up without a tenant sooner than they would with a fixed-term lease. Secondly, if they want to sell their property, having a sitting tenant with a lease would normally increase the value of the property. If there is a break clause within the lease, this is not the case. For these reasons, the landlord is likely to want a higher rent from the tenant to offset against potential losses;
  • Potential prior conditions – while a landlord may agree to a break clause in order to attract a commercial tenant, they will often set a series of preconditions in order to protect themselves. These should be considered carefully by a commercial lease solicitor in London to ensure they are not too onerous for the tenant. Common conditions include being up to date with rental payments and restoring a property to its original condition.

Talking Business: Help Your Business Recover in 3 Ways

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business team having a meetingLike people, businesses also have their fair share of ups and downs. But if your business has been down for a long time, it might be time you consider making some changes. Below are some suggestions for helping your company recover.

Find a new location

The problem could be your business isn’t in the right location. Before you hire relocation services from companies like colonialvanlines.com, though, do your research to find the best possible new site. Consider all factors, including target market, foot traffic, and rental costs. If you have a pizzeria, for example, you can get a place near a university, so you’ll have foot traffic from students—your target market. Make sure the cost of rent is reasonable in relation to profits.

Update your marketing strategy

Another problem could be your marketing strategy doesn’t cut it anymore. Your business sign and posters and the flyers and leaflets you hand out to passersby may no longer be enough to promote your business. You should take advantage of social media then, especially if millennials make up your target market. Changing your logo can also attract attention to your brand. Special promotions like giving discounts or freebies are a great marketing tool as well.

Improve your products and services

A bigger problem could be the products and services themselves. If customers aren’t satisfied with what they paid for, they won’t support a business. Take the time to evaluate your products and services. Perhaps your milkshake is too sweet or your diners often wait for half an hour to be served. You can also ask for feedback from your customers by talking to them yourself or having suggestion boxes. The bottom line is you should know how to improve your products and services.

Help your business recover before it’s too late. Making some changes in your business might be all you need to get it back on track.

Co-Working Spaces: The Basics in Putting Up One

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Woman working in coworking spaceA key to becoming wealthy is to generate passive income, and one of the options you have is to own a business. When it comes to opportunities, you can find some in the co-working industry. For example, you can build a co-working space.

If it’s something you’re ready to explore, these basics can give you a head start:

1. You could buy a franchise.

Starting a co-working space – or any business, for that matter — is not for the faint of heart. Birth pains are real. In fact, by the fifth year, more than 30 percent of the startups do not survive.

While there’s no shortcut to growing a business, but it helps when you consider a franchise. It immediately gives you access to tools and other resources you need to succeed.

Nevertheless, it’s equally essential to know of a turnkey franchise opportunity or two. Find out how much you will likely spend for holding the franchise. Some of the expenses are the franchise fee, which is usually fixed, and the royalties.

2. The market is huge.

Co-working spaces are popular for a variety of reasons. One of these is its clientele. These offices are well-known among independent contractors, freelancers, and telecommuters.

According to Upwork, more than 57 million members of the workforce are already freelancers. By 2027, they will comprise the majority of the working population. Around this time, there will be no less than 80 million of them.

Many factors currently fuel the growth of the freelancing economy. These include mobility, especially cloud computing. These allow people to work anytime and anywhere. They don’t need to be tied down to a permanent workstation.

3. Liquid capital is essential.

If there’s one thing you need to know about franchising, it’s that these fees and royalties are not your only expenses. Others are more variable. These include staff wages, rental costs, and marketing.

Man working in coworking spaceSince it takes a while before you can claim a profit, businesses need to have a liquid capital. It is an investment you can access and spend whenever necessary. It will help you tide over until you can declare an income.

There are thousands of co-working spaces around the country. Trying to stay competitive can be difficult, especially if you’re new. With the right support and financial understanding, you’re in for a good start.

Marketing, Operations Manager Amongst the Best Jobs in the UK for 2018

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Top view of a business meetingBritons who wish to land a job as a marketing manager will have the best job in the U.K. for 2018, according to Glassdoor.

The employment review website ranked marketing management on top of the 25 best jobs this year, with a score of 4.5. Operations management, audit management, finance management and product management completed the top five.

Job Rankings

The list of the best jobs in the UK has been ongoing over the last four years, although this year marked the first time that technology-based jobs failed to join the top 10. However, Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain expects artificial intelligence and job automation to affect the employment sector, particularly in human resources and finance.

Glassdoor based its rankings for the top 25 list on the earning potential of a certain job, by using the median annual salary as a guide. Job satisfaction and the number of job openings also served as other factors. Whether or not you intend to work as a marketing manager, there are many other job vacancies in the country that await you.

Job Vacancies

Open positions for shipping jobs in Felixstowe or manufacturing jobs in Greater London likely formed part of 810,000 vacancies in November 2017. Based on Office for National Statistics data, the job vacancy rate in the country reached its highest level since 2001, even if the national employment rate increased 75.3 per cent.

As such, many companies have turned to recruitment agencies and other third-party services to fill vacant roles. Despite uncertainty over Brexit, the record-high increase unexpectedly caused a 2.5 per cent increase in salaries, including bonuses.

Employers should consider getting help from recruiters to fill job vacancies, especially the most important roles. Likewise, job hunters can rely on recruitment firms if they find it difficult to get the attention of companies.

Construction Equipment: 4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead of Buy

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Man weldingSo, you have another project coming up, and maybe you think your business could use a bulldozer right now. Before even thinking about shelling out loads of money for new equipment, think about how it would impact your company’s risk, expense, and opportunity when compared to just renting the big monsters.

Construction equipment rental has it’s share of advantages, too. Here’s a brief look at four of its benefits.

1. Cut-Off Storage Cost

Because this equipment won’t stay with you forever, you don’t have to invest in huge lots of storage or regular maintenance checks when they’re not in use. The rental company can worry about that.

2. Reduce Opportunity Costs

When you purchase your equipment, the money that’s used to pay for it is gone forever. Renting will help you save more of those funds to use for other opportunities to grow or invest in.

3. Use the Latest Equipment Technology

Rental companies are always updated with the latest technology when it comes to construction equipment. By renting, you can make sure you’re kept up to date and in compliance with specific construction equipment regulations.

4. Cut-Off Maintenance Costs

If you have your own equipment, regular maintenance checks have to be done to ensure safety during operation. You’ll also have to spend for your worker’s training on how to handle and operate them. Renting will shed all these expenses off your books.

If you’re going to use this equipment every day for an extended period, then buying your own can be an option. You can consider renting equipment as a test drive before buying. It’s better to get a feel for the equipment you plan to purchase before actually investing in it. Choosing between buying and renting may depend on your company’s needs and requirements. Make sure to assess those before making a decision.

Brand Identity: Your Passport to a Successful Online Business

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Hand pressing brand buttonThe digital age has made almost everything possible with just a tap or click. One can run a business and shop without ever leaving the house. With the birth of e-commerce and e-tailers, however, some businesses are unable to establish their brand and therefore fail. This is because building a brand is not just about having a logo or being fair by following the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy and the antitrust law. To build a successful business, you must increase your credibility to gain and retain customers. Here’s how:

Identify your brand

Define who and what you are. What do you and what does your business stand for? Unless you know the exact answer to these questions, you will not be able to communicate your brand to your target audience. This also includes your vision-mission (why you built the business), your goals (what drives you and your staff every day), and your values (the standards everyone in your company lives by).

Be authentic

Sure, you have your vision-mission statements plastered on your website and proclaimed on your social media accounts. But do you abide by them? Do you keep your promises to your customers? Unless your actions match your words, you will not have staying power in the industry.

Know your customers

Identifying your audience is crucial to building your brand. To really know your customers, you must first look at your product and the value it brings to your target. You must also profile your existing customers, use customer personas, and do research about the competition’s customers. You can also make use of automated software or hire a third party to provide you with this information. Once you have this information, you can personalize your approach to engage your customers.

Establish your voice and personality

After determining your brand, your story, and your customers, you can finally tie them all together to create a name, a logo, and a message that embodies all that your company stands for. Of course, you need to consider the industry and your audience in choosing a voice and a personality for your company to make you and your offerings relatable.

Periodically evaluate your performance. Has your branding gained you new conversions? If your branding strategy fails, take wisdom in the adage that “little strokes fell great oaks.” Get up, dust yourself, and rebrand.